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Fresno, California, United States | SELF

Fresno, California, United States | SELF
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Fierce Creatures, whose EP, I Mostri Feroci, is available online now, but whose song, Satan is a Vampire, is an unreal “anytime” worthy song. - This Bonus Track

"Music Monday"

This week's Song of the Week is brought to you by Fierce Creatures. No, no, not the almost-sequel to A Fish Called Wanda. Fierce Creatures is a new band from Fresno (Fresno?) that sounds to us like some sort of hybrid of Local Natives and Freelance Whales and your other favorite indie folky rock-y band, but still manages to sound relatively un-derivative and fun as hell to listen to. Like if half the party you're at suddenly started singing and playing in time. That didn't happen this weekend, by the way. Our only complaint. Oh, plus, Australians: Please stop smashing things. In general and specific, I think.

While we wait for that request to come to fruition though, let's all have a listen to Fierce Creatures' beautiful and oddly titled "Satan is a Vampire," from their debut EP, I Mostri Feroci. You can buy the CD over at Big Cartel and listen to more over at their MySpace page. Peace! - Kindness of Ravens

"Fierce Creatures"

Imagine having your heart lost out at sea or running amuck with ghost soldiers. Trap yourself in a world alongside vampires and phantoms, enveloped by the atmospheric sounds of guitar, percussion, keyboards, and bells.

This is the world you enter when listening to Fresno, CA’s indie band, Fierce Creatures. Their EP, I Mostri Feroci (release date July 6, 2010) is only a handful of songs. It is good because it takes you to a world unlike one pictured in California’s Central Valley. And like the clever tease, they break your heart by ending too soon. It leaves you wanting more. If a five song EP is this good already, can you imagine how awesome a full-length would be?

According to Nathaniel Stiers (bass guitar), Fierce Creatures is working hard on booking tour dates, landing television placements and creating new material. He, alongside Mike Adame (keys), Mathr Collom (vocals), Tomas Galvan (drums), Joel Melton (guitar), Jon Rulloda (guitar) and Amanda Valdez (vocals/auxiliary percussion), are on their way from becoming “Fresno’s best band” to an indie rock powerhouse.

Creating music that they hope will “stand the test of time,” Stiers states that their sound places them in a mix of genres – art-pop, indie rock, and folk mixed with orchestral. Although they may be compared to other bands (have seen fan comparisons with Arcade Fire), their music is unique and pleasant to listen to. It is mild, yet loud enough to make a crowd move. The orchestrations behind the haunting vocals of Collom and Valdez take you away to an existence that is anything but ordinary.

Travis Hawley from San Luis Obispo, CA’s, PK, says, “They're a phenomenal band that has a smoky, haunted feeling about them… Their show left us and the rest of the audience in a mesmerized jaw dropped stupor and it will be exciting to see what great things happen with them.”

The complexities behind the music are a shared collaboration between all seven band members. The seasoned musicians work well together on lyrics and structure. The development process has resulted in a heartfelt appreciation from their home base. The Central Valley is not exactly known to be a breeding ground for popular music, but Stiers assures me that music there is alive and well.

He said that Fierce Creatures “lucked out.” The band is perceived as being refreshingly different from other acts. Despite the role that luck plays, what separates these musicians from others are their endless humanitarian efforts in the community. Playing charity shows and performing for non-profit organizations have given them not only exposure, but genuine appreciation as well. Although Fierce Creatures have ventured out to play in cities such as San Diego, Sacramento and Los Angeles, there is nothing like giving back to their first, initial fan base. Being labeled as “Fresno’s best band” has only inspired them to give more.
Their hard work is paying off. Online bloggers are consistently plugging I Mostri Feroci. Their track, “Satan is a Vampire,” continues to climb up online music charts. Word on the street is getting bigger and bigger and the band is making fans across the pond in Europe as well.

However, before leaving to tour foreign lands, Fierce Creatures have business to attend to stateside. They have a couple of gigs lined up in the Central Valley in January and February, sharing the stage with The Royal Bangs and The Silent Comedy, respectively. They are looking at the rest of 2011 with stern determination. These creatures are definitely fierce and are worth every listen. - Glide Magazine - Katz Bryan

"MP3: Fierce Creatures – “Satan is a Vampire”"

Made up of Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, and Amanda Valdez, Fierce Creatures formed in 2009 and is based out of Fresno, CA. This particular song reminds me a lot of Arcade Fire, which isn’t a bad thing. Their debut EP, I Mostri Feroci, was released in July 2010 and is self-described as “a cultivated art-pop that fluctuates from delicate anthems to soaring ballads.”

I wonder if Satan rocks out to cultivated art-pop?

If he did, then he may very well be a vampire, because EVERYONE knows that vampires dig on cultivated art-pop.

Check out Fierce Creatures’ MySpace page for more info and music samples. - The Frontloader

"Fierce Creatures"

Fierce Creatures are an indie-pop band from Fresno, California. The 7-person group released their debut EP entitled I Mostri Feroci back in July of 2010 but It's just now gotten around to my ears. I have yet to listen to the EP in full but the track I'm about to share below is a great listen. Listen below and for more head on over to their myspace. - Josh Blalock - Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist

"MP3: Fierce Creatures – “Satan is a Vampire”"

Well, this marks the last free weekend of mine for a very, very long time… and it’s not even really that “free.” I’ve got 17 (yes, you read that right… SEVENTEEN) chapters to start reading. I’ve kinda-sorta-in-a-way gone through two already… but after testing myself with the chapter and study guide questions, I can see that I need to review them again. Good times, indeed.

