Brooklyn, New York, USA

Fielded is not only a strong producer & vocalist but also an amazing live performer. She has an impressive and engaging live show with diverse possibilities, fueled by powerful vocals and stunning arrangements. She invites the audience to share in the act by offering an intimacy with the performance, making it an experience of connection, inspiration and inevitable movement.


Fielded is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a producer and vocalist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Powell works mainly with electronic manipulation of vocals, synthesizers and live instrumentation in order to achieve a unique pop sound. Brought full circle by her brave and powerful lead vocal work, it is Powell’s progressive songwriting and distinct voice that keep the project cohesive and inspired.

Two singles from Universally Handsome, "Reign" & "City of the Dazed", were revealed to the world in early 2014. Powell has created a fashionably surreal and masterful statement that showcases the solo act in a new light of grandiose female pop. Originally one half of sister duo Festival and part of experimental prog project Ga'an, Powell now stands on her own baring fresh-faced self-expression both in her recordings and live performances.  You can stream her sophomore release Ninety Thirty Thirty via CAPTCHA in April 2013.