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The best kept secret in music


"Fick Rocks the House"

November 2005-

As a crowd gathers in a too-small space at local bar Midtown in anticipation of the headlining band, Kyle Fick steps forward into the spotlight.
But instead of belting out a song, he breaks into an air-guitar solo that catches the audience off-guard. It may not be the most standard opening for a band, but he’s definitely captured the crowd’s attention. After his finale, the actual lead singer, Dan Sutphin, moves front and center and welcomes the crowd to the show.
This is local band Fick, and these kind of antics, combined with a different sound, what have quickly spread the band’s name through the Gainesville scene in the year since they formed.
On this night, Fick is celebrating their one-year anniversary by having a fan appreciation night. The room is filled with fans wearing Fick shirts and people singing along to the songs. In the middle of a new song, Sutphin instructs the audience to dance as bassist Jeremy Redding plays “Rollercoaster of Love”. New fans who followed these instructions are given free Fick t-shirts.
The impromptu dance party is followed with a fan favorite “Everybody’s Stranger,” which ends with Sutphin jumping into the crowd and gathering them around him to sing along.
For the finale of their performance, Sutphin looks to find a table to jump on, with a megaphone in hand. From his perch in the rear of the bar, he belts out the last lyrics of the fast-moving, energy-packed “Dead on the Water” as Dan McCutcheon, the drummer, uses the last of his energy to slam the cymbals on the last note.
Not satisfied with this ending, fans chant for an encore, and the owner of the bar gives the go-ahead. Although visibly spent, the band refuses to deny their fans and give their all for one more song.
It’s this kind of audience participation that Fick has become known for. Their shows require more audience participation than your average show, including snapping and clapping along during “Milkshake,” singing along and now, even dancing.
And this is why Fick has been slowly but surely gathering such a following. More than just a band that is continually improving its sound, Fick is also continually looking out for their fans. While some local bands can seem artificial with their appreciation for fans, Fick’s appreciation is genuine. In return, their fans are some of the most loyal in the Gainesville scene.
With their influences listed as Led Zeppelin, the Doors, the Cure and Pearl Jam among others, Fick has been crafting their own songs for the past year, which has culminated with the creation of a debut CD. The CD is set for release in late December or early January. The band spent most of the summer recording in Orlando with Gary Busey’s nephew, Mike Busey.
Fick has shows on Nov. 17 at Midtown, Nov. 19 at Magic Billiards in Ocala, and December 9 at Eddie C’s.
For more information look to or listen to samples of their music at
Fick is comprised of Dan Sutphin, lead singer; Kyle Fick, lead guitar; Jeremy Redding, bass guitar/keyboards; Dan McCutcheon, drums.

- Insite Magazine

"The Top 10 Local Bands You Should Be Listening To"

May 2005 [Segment]

Fick. As an alt-rock band, Fick lists their influences as Jim Morrison, the Cure and Led Zeppelin. Their single “Glass Display” has been featured on Rock 104’s Locals Only segment many times, if the name seems familiar. Buzz about the band is spreading quickly mostly due to a charismatic front man and energetic sets. Don’t be surprised to catch lead singer Dan Sutphin with a megaphone in hand or to see lead guitarist Kyle Fick (namesake of the band) opening the show with a little air guitar. Audience participation is important to these guys, so come prepared to snap along.

- Insite Magazine

"10 Local Bands You Should Catch"

April 2006 [Segment]

Fick – There’s one thing you can always count on when going to see Fick: a great show. Though they have become known for their stage antics and crowd participation, their musical talent should not be overlooked. Over the past two years, Fick has grown and improved their sound by leaps and bounds. While the band originally started as an alt-rock quartet, their sound has morphed to incorporate keyboards, dance beats and jazz, as well as a fifth member. After spending the majority of the past year recording their first full-length album, Fick is ready to show off this new sound and added experience. Even if you’ve seen or heard these guys before, make sure to give them a second listen. Chances are you’ll be surprised at what a difference a year can make. - Insite Magazine


Neon Carousel- 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Step right up, boys and girls, don't be shy. We've got a wiiiiide range of delights... for you and yours to come explore, so c'mon take a look inside."

Guitars, Piano, Bass and Drums.... the lineup is nothing new--almost cliche. However, what Fick brings to the table is anything but. Founding members Kyle Fick, Jeremy "Red" Redding and Dan Nolan spent years writing and performing with dozens of musicians before finding the right crew. "I think the originality in the band stems from the fact that every song we've put together has gone through a number of hands. I mean, most songs you will hear us play have been touched by 4 or 5 drummers over the years...each one leaving his own stamp on it, " Red said. Completing the lineup Brian Dean in early 2006, Fick entered Vision Sounds Studios near Jacksonville, FL.

The album "Neon Carousel," released in December 2006, blends together and serves up a wide gamut of genres and influences. While listening to their debut effort, it's impossible not to notice the veins of funk, jazz, blues, dance and of course, good ol' rock 'n roll, that pump their 13-track album and wonder how it's held so well together. "We went with the title," Dan said, "because as the album started to come together, it felt like a circus or carnival where around every corner there is something new and often unexpected....welcome to the show!"