But you know what? That’s ok because I’m very fortunate and grateful to have this opportunity. I thank God that I’m where I am… and I’ll be damned if I don’t take advantage of it. It’s been a pretty long road getting here, and seeing as my New Years Resolution is “Don’t fuck up,” I think I’ve got all the tools (mentally and emotionally) to conquer this beast.

Positive thinking also helps a LOT.

Which brings me to this song by Fierce Creatures. The title of it sums up the fight between good and evil, doesn’t it? “Satan is a Vampire.” Very profound, indeed.

Let’s take a deeper look at that statement. IS Satan a vampire? I’ve never met Satan, so I don’t really know. But I do know this… if a vampire isn’t allowed to enter your abode without an invitation, then if Satan ever comes a-knockin’, I’m gonna flip the bird, do a little dance, and then moon the sucker.

Thing is, though… what if those things are what Satan translates as, “Come on in! Pull up a chair and let’s knock down a few!” in Satanese?

That would SUCK.

Made up of Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, and Amanda Valdez, Fierce Creatures formed in 2009 and is based out of Fresno, CA. This particular song reminds me a lot of Arcade Fire, which isn’t a bad thing. Their debut EP, I Mostri Feroci, was released in July 2010 and is self-described as “a cultivated art-pop that fluctuates from delicate anthems to soaring ballads.”

I wonder if Satan rocks out to cultivated art-pop?

If he did, then he may very well be a vampire, because EVERYONE knows that vampires dig on cultivated art-pop.
- The Front Loader

"Fierce Creatures"

Allow me to immediately start off by apologizing for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. The holidays proved to be much busier than I expected, and my time was limited. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do a lot of things with the blog that I would've liked to have done, which I am disappointed about, but so is life. Yet now that I have time again, I feel it's time to keep on writing and help people with what they are looking music. So with that said, I would like to introduce you to a band by the name of Fierce Creatures from Fresno, CA. In July of 2010, the large 7-person group released their debut EP entitled I Mostri Feroci, a 5 track collection full of brilliant layers and musical diversity; a thoughtful representation of the art-rock they set out to produce. Fierce Creatures isn't afraid to make their songs full and consuming, many of them include a strata of guitars alongside mandolins, bells, and harmonicas. Many of these sounds come from a classic rock influence, an example of which can be seen in "Phantom Athletes", which includes a riff much similar to a late '60s Rolling Stones composition. When you tie all of these aspects together, you get a well put together sonic journey...25 minutes of Fierce Creatures putting their aspirations on display. The band states that they want to create songs of "timeless nature", a feeling that you get when you wear "an old sweater you pull from the closet when winter strikes" let's hope they continue their respectable goal with their album release later in 2011 (holy shit, I'm still not used to the '11 tag, what happened to 2010!?!), something I very much look forward to listening to. Below I've posted their single from I Mostri Feroci called "Satan Is a Vampire", which includes an infectious introductory yell that reminds me of "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire. Hit it upppp. - Audio Splash

"Local band of the year"

Local band of the year: 2010 will go down as the year of Fierce Creatures. The popular indie rock band went from not existing to being one of Fresno's most popular bands in a matter of months. Their "Satan is a Vampire" is also probably the best local track of the year. Honorable mentions: Strange Vine, 40 Watt Hype, Fay Wrays and Shiver Fox.
- Fresno Beehive


I love writing about music for reasons too numerable to comprehend. I’ll say, though, that the best part is the flood of new music that I’m exposed to. It can actually be a bit daunting sometimes. Coworkers, editors, promoters, managers and bands are more than eager to provide material. Despite the quantity, I rarely hear an EP or an LP that could be defined as bad. That’s a blessing and a curse, because good bands can get lost in a sea of parody. When everything sounds pretty good, everything tends to sound the same as well. That may not be a fair way to be exposed to a new record, but it’s a reality that would be dishonest to ignore.

A positive side effect of said curse is the amplification of a ‘wow’ record. After hearing a bunch of pretty good stuff, you kind of keep waiting for something to just blow you off of your feet. It doesn’t happen often but man, when it does, hell yeah.

“Satan is a Vampire” is the first track off of Fierce Creatures’ jaw-dropping EP ?Il Mostri Feroci , and it is a doozy. Right from the get go, the 7-piece group from Fresno, CA flaunt their ability to create a transcendent and unified theme in a wonderfully diverse composition. Strangely, this song sounds completely new and original, yet familiar influences (Cults, Los Campecinos, Arcade Fire) shine beautifully through.

A great second track is absolutely key for a record to win you over immediately. The guitar breakdown right after the intro on “Phantom Athletes” is the precise moment where Fierce Creatures establish themselves as the real fucking deal. The lead and backing vocals are gorgeous individually or as a whole, and the guitar work is simply outstanding.

The three tracks that follow are equally excellent, all for reasons completely their own. This self described art-pop band has put together a magnificent EP. If Fleetwood Mac, Of Montreal, The Shins and The Ventures had a baby in rock heaven, I think this is what it would sound like. Fierce Creatures have created something truly special. They are currently playing shows in their native California, but I’d be first in line to see them should they decide to head east. Il Mostri Feroci, one of the finest EP’s that I have heard in years, ?is available for streaming and purchase directly through the bands myspace page.
- The Wild Honey Pie

"LISTEN: Fierce Creatures - "Satan Is A Vampire""

It's not straightforward, but it's most definitely adventurous -- if the soundwave up there wasn't indication enough. There's a freedom that flows throughout, one that's transportive and empowering; it's about escape just as much as it's about rising above. With its twists and turns, it winds up being quite enchanting thanks to the melodic hooks scattered throughout -- whether it's two guitars playing with one another or a choir singing to the high heavens. Drawing from a variety of genres including post-rock, indie pop, and classic rock, "Satan Is A Vampire" aims to cram a lot of emotional and musical diversity into just a few minutes. Diving deep into the well-textured and arranged sections reveals a world of blissful, energizing, as well as soothing passages that all fit together rather seamlessly.

