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"Entertainer of the Year 2006"

March 1, 2006

At the annual Festival Events Ontario Conference in February, Fiddlers 3 was unanimously selected as Entertainer of the Year!

“We’re both thrilled and humbled by this award,” says Andrian Lozinski. “It’s a great way to begin our 2006 touring season.”

The past season saw the high-energy Celtic-folk band from Hamilton, Ontario play to record audiences all over Ontario, as well as winning the “CD of the YEAR - Critics Choice” Award for their sophomore album ‘ENCORE!’ at the 2005 Kweevak Independent Awards.

Fiddlers 3 plan to carry this momentum deep into 2006 with expanded touring and the release of their highly-anticipated third album.

Keep checking for more updates and the 2006 tour calendar. - Festival and Events Ontario

"Fiddlers 1-2-3"

June 26 - July 2, 2008

The past year has been a busy, expansionary time for Fiddlers 3 or so ruminates spokesperson and one of those three fiddlers, Stefan Lozinski. The band has recorded their third disc, Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter, and expanded the sound and membership of the band with the addition of a drummer. The lineup includes Stefan and his Lozinski family members, Andrian (fiddle), Elaina (fiddle), Mary Ann (accordion), Lorne (percussion), and are now joined by Cam Walsh (bass) and new addition, Sam Cino (drums, percussion). The Celtic and folk sound that the Fiddlers 3 is famous for now is all the more driving with the new beat. “The addition of Sam’s drums into our mix, teamed with Lorne’s traditional percussion, has given us the ability to achieve more rhythmic complexity which can’t be found on our previous albums,” explains Lozinski. “The first track on the new album, which is an original Fiddlers 3 composition called ‘Boots and Shorts,’ is a testament to our new expanded sound and is featured throughout. The album’s subtitle is thus a reflection of this new chapter of growth in our music.

“The songs we chose for the album are more complex, modern, and rhythmically centered, which also includes some original material written by Andrian,” he adds. “We think that these selections have allowed us to add even more energy and intensity, so that we can get a very heavy modern sound that is still very traditional at the same time. The sound and the feel are what you would expect from the band because all of our new musical ideas are based off of the same traditional Celtic angle as our previous material.”

With an audience that goes world wide, the summertime is usually when the band gets to hit the road and play more of the festival stages that they’re akin to around Ontario and across the continent. No doubt one of the reasons they’ve been named Ontario’s Best Entertainer/Performer presented by Festival and Events Ontario. “We’ve focused most of our attention these past few years on outdoor festivals, as well as corporate and casino events, so this will be our first show back in Hamilton in a couple of years and it will be good to reconnect with local audiences,” smiles Lozinski. “We look forward to playing It’s Your Festival because it was the event that gave us our festival start when we played it back in July 1997.

“I think the best thing about playing with Tom Wilson on Canada Day is that both of the headlining acts for the evening are from Hamilton, so it’s a party that celebrates both national and local talent at the same time,” he adds. “And Fiddlers 3 is a wildly energetic spectacle on an unparalleled scale.”

- View Magazine

"Rambles Cultural Magazine"

February 14, 2004

The subtitle of this CD is "We dare you to keep your feet still" and I must admit that I could not -- even if I tried. With fiddles, accordion and percussion (spoons and washboard), here is a ceilidh band for the 21st century. Despite the surname Lozinski (which is not very Celtic) you would swear that you were listening to an Irish or Scottish band. They have a beautiful flowing style that draws you in and makes everyone feel Celtic for a while.

Opening with "Karley's Edge Medley," the Fiddlers 3 had me hooked and hopping. Try listening to "Redwing" at full volume without clapping along or stamping your feet. These are magic fiddles that make people with two left feet want to trip the light fantastic.

Traditional music aficionados may recognise the titles of most of these tracks and medleys. When I listen, I am blown away -- I just love them. "Star of County Down" is presented in a lovely waltz-time medley that slowed things down just enough to avoid getting a heart attack. Then it is back on "Cardiac Arrest Street" with the reels starting with "Mother's Reel." This flows into the set of jigs opening with "Miss Anderson's."

The "Soldier's Joy" medley brings us to the plains and a Celtic square dance. Thank God for "Mary Young & Fair," which again brought some decorum to proceedings and allowed my heartbeat to regularise. Then it was back to fabulous reels, jigs and all manner of mystical, musical magic.

In 12 excellent tracks, Fiddlers 3 can give you a workout that Jane Fonda would be proud of. You could feel the burn but would still cry out for more.
- Nicky Rossiter

"Celtic Music Mp3 Magazine"

January 20, 2005

CD of the Year 2004 - Critic's Choice Award Winner!!!

