Fiction Issue

Fiction Issue


We are a good ol`rock`n`roll band with insane riffs and very strong sense for music. We have short sweet songs witch will make you wanna get do and dance!


We are a Indie band who really like alot of the 90's Alt. scene, as well as alot of UK Indie. With "Slow Hands" Alonzo on drums, brings that hard hitting beat that makes you wanna giggle and throw shit at him (e.g bra, panties, and other types of unspeakble things). On guitar there is Ollie a very melodic style and brings the party to the band. Last on vocals and bass we have Lukie Duke who will win your heart over with his intense lyrics and vocal style. As this, we are The Fiction Issue and music is our love ..also God has sent us to do this so like it or burn in hell!


-Quick Demo 2009

Set List

Various lengths, and no covers