"Satan Is A Vampire" is from Fierce Creatures' self-produced 2010 EP, I Mostri Feroci. The band is currently working on new material for a future single and their next EP/LP scheduled for release this summer. - Mixtape Muse

"Fierce Creatures - Satan is a Vampire"

Patrick Reily from TENNIS just sent this Fresno, California band to me to check out. When a fella that makes such great music in his own right suggests you listen to something, you do it. Despite its allusions of vampires and satan, this is a very fun song. Jovial and dancy pop perfect for rolling out the new year.

Preorder their I Mostri Freroci EP on CD from their webstore. They’re also looking for some SXSW gigs, so if you’re throwing a party and would like a rad band to play, send ‘em an email. - Yvynyl

"Introducing... Fierce Creatures"

I got a new pair of headphones for Christmas. They're not superawesome but they play music, which is more than you can say about my previous pair of headphones. One of the first tracks I played on my brand new headphones was 'Phantom Athletes' by a band called Fierce Creatures.

I've been playing this track pretty much non-stop for the last month and I've been meaning to blog about it for ages because it's one of the best - and undiscovered - songs of the last year. The EP it comes from, I Mostri Feroci, is tremendous as a whole (and probably should have been shoved into our Best Of 2010 list somewhere) - but this track is pure unadulterated magic.

Oh, alright. That was hyperbole. It is, however, one of the few songs of recent memory that I've been able to listen to over and over and over again, practically on repeat, without getting bored. In fact, this obsession has expanded and now covers the entire EP.

I've yet to determine exactly what's causing this phenomenon. Fierce Creatures are a practically unknown little band from California with about a thousand Facebook fans and less than two hundred followers on Twitter - which are silly measures of a band's credibility, yes, considering Justin Bieber is one of the most-followed (if not the most-followed) musicians on Twitter, but certainly a measure of their current popularity. Their music consists of familiar elements - powerful group singing a la Arcade Fire, guitars with reverb set to 11 worthy of The Edge and male and female singers providing a nice contrast - which, though nice, are all pretty bog-standard in contemporary rock music.

My only explanation is that the songwriting - a magical, mystical and sadly (for a scientist such as myself) unquantifiable process - is really, really damn good. And this is why I sometimes agree with that old cliché, that writing about music is like tapdancing about architecture. I could list all the disparate elements of this amazing, slightly spooky, EP to you, but that would convey very little about how the song makes me feel. Instead, I think it's best to just shut up and let you listen to it. And if you like the excellent free track 'Satan Is A Vampire' conveniently embedded below, I Mostri Feroci was the best $5 I've spent in a while. - Quiff Pro 'Fro

"Night was as downtown should be"

Night was as downtown should be
A commentary
by Famous Whitewater
July 7, 2010
A girl stumbles out onto the sidewalk.
It’s late, or early depending on the perspective, and she’s clearly been unimpressed with the night. She yells an explitive, decries Fresno for some unseen crime, grabs her friends and leaves.

By comparison, I thought the Fierce Creature’s CD release party at Franks Place was a great night for the city.

The show, which got a lot of hype, harkened my old-man heart to the hey-day of Greytank Records/Gardenside circa 2004. Pre-sale tickets were completely gone and there was a steady crowd paying at the door. The place was full — but only because it’s a big venue. Put this crowd anywhere else and you’d call it packed and it would be sweaty and good on a whole other level. The bands — which included Achievement House and Albatross the Musical — were on point and people were dancing — or else making out heavily— and the vibe was easy and relaxed with just the right mix of scenster-ism. That’s not such a bad thing.

I want to find a picture on someone’s Facebook page and tag it “Downtown Fresno as it should be.”

To keep track: I walked, walked, to Frank’s Place and was greeted by a crowd that was full and diverse. There were hipsters and artists and bloggers and a lot of people who fell well outside the list of usual supects for this type of thing. There were known and unknown faces.

That would be a bonus, even in the Tower, but this was downtown, a place that’s a graveyard after dark. That’s a cliche and also totally true. The day-timers pack up at five and head for the hills.
But some of them — or their spawn at least — came back down on a Tuesday night to see Fierce Creatures and hang out on Fulton Street, and damn if it wasn’t inspiring. Here was a tiny section of town that was vibrant and alive and walkable, walkable, though plenty of people came on bikes. The rack next to KNYO studios was full-up with fixies and cruisers.

I’m not obnoxious enough to think that one show, at one venue, on one night, constitutes some kind of grand re-emergance for downtown. I’ve felt this sensation before and there is some shame in having to celebrate these small victories. This one lasted four or so hours, and a lot of people are probably going to remember some girl yelling “F Fresno.”

But if we’ve got to start someplace, this might be it. - fresno Famous

"Your new favorite band is fierce"

Your new favorite band is fierce
An e-mail conversation with local sensation Fierce Creatures.
by Famous Whitewater
June 30, 2010
Just when you think you have a grasp on the local musical landscape, a band like Fierce Creatures comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face. Maybe you should have been paying closer attention, because they’ve got hype and it’s not just the blog guys talking, and where were you anyway, when everybody got a new favorite band?

Not to be left out, we e-mailed the band and found out: the name comes from a John Cleese/Jamie Lee Curtais movie that’s not A Fish Called Wanda.

