Fierce Atmospheres

Fierce Atmospheres

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Progressive power metal with influences from European and American power metal acts. Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Steel Prophet, In Flames and others come to mind. The band has recently released a new track 'From Ashes' for this year's ProgPower USA 2018 compilation.


Fierce Atmospheres was originally formed in Austin Texas (2002) and has now been based in Chicago, IL, USA for the last 8 years. Guitarist/songwriter Eric J. Gosselin started the band with the hopes of taking his years of songwriting to a new level. Having had members from legendary bands Nasty Savage(Curtis Beeson) and Death(Scott Carino) helping out with early demos, the band has grown to play progressive power metal with influences such as Iron Maiden, Rush, In Flames, Arch-Matheos, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Stratovarius, etc. Five Ep's were released independently from 2003-2015. Their songs have a strong presence with twin leads and soaring vocal lines that grab the listeners attention, while maintaining a 'true to form' power metal sound. The band worked with some of metal's top producers including Neil Kernon and Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Studio in Chicago, IL.

Fierce Atmospheres has performed relentlessly for years around the Chicago area playing with many of Chicago's top local acts, and have also shared the stage with legendary bands such as Overkill, Prong, Joe Lynn Turner, Micheal Angelo Batio, and more. Three months of preproduction at Gosselin's own Edge of Satellites Studio and much of the work for the new CD, 'PARIAHS, MISFITS AND SINNERS' was done at Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN. The band looks forward to 2019 being a very busy year....

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Eric J. Gosselin


Hail to the King

Written By: Eric J. Gosselin and Taran DePablos

Thank the Gods you finally came.
Show forgiveness. Keep us dressed in gold and chains

Our experiment has failed.
Our democracy is for sale.
We’re cold and bare.

Free will has kept us hungry. We crave for the return of the king.
We’re longing for compliance.

We are ignorant and weak.
Crack the whip and herd the sheep, we’ll follow blindly.

Revolution was a dream. Now we’re ready to believe,
King heaven sent.

Our path has led to darkness. We can’t see who we are anymore.
In fear will you unite us, define us, outshine us?

Bow down our head
Kiss the ring
Hail to the king!
Hail to the King! He’s coming.
Down on our knees cleanse our sins.
Hail to the King!
Hail to the King! He’s coming.

The roads our fathers built,
The blood our fathers spilt, will be for naught
Come, bend us to your will.
Remind us of what it feels for we forgot.

Our freedom’s kept us hungry. We don’t know who we are anymore.
In hatred reunited. Your Highness. Our madness.

Bow down our heads
Kiss the ring
Hail to the King! He’s coming.
Down on our knees cleanse our sins
Hail to the King!
Hail to the King! He’s coming.


Written By: Eric J. Gosselin and Taran DePablos

You wait for love, 
for pain,
for winter to end.
You wait for fate to shift the winds.

You wait for heroes, 
for zeroes,
for prophets of change
but waiting around here’s a dangerous game.

We don’t believe in miracles around these parts.
You wanna see a miracle?…Save your savior.

You wait for others, 
a brother, 
a sister, 
a god
to come and tell you to get up and walk.

For a magician, 
a face in a shrine
to turn your lifeless water to wine.

We don’t believe in miracles. Do your part.
You wanna see a miracle?…Save your savior

You pray for love,
for pain,
for something to feel.
You pray for fate to take the wheel.

Get off your box, 
your bottle, 
your bible, 
your fog,
and realize the strength within you.

We don’t believe in miracles
You cannot reach an ending without a start.
We don’t believe in miracles
Go’head and make a miracle
Save your savior.
Save yourself.


Gale Force demo- 2003
Amongst the Shadows sampler- 2004
Nashville- Rochester Session-2008
Where Night and Day Begin EP-2012
Forsaken EP-2015
Pariahs, Misfits and Sinners LP - 2018

Set List

1 or 2 45 minute sets. All original.