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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Okanagan band tops 300 acts in competition"

Kelowna rock band Fields of Green has officially joined the ranks of bands like Nickelback, Bif Naked and Faber Drive by winning this year's Fox Vancouver Seeds competition, organized by radio station 99.3 The Fox.

The band was declared the Seeds "platinum winner" Saturday night at the Commodore Ballroom during the contest's final showcase featuring the top three finalists, which also included Vancouver stoner rockers We Hunt Buffalo and Langley-based rock 'n' rollers Static in the Stars.

Fields of Green will now be given an opening slot for Juno-winning rock band Arkells for five dates on a national tour.

The band will also receive $10,000 in tour support money, $10,000 in new gear from Long & McQuade, a five-song EP recorded by Garth Richardson, distribution through Maple Music Canada, a music video and a songwriting session with Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays.

Over 300 acts entered the 2012 com-petition via, a Web portal that generated 1.3 million page views this year alone. The winner was determined by fan voting and through live performance evaluation. "This was an incredible year with three of the most talented artists we have ever seen with Fox Vancouver Seeds, which made for a very tough decision," said Chris "Dunner" Dun-combe, 99.3 The Fox's senior program director.

"We are very excited for Fields of Green to have the opportunity to tour with Arkells as just one part of their prize.

"They are a spectacular young band that you are going to hear a lot more about in the next year." Blog: - Vancouver Sun - Francois Marchand

"Gonzo Mag - Review"

I would like to preface this review by stating that before seeing Fields of Green perform at the Kelowna Community Theatre on February 21st, I had never heard of them. I’d never listened to their songs. I did not know what they played. I went into their show completely blind and not knowing what to expect. It can even be said that in the very back of my mind I thought I was going to dislike the band outright. That being said, Fields of Green is absolutely stunning in both their technical proficiency and their high-energy showmanship, and are not to be ignored or overlooked.

Formed just five years ago in Kelowna, BC, members Kyle Tubbs, Kevin Dreger, Connor Tkach, and Johnny Jansen have found a playing style that manages to show off their musical abilities perfectly well and still lets them bring an insane amount of liveliness to their live show. Primarily a psych-rock band, their songs range from extreme hard rock to heavy folk, but nowhere in the mix is even a bit of fun and vigor lost. This is shown in their two studio albums, Blanketown (which received the Rock Recording of The Year award from the BC Interior Music Awards of 2011) and F.O.G., which is shaping up to be another big hit.

Going back to their live performance last Thursday, there were a few things that took me aback. The first was the variety of people in the crowd. Some appeared to be in their 50s while others were obviously still in high school, yet you could feel the static in the air, the anticipation everyone had to see this group perform. Second was the amount of instruments on stage. 6 guitars/bass’, a keyboard, a grand piano (which was not the only one to be used that night), and far more microphones than a four-man band would ever need. But these guys managed to utilize every piece of equipment in sight. The ability to change genres and instruments so fast yet keep the flow going is something not every band can achieve, but Fields of Green executed this flawlessly.

When the band needed a longer break for moving larger instruments or changing costumes, they played videos showing them recording their newest EP, F.O.G., which both kept the feel of the songs going, but also the personalities of the individual members as well. It did its job as a distraction for the audience while the band moved around, but it acted as more than just filler for time. It too added to the group’s persona, and the overall performance. In short, Fields of Green is an amazing up-and-coming Canadian group that you should keep an eye out for, and if you ever have a chance to see them live, even if they’re just opening for another artist, go. They will not disappoint.

Fields of Green’s two studio albums can be heard and/or purchased on their website - Gonzo Magazine

"Castanet Rock Review"