They’re only been playing since October.

Their CD release show was moved to a bigger venue — it’s 8 p.m. July 6 at Franks Place. Tickets are $5, or $8 for a special on-line pre-sale package that include the EP and other fun goodies. Go to:

Let’s start with the stats: Who does what? How did y’all get together?

Mathr: lead vox, guitar, bells, percussion, mandolin
Nathaniel: bass
Tomas: drums
Joel: vox, guitar, harmonica
Amanda: vox, keys, bells, percussion
Jon: vox, guitar, keys, mandolin, percussion

Mathr, Nathaniel, Jon and Tomas used to play in a band before Fierce Creatures. We met Joel through mutual friends and hit it off instantly. The band was looking for a female vocalist when we were first starting. Amanda tried out and she impressed everyone and became a member of the band rather quickly. Ever since then, things have been clicking with everyone.

This is a sort of philosophical question. Where’s the band coming from? Musically, what are you trying to accomplish?

I don’t know if there is any sort of huge meaning behind the music, per say. We all have sort of agreed that we want to make music that’s timeless, different and interesting. Something that people can listen to years from now and still enjoy it. At the same time, still doing things our own way without any sort of boundaries or limitations.

The band has a consistent visual theme — the creature icon and all that. Is this a conscious thing? Who did the artwork?

Well, we didn’t have this set idea for any kind of icon or anything like that when we first started. There were ideas thrown around for what kind of artwork we would’ve liked for the band but it all came together when we discovered this talented artist from Finland: Jenni Saarenkyla ( A lot of her work just seemed to fit our style and what we were essentially looking for.

It seems like you’ve gotten beyond what I call the local-band barrier. That’s where a band exists as mostly a “local act,” no matter how good they are. But I overheard someone saying you were their favorite band. And there was with no qualifier. Not, their favorite local band, just favorite band. Period. It may have been the first time that’s happened for me. Maybe not.

It’s definitely unexpected, at least at this point because we’re still barely getting our feet off the ground. We welcome it for sure. It’s been amazing the type of responses that we’ve gotten from everyone, not just from Fresno but even from outside of the city as well. If this helps us reach a bigger audience, play outside of Fresno, play bigger venues, then we definitely hope we can gain even more momentum.

People have made comparisons to Arcade Fire. Musically, what are your influence and how does that affect the song writing process?

Yeah, we definitely have heard from many people comparisons to Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene. We definitely love those bands and they have been influences but we don't write with the intention of sounding like any of them. Yeah, there are certain elements that are taken in subconsciously I'm sure but we we go out and try to write what we feel is comfortable and what sounds good to us and not like anyone else. With influences, it’s hard to pinpoint because everyone has their own in this band. We can list all of them, but we’d probably need a few pages of space to do so.

Fresno has a ton of bands and great musicians playing across genres. What do you think we need to propel the scene to the next level? Let’s say, to become known as a “music town?”

Well, we need to get bigger acts here in Fresno, and I think it’s headed in that direction, especially with guys like John Q (Love the Captive) and John Esquivel (Religious Appeal) booking shows. That’s how Visalia has gotten such good acts. Aaron Gomes of Sound N’ Vision has slowly built up this small little musical empire in Visalia over the years and now gets these amazing acts. With Fresno, we're so close to being there. It’s only a matter of time.

So, this is for the CD release. Tell us about the songs? Where were they recorded/what was the process like/etc? What’s the title mean?

Well, we recorded a five song EP called “I Mostri Feroci.” They really don’t have any kind of connection together other than they were five songs that we wrote that just seemed to fit together. There was no preconceived notion on this EP whatsoever. The songs were recorded at Fast Traxx here in Fresno. Eric Peters (of the Sleepover Disaster) recorded and produced the record. The title “I Mostri Feroci” is Italian. I believe it basically translates into fierce creatures or fierce monsters.

What bands (local or otherwise) are exciting you right now?

There are a lot of bands that we love. In the local scene, we really like Achievement House. Also, local favorites like Brother Luke and Rademacher are always fun to watch and listen to.

What’s the fiercest creature you can think of? I say either A.) a liger, or B.) Tyra Banks.

It’d be a mixture of both. A Liger Banks. Pretty fierce.
- Fresno Famous

"Fierce Creatures - New Music "Introducing""

Fierce Creatures released their debut EP 'I Mostri Feroci' this past summer but it only came to my attention thanks to an email from Nathaniel from the band... Although hailing from California, I'm getting quite a few English similarities, Wild Beasts and the sadly defunct Grammatics along with a similar vibe of Fanfarlo spring to mind.

'I Mostri Feroci' is a quirky folk-pop EP full of fast choruses, crazy yet brilliant instrumentations and beautiful harmonised male/female vocals.

"Satan is a Vampire" sets the tone for the EP. Sparkling, twinkly guitars combine with meandering vocals and infectious chants. Keys, and orchestral pieces are interwoven during many of the tracks and repeat listens discovers hidden depth. On the more subtle ballad "The Great White" Amanda takes a great amount of the vocal duty with beautiful results.

Probably my favourite though is the wonderful closure "The Brute and The Beast" which starts gentle percussion, strings and more shimmering guitar yet breaks into an almost western-esque sound midway through before ending in an epic and insane finale which leaves you wanting much more. Hopefully next year will bring just that with a new EP / full-length due.