Fiddlers 3 is both excited and proud to announce the WIN of the 'CD of the YEAR - Critic's Choice Award' for their CD entitled ENCORE at the Kweevak Independent Awards! This prestigious award was chosen by a select panel consisting of associates and industry staff and judged in terms of musical quality, production and overall theme! The award was officially announced worldwide on December 24, 2004.

In April 2004, ENCORE! was also the recipient of the 'CD of the YEAR - Viewer's Choice Award. Instead of being selected by a panel, this award outcome is decided by public voting. Several thousand votes are cast and the winners are presented according to votes received. The Fiddlers 3 debut CD was also a recipient of this same award in 2003.

The double 'CD of the YEAR' win was completely unexpected! It was also quite a shock to discover that Fiddlers 3 are the only band to win both CD of the YEAR Awards in the same calendar year!

Kweevak is an internationally recognized music promotion company that promotes indie and mainstream bands. They foster a vibrant music community that they feature throughout their online magazine, music services, reviews and radio productions. The Kweevak CD of the Year Awards have been running for 5 years, with the winners are chosen by music critics and industry associates.

For more information about the award or music, visit
- Marc Gunn

"Rambles Cultural Magazine"

April 18, 2008

They keep on coming with this compulsively foot-tapping music and an album that should have a health warning to be avoided by those of a sedate or "dicky ticker" disposition. If a person warned against excessive excitement were to accidentally hear this album, we dare not contemplate the consequences.

From the second track onwards to the No.12 offering, you are whirled along in a flurry of fiddles that seldom lets up and even when it does relax, you are mesmerized by the beauty of the few slow pieces.

"Boots & Shorts" sets the tone both in the quality of the music on offer, but also with a quirky title that gives a taste of the verve and humour of the performers. On this album you will find old and new material. Your feet will tap and your heart will palpitate as Fiddlers 3 whisk you on a musical journey.

Their interpretation of the more common tracks like "Haste to the Wedding" and "Battle of Aughrim" will give great enjoyment, but hold your breath as you approach track 8.

The tempo reduces but the quality increases on the wonderful set combining "Neil Gow's Lament" and "Ashoken Farewell." The album is worth purchasing just for this track.

I am astonished that Fiddlers 3 has managed to maintain -- indeed increase -- the tempo, verve and sheer enthusiasm of their earlier album on this collection of fantastic fiddle music.

Nicky Rossiter
Rambles Cultural Magazine (Lancaster, PA)
April 12, 2008
- Nicky Rossiter

"Prestigious Music Awards"

February 4, 2008

Over this past weekend, Fiddlers 3 became the proud recipients of two (2) very prestigious music awards for their newest CD 'Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter'.

International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)
Winner! - 'Boots and Shorts' (single) - Excellence in Music Performance & Artistry

CD of the YEAR Awards 2007 - presented by: Kweevak Music Magazine
Winner! - 'Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter' - Top 10 CD of the Year

This is a very exciting win for Fiddlers 3 and an extremely brilliant start to 2008! Fiddlers 3 new CD 'Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter' can be found at
- Press Release

"View Weekly"

September 28 – October 5, 2006

Stefan Lozinski, younger brother Andrian and sister Elaina have essentially grown up with a violin in their hands. They’ve studied the instrument most of their lives, recently fine tuning their technical prowess via McMaster University’s Music Program. However, it’s when they’re with their family band, Fiddlers 3, that they’ve been wowing audiences with the feel they have for the music that first inspired them to play. “We’ve been touring for ten years and Fiddlers 3 doesn’t focus on technique or the family aspects of the band. We focus on the music and making sure everyone has a good time.” states Stefan. The approach seems to be working, not only scoring them headlining slots at events like the Cleveland Irish Festival or prestige gigs at corporate events around Canada, but also the honour of being Entertainer of The Year, as judged by Festival Events Ontario.

The family band, have two successful CDs under their belt and are currently in the studio recording their third …But it’s the live stage where they excel with the simple goal of making a party. The shows involve a lot of stomping and a lot of jumping and everyone is having a good time.
- Ric Taylor

"The Hamilton Spectator"

September 28, 2006

In some cynically twisted way, you may be tempted to call Fiddlers 3 a Celtic version of the Partridge Family, But that would be unfair, The Fiddlers 3 are a real family -- The Lozinskis -- from Hamilton. Three fiddlers of Fiddlers 3, all classically trained with a passion for traditional Celtic fiddling. Fiddlers 3 have been spreading good vibes with traditional Ceilidh (kay-lee) music for the past 10 years.

