We are a friendly down to earth band that plays honest and timeless music about life's struggles and triumphs.


The stories are familiar, the sound is immense and it all emanates from the most unlikely of sources. A soft spoken man unashamed to present a transparent look in to the not so ordinary lives of ordinary people. He weaves tales riddled with tragedy, despair, hope and redemption; these are songs of the underdog, the inexperienced fool and the weathered traveler. This is music without borders.

Since being introduced to music writing and performance at an early age, fienix (Christin Nelson) found an undeniable passion for the art. After 20 years and half as many albums, this passion for playing music is still there.

Christin seems to be traveling the music world from genre to genre picking up scraps of melodies and sounds only to then paste them together in a musical painting that reminds the listener of some place familiar. He is able to write songs with the honest story telling prowess of David Bazan and Neil Young
matched with an equally eclectic soundscape much like The Postal Service, Rob Dougan and Explosions In The Sky.

Have played over 350 shows internationally since 2007.


0% Down - Full Length (1996) - Independent
Song For Shannon - EP (2001) - subtechnics records
Broadcast - Full Length (2003) - subtechnics records
The Long Walk Home - Full Length (2007) - Independent
Even The Leaves On Trees Have Two Sides - EP (2009) - Independent
Some Things Don't Belong - EP (2009) - Independent

Has written and/or produced songs for: Listener (Mush Records), Mars Ill (Gotee Records), Buddy Wakefield (Righteous Babe Records / Strange Famous Records), Polsat (Polish TV Station), CDM Princeton

Set List

If we are an opener the set is usually about 5-7 songs lasting about 30-45mins for the set. If we are in the middle or headlining we can do about 10-12 songs lasting about an hour or more.

The only cover we have is the song Mexico by the band Cake.