Harking Back to a more creative time, West Kelowna’s ‘Fields Of Green’ stand out as the vanguard of a new attitude towards Rock Music. The young quartet explore multiple musical plateaus ranging from psychedelic to progressive folksy expressions.
The group is made up of multi-talented musicians, Kyle Tubbs; Lead Vocals & Guitars…Kevin Dreger; Keyboards/Bass & Vocals…Connor Tkach; Bass and Vocals…and Johnny Jansen; Percussion & Vocals.
Now, not only are these four multi instrumentalists, they are very ambitious as well. Recording their first album a year ago, on an Independent label TreeFort Music, and consistently pursuing their collective dream of ascending the musical staircase, not just nationwide…but worldwide.
Their professionalism continues in their approach to performing and song writing abilities. The group’s musical forays are a wealth of style…intelligent lyrical bases and performances that display a musical maturity that belies their young years. They are not afraid of showing their individual personalities, and have the uncanny ability to mesh all their style together to create a unique image that will become known as ‘Fields Of Green’!
Four modern day minstrels that sincerely appreciate the support they receive from music fans everywhere. The group’s approach to the music is rootsy and holistic in nature. When experiencing these lads in a live situation, one will explore with them elements of progressive rock coupled with a large dose of solid straight forward rock and whimsical musings. Further, one can hear early Genesis, a touch of Pink Floyd and a nice dose of ‘City Boy’…all from these group’s 1970’s Musical Works.
Don’t get me wrong, ‘Fields Of Green’ are not copying any of the aforementioned…they display elements from this area, and have a keen sense of the 21st century at the same time.
I’ve mentioned already that their music maturity belies their age…all members are in their early twenties…one wouldn’t know that when listening to the music. Each musical creation is tasteful…rich and has enormous depth. The group’s stage presence is slick and very enjoyable. They perform like seasoned veterans…displaying their collective crafts masterfully.
Currently this quartet is involved in the “100.5 The Peak Performance Project” and have landed in the upper echelons of that competition’s Top 20. A feat not done easily, considering how much Talent the project represents. ‘Fields Of Green’…definitely the making of a major Canadian group…next week, I hope to have an Interview with the lads, and we’ll talk about their song writing, their involvement in the Peak Performance Project and some new music coming our way! In the meantime, enjoy this performance of the group... - Bruce E.J. Atkinson

"Blanktown CD Review"

“BLANKTOWN” Fields Of Green (Tree Fort) *** ½
It’s hard to believe this is only their first album as equal parts alt rock, folk and spacious pop sounds collide- I’m smitten.
You’ll hear echoes of Coldplay and The Mars Volta here. Two things impress, aside from the songwriting- FOG’s apparent fearlessness (who puts a 13 minute jam-tastic epic on their first album?!?) and the sheer sound. Recorded at Tree Fort in West Kelowna, I’d put the sound of “BT” up against anything recorded in Vancouver or LA. Produced by the band (Kyle Tubbs- lead vocal/guitar, Kevin Dreger- keys/vocals, Johnny Jansen- drums/vocals, James Nicholson- bass, vocals) and engineer Jimmy LeGuilloux, “Blanktown” sounds like a well seasoned group, though they’ve only been together since ‘08. Soaring, instinctive and melodic as well as confident, this album will take you places you probably haven’t been in years.
KEY CUTS: “Frozen In My Shoes”, “A Liquid Mouth”, “All Planes Crash” - John Kereiff - Gonzo Magazine

"Kathy Michaels - Kelowna Capital News"

The Sky's the limit for Fields of Green

- Kelowna Capital News

"Fields of Green throws a smashing party"

OK, so I have a new favorite Okanagan band.
Saturday's Fields of Green CD Release party won me over. It was clear this wasn't going to be your typical CD release party as the band put a heavier emphasis on the word "party".
With songs already on local airwaves and a sound reminiscent of Coldplay, this is a band to watch for.
Really, as I sit here listening to their CD, I'm convinced of it.

Good luck guys and I look forward to the day your all rich and famous. - Glenna Turnbull - Event Magazine - January 13, 2010

"Chilliwack's Connor Tkach joins Fields of Green on tour"

By Mike Archer. An up and coming band from Kelowna, with roots in the Fraser Valley, is set to take the Lower Mainland by storm. Former Chilliwack guitarist Connor Tkach joined the band for their CD release party last month and is now playing with F.O.G. full time on tour.
Fields of Green (F.O.G.) released their new CD, Blanktown, Jan 9 at the Kelowna Community Theatre to a large and appreciative audience of over 600 fans. We were lucky enough to get an advance copy. Fans are in for a treat.
After the CD is out F.O.G. is planning tour dates in the Lower Mainland throughout the winter and into the spring. - Mike Archer - Chilliwack Today - February 3, 2010

"Blanktown CD Release draws big crowd in Kelowna"

The CD release of Fields of Green’s (F.O.G.) new album, ‘Blanktown’ drew an overflow crowd of more than 600 fans to the Kelowna Community Theatre Saturday night. Now that the CD is out F.O.G. is planning tour dates in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver.
” It was way more than we expected. The CD Show was a huge success. We had over 600 people out and sold a lot of CD’s,” band management told Abbotsford|Today. New band member, Connor Tkach, from Chilliwack, was introduced Saturday night. - Mike Archer - Abbotsford Today - January 11, 2010

"Fields of Green put on slick performance on stage at Delta show Saturday night"

The intimate show featured two other bands but the audience seemed to much prefer the professional stage presence and solid musical tracks of Fields of Green. Their set lasted 45 minutes and feature eight of their best songs. - Mick Archer - Abbotsford Today - February 14, 2010

"Fields of Green to release "Blanktown" Saturday"

Fields of Green (F.O.G.) is releasing their new CD, Blanktown, Jan 9 at the Kelowna Community Theatre. We were lucky enough to get an advance copy. Fans are in for a treat.