'I Mostri Feroci' is a richly textured EP, one which embodies many musical genres and stylings over its twenty five minute duration, which when taken apart, co-exist to create an album of lush beauty, and satisfaction. The EP costs just $5 from the band direct and it looks rather nice too. - Just Music That I Like

"Fierce Creatures....DEFINITELY AWESOME"

First...I have to thank Nathaniel (of fierce creatures) for sending me this after I initially put up this post. I've been enjoying the EP so much and I can only hope I see you guys live very soon, and you put out a 7". :)

I Mostri Feroci is a smart collection of songs brought together with genius vocals and instrumentals and though just an EP to listen to...I can tell there will be big things coming from this band. It doesn't hurt they've already toured with the likes of Avi Buffalo (who we all love) and are already being compared to bands like The Arcade Fire. I can definitely see the comparison in tracks like The Brute & The Beast and just at looking at the band (it's a pretty big band).

Anyway...I can't wait to hear more and see more from this band. Rock!

I've been playing this track over and over....
- The Fox & the Chicken

"Fierce Creatures"

Don’t let the name put you off! Fierce Creature’s Satan is a Vampire is far from what you would expect it to be instead drawing comparisons with Bombay Bicycle Club and flashgun’s, really nice laid back riffs and Fleet Foxes style melodies, what’s not to like!?
- shinyShinyNew

"Fierce Creatures"

Fierce Creatures is a film from the late nineties about a zoo featuring John Cleese and Ronnie Corbett. It’s also a seven-piece from California who have been making some good noises lately.

They recorded and released their debut EP by themselves in July, and are currently playing live shows and looking for a deal. Surely won’t be long. They do well to not have a cluttered sound with seven of them strumming, banging and wailing away; instead they end up with slightly longer tracks that have a kind of epic feel to them. There’s a lot going on like, but it’s a very organised chaos.

So yeah, have the lead single from the EP – gratis – and keep an ear out for them in the coming months…

Download - Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire - sevensevens

"Fierce Creatures"

Fierce Creatures is a film from the late nineties about a zoo featuring John Cleese and Ronnie Corbett. It’s also a seven-piece from California who have been making some good noises lately.

They recorded and released their debut EP by themselves in July, and are currently playing live shows and looking for a deal. Surely won’t be long. They do well to not have a cluttered sound with seven of them strumming, banging and wailing away; instead they end up with slightly longer tracks that have a kind of epic feel to them. There’s a lot going on like, but it’s a very organised chaos.

So yeah, have the lead single from the EP – gratis – and keep an ear out for them in the coming months…

Download - Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire - sevensevens

"Fresno, Cali band Fierce Creatures blew me away"

Fresno, Cali band Fierce Creatures blew me away when I first heard their song, “Satan Is A Vampire”. Any song that can be considered anthem-like has to achieve a couple of things. The first rule is that it shouldn’t be cheesy and overuse too many power chords, which this song stays clear of. Another factor is the song has to have a part in it where the sound is so huge it engulfs you in it. Check. At moments huge group vocals from everyone in the band and frantic guitars to moments of soft melody driven vocals. I love this song. The rest of the EP is pretty great too. Every one of the five songs has a pretty unique sound to them. One thing I say about this group, is that they sound extremely seasoned already. They seem confident in their art and in the direction they want their art to be heard, which is a great thing to see early on. With a HCM top 10 song of the year under their belt already, I can’t wait to hear more from this group.

The band recently released their self-produced I Mostri Feroci EP in July. Fierce Creatures hope to have new material out by next summer and are planning to do some extensive touring as well.

You can download the track by pressing the little down arrow on the soundcloud link. For the EP, check out - Hand Clap Movement

"Mostri Feroci EP - Fierce Creatures"

[Google Translation]
Fierce @ Monsters EP - Fierce Creatures
The Fierce Creatures are a Canadian band that writes beautiful folk riding. Their music has something kinetic, evocative of free rides to endless expanses. A big band that mixes rock elements with the addition of precious mandolins and other folk instruments bells. They sound impressive when placing their melodies, just like many of their older brothers.

MP3 # The Brute & The Beast - Fierce Creatures
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[Original Italian Version]
@ Mostri Feroci EP - Fierce Creatures
I Fierce Creatures sono una band canadese che scrive bellissime cavalcate folk. La loro musica ha qualcosa di cinetico, evocativo di corse libere verso distese sterminate. Una big band che miscela elementi rock con aggiunte preziose di mandolini e campane altri strumenti folk. Suonano maestosi quando piazzano le loro melodie, esattamente come molti dei loro fratelli maggiori.

MP3# The Brute & The Beast - Fierce Creatures
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"Fierce Creatures"

[English Translation from Google]
Probably the most amazing beautiful song of the day and saved my evening runs with me just in a loop. We are talking about the American band Fierce Creatures of Fresno, California and her single "Satan Is A Vampire". Fierce Creatures are quasi Arcade Fire just many, many years younger and therefore come with a fair amount of Indie. Their debut EP is bursting through the wall away with perfectly arranged pop songs. Worried you sure the EP . It's worth it!

