Fierce Atmospheres

Fierce Atmospheres

 Homewood, Illinois, USA

Progressive power metal with influences from European and American power metal acts.Iron Maiden,Judas Priest, Dream Theater,Steel Prophet,In Flames and others come to mind.Twin guitars with harmonies and screaming leads accompany great vocal lines with soaring melodies and solid song structures .


Fierce Atmospheres was originally formed in Austin Texas (2002) and is now based in Chicago,IL,USA. Guitarist/songwriter Eric J. Gosselin started the band with the hopes of taking his years of songwriting to a new level. Currently enrolled as an Audio Technology student at 46, he is also taking his production skills to new levels as well. Along with drummer Ed Pukstys, bassist Lance King,vocalist Taran de Pablos and returning guitarist Steve Michals of Fierce Atmospheres have taken their sound to a new level.  Having had members from legendary bands Nasty Savage(Curtis Beeson) and Death(Scott Carino),the band plays progressive power metal with its main influences being Iron Maiden,Rush,In Flames,Arch-Matheos,Dream Theater,Judas Priest,Stratovarius,etc.The songs have a strong presence with twin leads and soaring vocal lines that grab the listeners attention,while maintaining a true to form power metal sound.With 10 tributes albums signed on for through Nashville,TN based Versailles Records, the band is also planning a new full length original CD for 2016. Iron Maiden's 'Children of the Damned' got the band connected with Versailles Records by having a huge sound produced by the legendary Neil Kernon with recording done at Rax Trax Studio in Chicago. The CD is available now through The band is currently seeking overseas opportunities.

Fierce Atmospheres has performed relentlessly for the last 2 years and did 3 months of preproduction for preparation to record their new CD at Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN, and also recorded 'Billion Dollar Babies' for a tribute to Alice Cooper. The band recorded a Deep Purple track at Tribeca-Flashpoint Academy in downtown Chicago in Feb. 2015 for a tribute to Deep Purple as well through Versailles Records.

The band looks forward to 2016 being a very busy year....

Update: We are very sad to have to post that former bassist of Fierce Atmospheres Alex Martirano has recently passed. Please listen to Where Night and Day Begin in tribute ...He will be sorely missed....

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Amongst the Shadows

Written By: Eric J. Gosselin / Jon Quick

Call of the darkness ,shadows rise again tonight
They have been calling us to join them
My mission clear this power needs to overcome
I am at one with death tonight

We ride amongst the Shadows
We're waiting for the dawning of the light

Cry out into darkness shadows rise again tonight
I hear them calling us to join them
Division clear in terror must be overcome
I am at one with the night

Glass Terrain

Written By: Eric J. Gosselin (music) Jonathan Quick(Lyrics)


I gaze in wonder upon the endless sky
I fear the plunder of the earth and it's demise
I hear the thunder deafening in its roar
Cracks are shattering the earth forever more

I look in wonder upon man's demise
I've heard the tale from the industry of lies
I ride the thunder tearing through the shore
Cracks are shatterinmg the earth forever more

I search for cracks examine tracks in the Glass Terrain
Endless paths life it slips away

chorus 2
repeat chorus1 twice

Set List

1 or 2 45 minute sets.All original.