Field Music

Field Music


Field Music’s sound is like all of the best pop music you ever heard at once, but distinctly British – and distinctly north-eastern with it


"Perfect crystalline pop - this is a melodic gem" Time Out
"The sleeper hit of the year" 8/10 NME
"Lustrous romance and loquacious imagination, an intriguing debut" **** Mojo
"Like Wire arranged by the Beach Boys. Lovely" **** Uncut
"They've perfected the pop gem" **** The Times
"The most charming act to emerge this year" The Observer

Right. That’s quite enough eulogising for now. Here’s some facts.

Field Music are the latest product of a long-running musical expedition, which seems to have extended its tendrils across much of the north east of England. Comprising a core of three members (Andrew Moore plus brother’s Peter and David Brewis) and an ever-shifting crew of local luminaries, Field Music are something of a North East supergroup. Peter was The Futureheads’ original drummer; Barry Futurehead was in one of the many early Field Music line-ups and sometime drummer Tom English is on loan from Maximo Park.

Listing an array of apposite and opposite influences (The Left Banke, My Bloody Valentine, Stravinsky, Thelonious Monk, Stax & Atlantic R&B, Big Star, Jimmy Smith, Serge Gainsbourg, The Neptunes and Duke Ellington) it’s hardly surprising that Field Music’s sound is like all of the best pop music you ever heard at once, but distinctly British – and distinctly north-eastern with it. This talented young group attack composition from the left of centre, twisting traditional song-writing conventions to fit their own sound. And its live that things really come together as the Brewis brother’s harmonies melt the cockles of even the coldest of hearts.

Their debut eponymously titled album was released in August 2005 on London based independent Memphis Industries. In 2006 Field Music toured with Belle and Sebastian in Italy, The Futureheads in blighty, Architecture in Helsinki in France, played Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium, Goteburg festival in Sweden, Faraday in Spain, SXSW in the States and Latitude, Reading, Leeds, TDK, Tapestry, Deperucussion and Electric Garden Festivals in the UK, they released a cash in b sides album called Write Your Own History on the cover of which they wrote their own history, recorded a new album 'Tones of Town' which their record company in their wisdom decided to delay the release of until January 2007, saw their debut album 'Field Music' released in Japan, continental Europe and the States where it picked up a slew of great reviews, remixed Maximo Park, worked on side projects such as north east 'super group' Meet Eric Roberts,


Field Music - Eponymous Debut Released by Memphis Industries 2005

Write Your Own History - A collection of b-sides and rarities released by Memphis Industries April 2006