Field Museum

Field Museum


Field Museum is the band you listen to the morning after you break up while gulping at a bottle of whiskey. Bittersweet, but still hopeful.


Field Museum is an eclectic four-piece who love accordion, bourbon, Gabriel García Márquez and have a DIY approach to music. The words are brought to you by James Kent, whose lyrics are thoughtful and evoke memories of lost loves, rolling prairies and long drives when you have nothing to talk about. James sings the things you wouldn't think to say and puts you in his shoes.

Half of Field Museum hails from Ontario; the other half is a misplaced Nova Scotian and a British ex-pat. Field Museum won’t make you smile, except when armed with a glock(enspiel), but will make you reminisce and learn to love your significant other again, because it could be so much worse.


Field Museum EP - 2011