[Original German Text]

Der wohl wundertollste Song des Tages rettet meinen Abend und läuft bei mir gerade in Dauerschleife. Die Rede ist von der kanadischen Band Fierce Creatures aus Fresno, Kanada und ihrer Single “Satan Is A Vampire“. Alles was aus Kanada kommt, will man ja spontan mit Arcade Fire vergleichen. Gesagt getan! Fierce Creatures sind quasi Arcade Fire nur viele viele Jahre jünger und kommen mit einer ordentlichen Portion Indie daher. Ihre Debut EP strotzt mit durch die Wand weg perfekt arrangierten Pop-Songs. Besorgt euch unbedingt die EP. Es lohnt sich! - iamnosuperman

"Satan is a Vampire - #13 on Hype Machines Most Favorited Music Chart Nov 27th 2010"

Satan is a Vampire - #13 on Hype Machines Most Favorited Music Chart Nov 27th 2010 - Hype Machine

"Indie Pop to Warm The Night"

Sorry to be crass, Winter, but you can go to hell. However, it seems that as December approaches, new music gets dropped daily. So right now I have a love/hate relationship with this sub-40 degree weather. We’re seeing a lot of creative, experimental-form music being released with a focus on structure. Even on the modern pop scene, song structure is becoming the go-to musical aspect to manipulate (see some of the most anticipated releases of the year: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Sidewalks, Come Around Sundown). Make no mistake – we fully support this abandonement of the ‘ol Compound Ternary Form (yeah I took music theory). By leaving the form of the record more malleable, a lot more creative sounds are being developed. Check out these five tracks that have been in rotation since last week, and note some of their reluctance to give into the normal pop arrangement.

Lovers Carvings – Bibio

Released on Amazon as a free download a week ago, Bibio‘s playful introduction gives way to a sweet and floaty pop refrain. (BUY)

Skinny Love (Das Kapital Redub) – Bon Iver

The redub of this almost-too-mellow song gives the beat it desperately needed. Now Bon Iver isn’t just for listening to in the dark. (BUY)

Satan is a Vampire – Fierce Creatures

I like the name of this song. I love when the drums pick up and its no longer an electric-dreamscape sound, but a more composed indie-folk vibe. (BUY)

Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep

A calm, southern folk ballad for cold nights. One review calls them “the most appropriately named band.” (BUY)

Creep – Ingrid Michaelson

I saw this song performed live at Tarrytown Music Hall in NY and loved it. I loved it even more when she had to explain to her young fans that this wasn’t actually her song, but a song by some band named Radiohead. -

"morceau du jour: Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire"

Fierce Creatures are Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers and Amanda Valdez from Fresno in Caaaaalifoooarrrrniaa (read in bad austrian accent). They started making music together in the summer of 2009 when -quoting Nathaniel here- “the band came together to build a fresh identity, free of limitations, focused on the joy of undiluted music” to “reinterpret musical conventions and pursuing a song wherever it leads”. Powerful words. They self-released their self-produced debut EP entitled I Mostri Feroci in July this year. It can be yours for 5 bucks at bigcartel?. They are currently working on a full-length album to be released next summer. “Keep your eyes and ears peeled”. - poule d'or

"Fierce Creatures"

Been in music hibernation and it's all because of this band. Get to know Fierce Creatures this week. They've awakened from the caves of the Central Valley and they've got one thing on their minds.

Creaky little floorboard
Rattle down the hall
Keep out of the cellar
Lest you hear the call

They'll eat you up. - My Indie Nation


Here lies a couple of tracks from a Fresno CA band called Fierce Creatures. We get a lot of stuff sent to us everyday but this one caught my eye because I also believe that Satan is a vampire. I have been telling anybody who will listen and even people who won’t listen this exact thing for years! I tell people on trains, in front of theaters, dog parks… just about anywhere you find people. I have several different costumes I wear and an array of different signage. If you see a fat bearded dude dressed like Millard Fillmore dressed as Satan that also happens to be a vampire then it’s a 50/50 chance it’s probably me. - Electric Mustache

"Fierce Creatures: The band I am missing out on"

I am seriously pissed I have not seen this band live yet. While I had the opportunity to check out a practice a few months back, I’ve been a terrible music fan and a lagger by not checking them out at a show. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been throwing a pretty mean house show. Who the hell doesn’t like a house show??? (If you say you don’t, you must truly suck.) Here is a video I found that only made me even more pissed over the fact that I have yet to catch them live:

By the way, while some of the other members have already proven their talents in other local bands, I think this project just might show how Amanda Valdez is quite a spunky and hip girl. - RELIGIOUS APPEAL

"fierce creatures"

I was asked to create storybook-like album art for a new California based band called Fierce Creatures. I used inks and watercolour for the creatures and trees, handwritten text on covers and insides and Photoshop to bring it all together. Their quirky & beautiful debut album I mostri feroci will be released soon!

In the meantime, go and check out the band at and ! - Jenni Draws


Fierce Creatures emerged from the scorching Fresno, CA summer of 2009. Abandoning past musical undertakings that never quite seemed to fit, the band came together to build an identity free of limitations – an identity focused on the joy of undiluted music. Guitars and keys drive their tunes, while mandolin, harmonica, and bells accentuate them with chanting choruses and a miscellany of percussion. The product: cultivated art-pop that can only be called Fierce Creatures. Dig the clips and tunes below, and if you’re into it you can snag the debut EP I Mostri Feroci here.

Fierce Creatures is: Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, and Amanda Valdez.
- Fantastic Weapon

"The Great White — Fierce Creatures"

The Great White — Fierce Creatures
This Fresno-based band is a great blend of genres. A little bit Fleet Foxes, a dash of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, and some Great Lake Swimmers-esque vocals thrown together into a blender with all sorts of spooks and specters and you’ve got Fierce Creatures.
You can download an MP3 of their song “Satan Is A Vampire” by following the link below.
The album is now available on iTunes, but the free MP3 is only available via the link above. - A Panda's Life for Me