You're not likely to hear them on your local pop radio station, but, in the Celtic world, they're doing well. They've performed on stage with The Chieftains, Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac. They've been invited to folk festivals and corporate events across North America (this summer they headlined one in Cleveland). Their first two CDs of traditional music -- Fiddlers 3 & Encore! -- have sold several thousand copies and they're working on a third, which will feature some of their own compositions. They've won several awards and were named “Entertainer of the Year 2006” by Festival Events Ontario. And the Lozinskis are hoping to crank things up a few notches over the next couple of years as Elaina and Andrian complete their university studies. "Music will be a full-time thing," says Stefan. "We've grown a lot in the last 10 years and it keeps getting bigger. We're just enjoying what we're doing."

Now you may wrongly jump to the conclusion that Fiddlers 3 was a "family band" concept on the part of the parents -- you know, raise your kids to become rich and famous to take care of your retirement years. But no, that's not how it happened. “It wasn't planned, we weren't one of those families that were going to become a band," Stefan explains. "We just happened. It basically formed itself."

The band plays with more spirit than many traditional folk outfits. Their trademark tune is Orange Blossom Special which they build into a locomotive-like crescendo. So far nobody seems to mind that they have a Ukrainian last name.

"Pretty much anybody can enjoy Celtic music," Stefan says. "It's a big party when you play it." - Graham Rockingham

"Ontario's Best Entertainer 2007"

March 5, 2007

At the annual Festival Events Ontario Conference on March 2, 2007, Fiddlers 3 won Ontario’s Best Performer/ Entertainer (Variety) 2007! This is the second win, as it was also won in 2006.

“It’s great to win this award two years in a row,” says Andrian Lozinski. “We’d like to thank everyone for their support over the years, for making this possible.”

Fiddlers 3 plan to carry this momentum deep into 2007 with expanded touring and the release of their highly-anticipated third album. The currently untitled new album will be released in the summer of 2007

Keep checking for more updates and the 2007 tour calendar. - Festival and Events Ontario

"Fiddlers 3 to Appear at Festival"

July 11, 2008

If you go Indian Ranch this weekend and aren’t already a fan of Celtic music, prepare for your conversion.

“We have had people who come to our show and they’re, like, ‘I was never a fan of this music until we heard your songs and now I can’t stop listening to your CD,’ “ said Stefan Lozinski, a member of Canadian Celtic music band, Fiddlers 3.

Apparently, a similar thing happened to the organizers of the Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival, which will be held Saturday at Indian Ranch on the shores of Webster Lake. Fiddlers 3 will be a headliner at the event. “We had sent a package to them and they liked our music so they called us in May and asked if we would like to come out and perform at their festival,” Lozinski said. They will join about a dozen other acts at the festival and are slated to take the stage at 3:45 p.m.

What is the universal hook?

“The thing with Celtic music is it really doesn’t have an age specific kind of sound,” Lozinski said. “Everyone enjoys it because it’s very uplifting. It’s got a good beat to it. You can’t really stop tapping your foot or clapping your hands or kind of reacting to it.”

Fiddlers 3 have developed their unique brand of Celtic over their many stage-hopping seasons.

Lozinski has been touring North America for 12 years with the band. That makes him a consummate veteran at the still tender age of 25. The same can be said of his sibling bandmates, brother Andrian Lozinski, 24, and sister Elaina Lozinski, 21. “We don’t promote ourselves necessarily as a family act,” Lozinski said, even though his parents — accordion player Mary Ann Lozinski and spoons players and percussionist Lorne Lozinski — also are band members. “We don’t hide it but we consider it to be just the membership of the band. It doesn’t really affect our sound,” he said. Non-Lozinskis Cam Walsh on bass and John Brownell on drums round out the band.

That the whole family ended up in Fiddlers 3 was a reversal of the usual scenario of stage parents pushing the kids to perform. It was the kids’ careers that took off and, since they were so young, the parents thought it best to go along with them.

It was a fiddle tune over the radio that kicked the whole thing off. Stefan Lozinski, then 11 years old, was riding in the car with his mother when the song came on. “I was sort of in that place where I was thinking of learning a musical instrument,” he said. “I had just heard that one of our relatives bought a violin but didn’t think she was actually going to use it so it was kind of available. That song came on and I thought ‘I could probably do that’ and I wanted to give it a shot. We ended up getting that violin and I started taking lessons.’ ”

Just eight months later he competed in the largest competition in Canada and has been winning awards ever since. “I just kind of threw myself into it,” he said.

