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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Matt Smith"

Fiddlefoxx brings together music from opposite sides of the tracks and makes them have a street fight until they end up best friends. Beat-box/rap never thought it could hang out with fiddle music. Fiddlefoxx showed them how wrong the were. - of Club Passim, Cambridge, MA


FiddleFoxx - UFO
FiddleFoxx - Invasion



Andy Reiner (fiddle), Steve Foxx (beatbox), and Stash Wyslouch (vocals, guitar) were floating freely through the universe, jamming on their spaceship, when they crash-landed on Earth, a strange but tantalizingly funky planet. The resulting psychedelic explosion spawned FiddleFoxx - an unstoppable hybrid of new original fiddle music, hip-hop beats, tight harmonies and deep grooves!

Now on Earth, FiddleFoxx’s perpetually morphing music touches down frequently at festivals, clubs, and concert halls around the globe. The band emanates a mysterious purple green music that infiltrates the ears of the local lifeforms. The alien sound-waves surge through crowds, resulting in an uncontrollable urge to boogie.

Andy Reiner’s rhythmic fiddling echos world folk traditions, his original compositions reveling in the constant evolution of acoustic music as Steve Foxx the Beatbox spits out the freshest of beats at lightning speed and startling precision. Leading FiddleFoxx in the local languages is Stash Wyslouch, a commanding frontman and guitarist of thunderous mountains of groove. They are sometimes joined on electric bass by an earthling named Evan Marien, voted as one of the three “Most Exciting New Players” in the world, by the readers of Bass Player Magazine.

‘UFO’ (2007) is the first full album released by FiddleFoxx in a dimension perceivable by humans. Their second effort, an EP entitled ‘Invasion’ (2009), is an immersive whirlwind of fiddle beatbox music that transports listeners to unseen but enticing new dimensions. Songs like ‘Jambadalay’ and ‘Bom Biddly Ee’ demonstrate a willingness on the band’s part to attempt to communicate with the citizens of Earth.

FiddleFoxx’s third album, ‘Earth’ looms on the horizon, poised to complete the first trilogy of albums. Elements from their nomadic celestial past will collide with the sounds of present, past, and future Earth, opening a new portal to the unknown.

Spending their time on Earth wisely, members of FiddleFoxx have also appeared with The Dropkick Murphys, The Dresden Dolls, Kenwood Denard, Big D and the Kids Table, David Fiuczynski, Joe Lovano, Zero Cool, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, The Deadly Gentlemen, and The Boston Boys.

FiddleFoxx is looking for new opportunities to play for the people of Earth. As they break down stylistic and cultural barriers, the Fiddle Beatbox Revolution is at hand!

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