On the new CD, F.O.G. have expanded their horizons and tried some stunning new mixes. Without falling into the trap that so often engulfs young bands, they’ve mastered the recording studio without going too far.
The music swings from orchestral to hard punchy rock, from acoustic to synthetic without ever being over produced or pretentious. Every note sounds like it’s supposed to be there and the frequent lane changes between chorus and verse from melodic and instrumental to good hard rock n’ roll sound effortless.
The band combines an alternative rock inspiration with some excellent production to come out with a very ‘pop friendly’ sound. Danceable and well layered, the songs build from instrumental openings to a full-blown sound backed by solid harmonies and strong vocals.
The lyrics flow nicely and, especially on one of their acoustic numbers, are even reminiscent of The Band.
As stated before on Abbotsford|Today, F.O.G.’s music is intricate, well recorded and rewarding to listen to. Earlier songs like ‘A Liquid Mouth’ are layered with a variety of influences and well positioned style changes that keep the listener interested as the song builds. Mostly the music rewards you with a depth of purpose and deft skill that will stand them in good stead when they take on the world in 2010. - Mike Archer - Abbotsford Today - January 10, 2010

"Turning a "Blanktown" canvas into a landscape of sound"

I should first and foremost state that I recommend this album. Now that that's out of the way, I will attempt to remain unbiased. I will fail. This album speaks to me in waves. Sometimes I hear these songs and all I capture are the laughs I shared among friends while seeing this wonderful foursome duck and weave through the trials and tribulations of a young band rising to the occasion and making something real. When i am not blinded by the empathy I share for these wily musicians I sit and enjoy this album. I play alongside on invisible instruments and I look up at every pause and make eye contact with whomever may be sitting next to me. I hope you give this album a try and I hope that you feel every note.
The band covers a lot a ground in 13 songs. Everywhere from the raw energy of Elephants with almost every word fighting through a storm of instruments to the almost lackadaisy semi country tale spun between slide guitar rifts on Blanktown. each instrument carries its own voice and the band does a great job of letting everyone speak for themselves. wether it be the smooth piano setting the mood for I Can't Believe this Tree or the seemingly untamed (and yet oddly melodic) drumming throughout 2 Minutes of Silence. No one stands alone however, the band constantly weaves between combinations. You'll hear drums and guitar, then keys and vocals and numerous other variations on each members energy and it all gets tied up. Wether they are just warming up or trying to push you off your seat, there is a chemistry and there is result. My opinion of the artists behind Blanktown is biased, but my respect for them as musicians and my admiration to their dedication in delivering an album full of substance and voice is sincere. I hope you love this album. It's great. - Brett Sickts - February 28, 2010 - iTunes


Studio Albums:

"FOG" ep (5 Tracks)
Released: Feb 19, 2013
Label: Fontana North Distribution
Format: CD, Digital

"Blanktown" (13 Tracks)
Released: Jan 9, 2010
Label: Tree Fort Music
Format: CD, Digital

A Liquid Mouth (2008)
Black and Blue (2008)



A musical journey that started just five years ago in Kyle Tubb's basement in Kelowna BC, now see's the band winning awards, recording with GGGarth (Rage), and touring with Arkells.

Kyle Tubbs (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Kevin Dreger (Keys/Bass/Vocals), Connor Tkach (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), and Johnny Jansen (Drums/Vocals), make up this wondrous musical entity. All in their early twenties, the group displays unending measures of energy and creativity while displaying a musical maturity that ranks up there in the most seasoned of Rock Artists. Multi-talented, all, FIELDS OF GREEN have met with one success after another. Their first album, "Blanktown" won Rock Recording of The Year from the BC Interior Music Awards of 2011. The group also found great success in the 2012 Vancouver FOX Seeds contest, finishing 1st place out of more than 400 applicants. They were also involved in The Peak Performance Project in 2011 and 2012, making the Top 20 in that event both years. FIELDS OF GREEN has spent this winter recording their new 5-song EP "FOG" with the legendary GGGarth (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Hedley) and Paul Boechler which is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.