Jim Fidler

Jim Fidler


Blind since the age of 9, Jim Fidler is a singer/songwriter - multi-instrumentalist. Leading his 10 piece group, he is a drummer and lead vocalist. Jim's own distinctive music and lyrics continue in a tradition established by such people as Bob Marley, John Lennon and Christy Moore.


Blind since the age of nine, Jim Fidler is a musician, singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist. Born in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania near the border of West Virginia, Jim grew up and currently lives on the island of Newfoundland.
As an independent recording artist, his first completely self-written,self-produced solo effort, "GYPSY", on which Jim sings and plays twelve different instruments, has won awards for "ALBUM OF THE YEAR" and "INDEPENDENT ALBUM OF THE YEAR" in Newfoundland. In November, 1997, Jim signed a European record deal with Iona Records of Scotland.
Jim is also known for his work as producer/arranger with such acts as GREAT BIG SEA, five time all-Ireland Uillean Pipe champion Eamonn Dillon, The Masterless Men, Celtic Connection and many more. Additionally, Jim's percussion work is predominantly featured on the highly critically acclaimed solo album, "NA KEEN AFFAIR", by Bothy Band uilleann pipe great Paddy Keenan. Jim released his second solo album “Friendly Fire” in November of 2000 and his latest recording 'In This world' is a collaboration with singer/writer Lekbir Halili of Morocco and musician Thierry Artur of the French Island of St. Pierre. An offshoot of this album is Jim's new group - Jim Fidler and the Experience which is comprised of 10 musicians with Jim leading the group as drummer and lead vocalist. For a listen to this latest recording visit www.musaik.org. For Jim's solo material visit www.jimfidler.com.



Written By: Jim Fidler

LIVIN' 2:25 PM 30/04/2002
Copyright Jim Fidler 2003

I'm always chasin' rainbows,
I'm always on the run.
I don't know where I'm going, 'til the day is done.

I'm warm on Sunday morning,
I'm cool on Friday night.
I don't stop tryin' nothin' 'til I get it right.
Cause, cause, cause, cause;


I'm walking on sunshine - not trippin' on the ozone.
I'm talkin' on the grapevine - not hangin' on the telephone.
I'm livin' on my own time - not livin' in a time-zone.
Cause I'm livin' in my, I'm livin' in my, I'm livin' in my hometown.

I'm seldom surruptitious, I say what's on my mind.
So don't get repetitious, and waste my precious time.

I've always liked the radio, it helps me pass the time.
I don't like television, it's no good for my my my my my my mind.



And if you can't appreciate where I'm coming from;
Then I just have to say that you're not the fortunate one.


Chorus... ...

I'm always chasin' rainbows.

The End

All I Really Wanted

Written By: Jim Fidler

COPYRIGHT 2004 Jim Fidler

All I really wanted was,
A bit of peace and quiet but,
It wasn't gonna happen that way.

I could see it coming and,
It was coming slowly but,
I couldn't get out of the way.

Tell it to me gently cause,
My mind is in a maelstrom and,
I don't think I could take it today.


In This earthly enterprise,
Got to be some compromise,
Can you hear me, can you hear me callin'?

I was livin' inside but,
I was looking outside and,
I couldn't seem to find my way.

My mind was working swiftly but,
I was feelin' tongue-tied and,
I couldn't find the words to say.


In this world, we call our own,
We're together, all alone,
Can you hear me, can you hear me callin'?
In these days of threatening skies,
Open hearts and open eyes,
Can you hear me, can you hear me callin'?


Jim Fidler - Gypsy - solo
Jim Fidler - Friendly Fire - solo
Musaik - In this World

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Mostly original material with the odd bit of Marley for good measure.
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