Ridgway, Pennsylvania, USA

Fieldstone offers up a distinctive blend of high-octane Celtic coupled with a liberal dash of Appalachian and old-time fiddle pieces, along with a sprinkling of originals and reinterpretations of some contemporary songwriter fare sprinkled in.


In the early to mid 1980s, husband and wife Mark and Bekki Titchner were part of the western PA rock scene. However, with a keen interest in mid 19th century history, particularly the Civil War era, the couple's music took a decidedly acoustic turn, and as a duo in the 1990's, they performed Civil War era ballads in a variety of venues, including reenactments and theater productions. They were drawn to the roots of these songs, whose melodies, songs and stories had trickled down from the great Celtic emigrations of the day. These songs became the foundation upon which the roots of Fieldstone would be built.
In 1996 Fieldstone expanded to trio configuration, adding Dr. Paul Fehrenbach and recording three CDs of Celtic and original material, with And Miles To Go Before I Sleep being produced by legendary Irish musician Gerry O'Beirne. In 2004 Paul left the band to pursue other musical endeavors, and the present-day lineup was forged with the addition of multiple-time Pennsylvania fiddle champion Tara Sansom. Adding Tara infused renewed vigor and passion to the band, taking their music to even greater heights.
Five time Pennsylvania State Fiddling Champion, Tara has performed, competed and taught throughout The United States, Ireland, Scotland and Canada, entertaining audiences with expert Celtic, Bluegrass, Old Time fiddling. She is also a formidable classical player. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Grove City College in Pennsylvania and holds her Masters in Arts and Liberal Studies with a concentration in Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish Studies from East Tennessee State University. She is an instructor of traditional music at Morehead State University in Kentucky.
The trio mixes it up with Celtic and Appalachian influences, which also find their way into the group's original material. Mark's love of classic rock gives the trio's music a particular drive, as does his penchant for alternative tunings.
Mark plays the 6 and 12-string guitars as well as the bouzouki and cittern. On some of the trio's recordings Mark dusts off the electric guitar for a bit of fun. Tara lends harmony to the group as well as vocals on some Appalachian songs, and she also plays mandolin. Bekki is the group's primary vocalist, and she also plays wooden flute and whistle. She recently began a love-hate affair with the tenor banjo.


It's about the common man (the union song)

Written By: Mark and Bekki Titchner

It’s easy to do nothing
And justify the lies
It’s easy to point fingers
And blame the other guy
It’s easy to make excuses
For the politics of hate
Get in line with the others
Leave your destiny to fate
We forget that not long ago
So many died to make a stand
It’s not about the unions, it’s about the common man

It’s those who walked the picket lines
Those who dug the coal
Those who built the railroads
Whose lives were mostly toil
We stand now at their graves
Say they got what they deserved
Their failure to escape poverty
Meant they never, ever learned
Those who call for sacrifice
Never hungered for a meal
They’re the one percent among us who never ever will

They pray to God in heaven
Tell us to do the same
Only true believers
Get to levy any blame
We need to get this house in order
That is what they say
Be fiscally responsible
Or get out of the way
There are too many laws
To deny them what they need
One by one they’ll break them, the ends justify the means

They’ll divide and conquer us
Crack the thing that makes us whole
Prey upon our prejudice
Stand back and watch us fall
They claim there is no us and them
We’re one nation proud and free
And they’ll wrap themselves
Up in the flag
Of patriotic piety
Those who dare to disagree
Are those who understand
It’s not about the unions, it’s about the common man
We forget that not long ago
So many died to make a stand
And it’s not about the unions, it’s about the common man


With the current configuration:
Out of the Wood, 2005
One More Mile, 2007

In a Land So Far Away
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Much of our music can be heard on our website and on myspace. Additionally, several public radio stations, including WPSU in State College, have featured our music on their weekly Folk Show broadcast.

Set List

We can gear a performance to strictly Celtic, Celtic/Appalachian, or mostly original material, depending on the venue.