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"Fidgital Live - "High energy, tighter than tight""

Fidgital is much more than your average Electronica outfit. No laptops and no egg-heads here. Fidgital's live show is a high energy, tighter than tight musical romp through a vast catalogue of impressive tunes and catchy arrangements. They'll have you squirming in your seat ... if you dare to sit in it. - CBC Radio 3

"Condo Life - 4½ stars"

Fidgital's second album is packed with blatting big band horns and crunchy jazz chords in beautifully-written pop songs propelled by some of the funkiest beats you'll ever hear - thanks to a seamless fusion of live musicians and elaborate computer-generated sounds. Imagine the Pet Shop Boys meeting Manhattan Transfer at the coolest dance club in the universe. (4 ½ stars out of 5) - The Edmonton Sun

"Condo Life - "Fun and very stylish""

Producer Keith Gillard and singer Ryan Slemko clearly love '80s pop, vintage big beat and jazzy house. The genres intermingle on this singles-oriented CD. From "Any Other Way" -- which evokes a funkier Savage Garden -- to Instrumentals such as "Mosaic," which shows off the guys’ Thievery Corp vibe, the sound is luxuriously rendered… Fun and very stylish. - The Vancouver Province

"Condo Life - Exclaim! Editor's Pick"

The vocals have you envisioning Duran Duran jamming with George Michael mixed to electro-pop beats on the same tip as Fatboy Slim or Stereo MC’s. Expands the genres of electro-pop into the realm of upbeat electro-jazz with a uniquely different down-tempo vibe. While it may be presumptuous to say that Condo Life is the “rebirth of electro-pop cool,” it sure does bring a new sound to electronica, widening boundaries and exploring the narrow path paved by such groups as Jazzanova. (Editor’s Pick) - Exclaim!

"Spyglass - "Yummy""

Take 2 parts jazzy spy music, add 1 part drum & bass, a splash of jungle & garnish with just the right amount of vocal work & you get this mellow, up-beat sound collage. Yummy. - Chart

""Hottest import from Canada""

Fidgital is the hottest import from Canada since skunk #1. Give this guy one of those Juno things. - DJ Union

"Condo Life - "Something new""

Condo Life aims to offer something new, and thankfully succeeds. Fidgital's second full-length release is full of catchy vocals, interesting samples and smooth house beats. The mood varies throughout, with the album's title track full of hooks and down-tempo rhythms, while others, like "The Lobby," are far more percussive. There's also healthy samples of jazz, funk and hip hop thrown in for good measure. If this is the Condo Life, I can't wait to move out on my own. - Gauntlet

"Condo Life - "Each second is worth it""

Each track flows into the next and takes you on a trip — from jazz, to electronica, to pop (yes, pop) — each second is worth it! The diversity of sounds is huge, and each track is a power unto itself. There’s something for everyone here — smooth vocals, sitar, tabla, slick and classy keyboards, rhymes, trumpets... The Fidgital experience is one that you’re sure to enjoy! - The Bricklayer

"Spyglass - "Classy and groove-laden""

Picture Paris scene electro-kitsch meeting big band swing fronting Talk Talk with a hard house & downtempo groove or two mixed in. Classy & groove-laden. - The Vancouver Province


Renovations (2005): Currently charting across Canada. 14 track album.
Condo Life (2004): Hit #44 on Canadian national college Top 50. 15 track album.
hit&run (2002): Hit #2 on national dance charts, #3 internationally. 13 track EP.
Spyglass (2001): Hit #1 on national dance charts. Won 2004 Canadian Independent Music Award. 11 track album.
Social Disease (1999): Licensed to ABC and FOX television. 11 track EP + vinyl release


Feeling a bit camera shy


Canadian Independent Music Award winning nu-pop band Fidgital fuses jazz, electro and pop into new vocal dance music.

The debut Fidgital EP “Social Disease” was released in December 1999. Fidgital later licensed “Social disease” to Cybersoul Records, who released a 12” single in June of 2000.

2001’s “Spyglass” hit #1 on Chart magazine’s national Canadian electronica album charts, based on radio play. Four tracks were licensed to ABC and FOX prime-time television programs.

In 2002, Fidgital released the “hit&run” EP. This CD hit #3 on Chart’s national Canadian electronica top 10. The title track peaked at #3 on Tuned In Radio’s international dance charts.

“Condo Life” was released in 2004, through KOCH Entertainment, hitting #44 on Earshot’s national Canadian Top 50 charts and enjoying retail presence and commercial radio play.

The release led to the 2004 Canadian Independent Music Award for “Favourite Electronica Artist / Group”. Other nominees were Delerium, Manitoba and Plastikman.

Immediately following the award, the CBC nationally broadcast a one-hour Fidgital live concert special. The concert is slated for release on DVD later in 2005.

2005 has brought “Renovations”, featuring new songs, a live track from the CBC concert, and remixes from producers across Canada, the US and Europe.

Up ahead for Fidgital – touring Canada and abroad, the 2005 national music trade mission, more TV and film licensing, and the 2006 album, “Vintage Red”, now in production.