field of sound

field of sound


Using simple, repetative finger picking on acoustic guitar, layers of washed out guitars, samples, loops, harmonica, melodian, piano, flute, harp, bells, free form drums, reverb, delay and various kitchen utensils to create esoteric, hypnotic, somber sounds and waves of ambient textures.


field of sound began in japan late 2004 when daniel marano and kiyokazu onozaki began recording in kiyokazus apartment in tokyo with one microphone and a digital recorder. daniel had previously played guitar in perth band " maine " with michael day, lily sumich + jerome kennedy. and kiyokazu had his own band " the andersens " . the idea was to record a musical diary of songs that daniel had loosley written on acoustic guitar , with daniel, kiyokazu and other friends adding layers of guitars, harmonica, melodian, piano, flute, harp, bells, reverb, delay and various kitchen utensils. these songs became field of sounds 1st album , " sengokuhara " . " monochrome sky " , field of sounds 2nd album documents daniels colaborations with various other friends. " monochrome sky " is the result of several improvisational jams and was recorded mostly inside various houses in perth, western australia.



SOLAR - 2006


Set List

Most live sets are improvised.