A year after Lozinski began competing, his brother and sister joined him on the circuit. They got so many gigs that they ended up going the professional route shortly after. “It gave us the ability to perform for more people and put our spin onto the music and make our mark in the Celtic circles,” he said.

Instead of resting on those precociously well-honed laurels, Fiddlers 3 kept pushing in new directions. Their latest CD, “Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter,” reveals a band that has come completely into its own. The irresistible songs have a confidence about them and a more aggressive sound than their earlier recordings. The rhythms are more complex while holding onto the hallmarks of their younger years: a driving downbeat with a delightful dose of polka time here and there. Their signature song, “Orange Blossom Special,” is a refreshingly polka-enhanced version of that classic.

“We are Ukranian,” Lozinski, a second-generation Canadian whose grandparents hail from that former Soviet Union republic, said. “We have a European background so we add a bit of the European influence into our music. It’s Celtic but we also have polkas and all that kind of thing so we sort of stretch the dynamics of the Celtic music a bit.”

That’s partly a result of stretching their minds at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. All three siblings have received music degrees, with honors, from the respected school. Additionally, Stefan and Andrian have earned artists diplomas in performance, which is basically a virtuosic training on the violin or the fiddle, Stefan Lozinski said.

“So we wanted to take the music that we always played and move into tunes that are a little bit more energetic,” he said. “We just wanted to add in that complexity and put our own twist on the music with the skills that we learned and the abilities that we gained from that.”

The result is a CD and a stage show that evince a livelier, a bigger sound than their previous work. “We’ve added more rhythmically complex tunes. We’ve put more energy into it. We’ve started writing a bunch of our own music for this disc. We’ve definitely raised the level of energy and the dynamics for the group,” he said.

Do not expect any dry academic presentations of music theory, however. Fiddlers 3 pours their hearts and souls into those and college-learned time signatures and measure structures. The result is an irresistible Celtic musical fling.

“It has the ability to make you get involved with it,” he said, of the group’s new approach to Celtic. “It brings your spirits up. It makes you happy and gives you the ability to just have a good time.”
- Nancy Sheehan / Worcester Telegram & Gazette News


2007 Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter
2003 ENCORE!
2001 Fiddlers 3




"One of the Coolest Bands we've seen in Years!" - Canadian Event Perspective Magazine

"...more spirit than many traditional folk outfits..." - The Hamilton Spectator

"Here is the Celtic band for the 21st century," says Nicky Rossiter of Rambles Cultural Magazine. Tom Knapp, of the same publication describes the music of Fiddlers 3 as "fine, highly polished & very exciting."

Robert L. Doerschuk "…their [Fiddlers 3] performance reflects the vigorous tradition associated with fiddlers Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster, though the blended fiddle parts betray no rough edges"

Wildly-energetic, foot-stompin’, party-rockin’ Celtic music is the trademark of Fiddlers 3! Their virtuosic musicianship, aggressive musical style and highly-interactive live performances have attained many awards including Entertainer of the Year 2009, 2007, 2006 and a ‘International Acoustic Music Award’ in 2008. Known for transforming every venue they play into an animated party, Fiddlers 3 is a wildly-energetic spectacle on an unparalleled scale, since 1996!

Fiddlers 3 (3 fiddlers - a full band of 7) has been referred to as, “the big band of Celtic music” (Blackstone Valley Tribune), and their powerful, dynamic Celtic sound has been described as “the wall of violin” (Moors Magazine, Netherlands). In early 2008, after intense demand, Fiddlers 3 released their highly anticipated 3rd CD, 'Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter', in addition to 'ENCORE!' (2003), and Fiddlers 3 (2001). Each album has each received international critical acclaim and is on Napster, Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, and many others…

As for touring, Fiddlers 3 has "headlined" at many major concerts and festivals (IlluminAqua, World Cycling Championships, Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival, SkyDome/Rogers Centre - New Years Eve), various Fundraisers and Corporate Events (TELUS, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Toyota, Tim Hortons), and also, featured soft-seat venues (Blind River Cultural Festival, Unionville Summer Concert Series, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort). Fiddlers 3 has also shared stages alongside the likes of The Chieftains, Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, The Barra MacNeils, Colin James, Alannah Miles, Tom Wilson, Slainte Mhath, The Irish Descendants, J.P Cormier, Leahy, and Great Big Sea to name a few.

"Motivational. Spectacular." (Celtic MP3 Magazine). Fiddlers 3 will rock your event and also give your audience a truly memorable experience to talk about for years to come!

To see Fiddlers 3 'LIVE', you can watch a new YouTube video (, or website (