When my friend came to me with the idea of interviewing a band from Fresno, FIERCE CREATURES, I didn’t know what to expect. He had seen them play a short two song set the previous night at Studio Itz before the cops shut them down. I really have to say that’s a shame because these guys are AMAZING. I had the opportunity to check them out May 8th at The Cellar Door in Visalia opening for RAFTER and I’m so glad I got to experience their live show! They put together a high energy show with Amanda dancing around happily on stage going from a drum to tambourine , vocals to bells. Little by little the crowd started filling in to give the 6 piece band a chance. I don’t think a single person left disappointed. I’m extremely impressed, this being their first real venue experience. Say hello to your new favorite band. FIERCE CREATURES. Listen to: Satan is a Vampire
Check them out @:
FIERCE CREATURES were also nice enough to include a free download for you get it here: Satan Is a Vampire.mp3
1. Names and instruments of each member?
Mathr Collom –Vocals, Guitar, percussion Amanda Valdez – Vocals, Percussion, Keys Jon Rulloda – Guitar, mandoline, keys, percussion, vocals Joel Melton – guitar, percussion, harmonica, melodica, vocals Nathaniel Stiers – Bass guitar, percussion, vocals Tomas Galvan – Drums, vocals
2. How long have you been playing together?
I’ve (Tomas) been playing with Jon, Mathr and Nathaniel for over a year now. We were playing in a different band together as a four piece. That sort of just ended, so we decided to do something better, a little more experimental, and a lot more dynamic. Joel joined last summer and Amanda joined last November, and they really helped us create that sound
3. I am so happy to have experienced your live show, what is your favorite part about performing together?
I really enjoy how we feed off of each other’s energy while we’re on stage. Whether it’s in front of 10 people or 100, our energy level is always way up.
4. Tell us a little about your featured song, Satan is a Vampire.
Satan is a Vampire was our first completed song and kinda shaped our direction, in my opinion. We put a lot of thought in this song, experimented with percussive sounds, and added really catchy group vocals. It took a while to get all the parts placed in a solid structure but in the end, we all had a great feeling about it.
5. Who are your influences?
I think we are all inspired by a very eclectic taste in music. Some of us are a little more into the electric pop, some folk, some indie rock. We all listen to a broad spectrum of Iconic and influental musicians; Brian Eno, Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson, James Brown, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, The Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, yada yada yada, etc etc etc…
6. How would you describe your sound?
It might just be impossible to describe our entire sound in words. Some songs are somewhere between freak folk and chamber pop. Others are sort of just there, waiting to be genre-lized.
7. Amanda mentioned The Cellar Door was your first real venue performance, how do you feel you did? How did it differ from where you played before?
Yes, it was our first venue performance. Before that, we played mostly house shows which are still a lot of fun. But man, the Cellar Door is such an awesome venue and we had such a great time playing. Even though we were all pretty nervous opening for Rafter, that guy is amazing.
8. What would you say is your favorite song to perform?
Recently my favorite song to play live is a new song called Minor Bird. Minor Bird is sort of dancey but also very dark. It’s great to play live because it sets this really dramatic vibe.
9. .What inspires you to make music?
For me, there’s really nothing else in life but to make music. I guess waking up and being alive inspires me to make music.
10. I hear you have an EP coming out this June! Tell us a bit about that.
We recorded at Fast Traxx Studio here in Fresno with Eric Peters. It was such a great experience recording with Eric. He was super patient and added insight that cleared our bleary vision for the EP. The EP, which is called I Mostri Feroci, will feature 5 original songs. It is our first album and we’re all pretty damn excited to release it!
11. Where will you EP be available?
The EP Will be available at all our shows, on Itunes and, possibly an online store too, we haven’t set one up yet but that is in the works. You can always email us and order one that way, we’d be happy to send you a copy!
12. Do you think your music reflects what you listen to?
Definitely! But at the same time, since all of us listen to different artist, the music reflects the diversity of our influences as well as our different life experiences.
13. Who are your current favorites?
Beach House, Dirty Projectors, Local Natives. I just bought these albums the other day so its all I’ve been listening to
Wild Beast, Little Dragon, Gorillaz, Jonsi..
14. If you could open for any musician at all who would you choose?
Conan O’brien
Yup, We’re with Co Co
15. One thing you’d like to accomplish as a group.
As a group, my biggest concern is that were not playing enough board games. All of us need to get together and play RISK. There are six of us and the game requires six players. That is definitely in the near future for us as a group, in my opinion.
hmm, Tomas has a point. I do own the game. I think what he is getting at is WORLD DOMINATION, I’m sure we can accomplish that, if not get pretty close.
16. What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t creating awesome music?
When we aren’t together creating music we’re together doing something else. Mostly having movie nights, playing pool, Jon and I play soccer at the park sometimes. Mostly recreational activities that one would do during a 6th grade motivational camp. Most of us hate our jobs.
what he said…
17. If you could change one thing in the world right now what would it be?
I would change the price of drum sticks because I’m constantly breaking them. I feel like I’m throwing my money away dammit!
18. Any shows coming up?
Yup, We are playing:
May 21 2010 6:00A
TELEVISION - KMPH FOX 26 Fresno, California, US
Jun 1 2010 9:00P
THE STARLINE W/ Brother Luke and The Comrades, The Quiet Americans, Hail the Sun Fresno, California
Jun 3 2010 7:00P
Art Hop @ Iron Bird Cafe W/ Fierce Creatures and Sing the Body Fresno, CA
Jun 26 2010 9:00P
Fierce Creatures CD Release show w/Head Like A Kite (Mush Records) + Smoosh (Barsuk Records) Fresno, California
19. Where can your fans find your music online?
20. Anything else you would like to include?
Interview by: Amanda Rodriguez - Skeleton Me

"Fierce Creatures"

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this little band from Fresno called Fierce Creatures but I remember the moment I first heard about them…

I was on Facebook one night (being bored or something) and watching as it went from all’s quiet to a flurry of status updates from members of The Silent Comedy exclaiming how amazing this band Fierce Creatures was. I was intrigued but it was time for bed, I would have to investigate the next morning. I awoke to a “like suggestion” on Facebook for the band from Tim. I knew this band had gotten to the guys in a good way and that I must check them out.

