Fickle is rock music. Enough Said. Each member of the band brings their own unique style of rock to create this monster that is Fickle. All shows will be promoted from 1 month ahead of time until the show date by SofaBurn Records, LLC.


Fickle has been playing for four years. The past year has seen many things happen in the world of Fickle and most for the better. They are now the premiere original rock band of the Cincinnati area.

Some of the many venues played by Fickle in the Cincinnati area include Bogart’s, The Madison Theater, The Mad Hatter, The Mad Frog, Top Cat’s, Southgate House, The Barrelhouse Brewing Co., Sudsy Malone’s, York Street Café, RadioDown, The Mad Hatter and The Cavern.
Other cities played include: Lexington (KY), Louisville (KY), Columbus (OH), Bowling Green (OH), Dayton (OH), Boston (MA), Pittsburgh (PA), Philadelphia(PA), Chicago (IL), Detroit (MI), Grand Rapids (MI), NYC, Akron (OH), Cleveland (OH), and Baltimore (MD). (For more cities and dates, please check our schedule.)

Fickle has shared the stage with such bands as Seether, Porcupine Tree, Rock 'n Roll Soldiers, Lovedrug, Sick Puppies, Ra and The Churchills. They have played the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference, the Fourth Annual Thirsty Melon Music Showcase, the Second Annual Homegrown Music Fest and this year headlined the First Annual LIVE ON! Concert to benefit the Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp Foundation. They have aso been selected as a featured artist at the 2007 MidAtlantic Music Conference in Charlotte, NC.

They have found it difficult to name any bands that they are similar to and are satisfied to say “We are a rock band. We play rock music.”

They are dedicated to the craft of making music and bettering themselves each day in their craft. A trait that is evident at each progressive show as their fans claim they only get better. It says something about a band and their music when everywhere they play, they are asked to come back. Now armed with a loyal following, a great deal of local support and strong material they aim to make a name for themselves by touring any and everywhere they can.

Launching a national radio campaign in May of '07 in conjunction with Tinderbox Music and signing on with Showgun Entertainment are just some of the exciting things this band has going on this year. Publicity is also now being handled by Crash Avenue Publicity out of Louisville, KY. This only helps to further promote the bands' national status and press in touring cities.

They pour the essence of their being into the music they make...

All you have to do is listen.



Written By: Fickle

So quick to turn out the lights
I wish I may now I wish you might
See this only for what it's worth

I don't even know my name
Guess believing is one in the same
I got you yeah
But you'll miss me if you
Lay me down

There's a lesson here we've missed
I take back that very first kiss
Please don't make me let you down
Cause it's not okay


Written By: Fickle

Discretion's got the best of you
Hard to handle hard to fall
A secret situation is in your head
And heading this way

A sanctuary from your own mind

I'll let you walk away
You'll see it's so hard to follow

My poor heart pours down my chest
It's breaking in my broken hand
The sleeve is torn and tattered
Never will I wear you again

A sanctuary from your own mind

I'll let you walk away
You'll see it's so hard to follow
And it will go on pushin harder
Than you ever dreamed it could

This frustration that I can't get through is this the only way
Do you deserve
(will you get what you deserve)
what you deserve
Do you deserve
(will you get)
what you say you deserve

Walking Talking Contradiction

Written By: Brian Martin

Idle mind, trying times
Save your breath it's all been said
Sour taste, faded grace
Behold the masochist

Now say it again
How it's my fault
Say it again

Armored skin, guarded heart
Anguish is my art
And even you would buy this lie
I've wrapped it up so nice

You will run away
I'll dream no more
Until we find what's right
We must say goodnight


Fickle's long awaited, debut full-length album "The Natural Order of Things" will be released in Mid-May, 2007. It will be the flagship release on Northern Kentucky's Orchard Records. The band plans on touring rigorously to promote it and will be launching a national radio campaign in May.

Set List

When At Last, Emory, Monster, White Ending, Head Case, Safety In Numbers, Atropos, Phinneus Gage, Elemeno, Walking Talking Contradiction, 541 Minutes, Trophy Case, Home, What Was I Thinking (When I Didn't Pull the Trigger), Control

Typical set is one to one and a half hours for an original gig. Also capable of playing original acoustic sets.