The following morning I listened to their single “Satan is a Vampire” while I was in the midst of doing 50 million other things. I enjoyed the song but I was soon lost in other work and Fierce Creatures had turned to an after thought. I kept hearing how awesome Fierce Creatures was but thought I wouldn’t get the opportunity to see them for awhile. They are from Fresno after all.

Well, it turns out the guys from The Silent Comedy picked up Fierce Creatures to do a little West Coast Tour. I was lucky enough to snag a copy of their ep I Mostri Feroci and I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to their set tonight in San Diego. Check them out on Myspace!

Also, here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of Satan Is a Vampire courtesy of the band! - Local Music Nation

"Album Review: Fierce Creatures’ I Mostri Feroci"

Album Review: Fierce Creatures’ I Mostri Feroci

For a group that is still undecided when self-describing their genre of music, there is an evident folk and baroque pop influence on Fierce Creatures’ debut EP I Mostri Feroci. Its layering of traditional rock instruments with faint bell chimes and mandolin riffs paired with enchantingly harmonized female and male vocals literally jolts off the tracks. Citing influences from “The Beach Boys to newer acts like Wild Beasts,“ the septet released the five-track EP in early July.

“The album title is an Italian phrase that roughly translates to Fierce Creatures. In a way it’s self titled without being self titled. The idea was inspired by the last track on the EP, “The Brute and The Beast,” which was written with a spaghetti western feel both lyrically and musically,” bass player Nathanial Stiers says.

After forming in Fresno, California in the fall of 2009, Fierce Creatures began to grab the attention of not only fans, but local bloggers, radio stations and press. The group has been playing house shows since mid-March and have also opened for larger acts such as Avi Buffalo and Smoosh.

“We’ve heard many times from locals, ‘You’re from Fresno?’ with the implication that good music doesn’t come from Fresno … there is an idea that mediocrity resides in Fresno. So the artists around here seem to try harder to really shock people,” Stiers says.

It’s usually easy to single out whether a groups’ vocal arrangements outshine its musicality (and vice versa), but Fierce Creatures seem to embody the best of both worlds, building their sound with an infectious subtlety. Filled with faster choruses and smooth transitions between melodic shifts, I Mostri Feroci boasts a kind of softly-spoken enthusiasm, lined with charm and grace.

With the album’s first track “Satan is a Vampire” opening with the twinkling of bells and inspired chants in unison, the playfulness of the band obviously does not end with the song‘s title. However, the song builds tension at all the right moments with even more meticulously planned breaks between choruses.

Tracks like “The Great White” fuse smooth string work with soft percussion while “Harpooning” is accented with playful claps and hums as lead vocalist Mathr Collom counters the most complex layering of sounds with guileless vocals. “Phantom Athletes” is riddled with hums and hoots that complement the light and airy vocals that chime the line, “And our love is only haunting us / We must get out of here / We are the phantom of / Your fantasy in fact.“ It’s clear that widely ranged instrumentals play a large role within the band’s composition — but when there are strong vocals to match, it would be modest to say that this just might be a band to look out for.

Perhaps the strongest track on the EP is the album’s aforementioned closer “The Brute and The Beast.” With soft guitar plucks and distant bells, there’s a peaceful nature within the song that is smooth and soulful. The track both begins and ends with the line “Oh thy waiting sun / Where the earth we meet / I am ready to sleep.” And while Collom optimistically sings the lyric in the beginning of the song, it is the spine-chilling resilience delivered by backing vocalist Amanda Valdez at the song‘s close that leaves a truly lasting impression. “The Brute and The Beast” is an epic in itself, the song vehemently tells a story, dancing from genre to genre. And right when you adjust to the relaxed ambiance of the song, the track breaks into hard-hitting yelps and is immediately reborn into a chaotic yet artistic shift in tempo. There is a level of sincere artistry apparent in the band’s composition that is both haunting and compelling. I Mostri Feroci may be short and sweet, but it most definitely leaves you wanting more.

View the Fierce Creatures Myspace Music page here.
Download “Satan Is A Vampire” for free or order I Mostri Feroci for $5 here.
Image courtesy of Nathaniel Stiers

Tags: Fierce Creatures, Fresno, I Mostri Feroci, Music, Reviews - The Daily Californian

"Concert review: Fierce Creatures w/Silent Comedy and Achievement House@ Audie's Olympic 11/12/10"

Concert review: Fierce Creatures w/Silent Comedy and Achievement House@ Audie's Olympic 11/12/10

The Fierce Creatures are getting a lot of play right now as the darlings of Fresno's indie scene. And for good reason: musically they are solid and on it. From a marketing and design aspect, they have created an aesthetic that is instantly recognizable to the brand (and band). Plus, (and this might be the biggie) they can pack a house.

Such was the case Friday night at Audie's Olympic. It was you're-totally-catching-a-cold crowded, which means squished warm bodies everywhere. It wasn't quite as sexy as it sounds.

Achievement House: Due to prior engagements, I showed up late and missed them. With apologies. I heard their set went well.

The Silent Comedy: These dudes are from San Diego. They dress in old-timey clothes (think tweed vests and pocket watches) and play a southern-tinged blues rock that would seem at home on the Almost Famous soundtrack. The entire set had a throwback vibe that made me understand why kids started playing punk rock. Which makes them sound sort of terrible. They were not. They totally grew on me, so that, by the end of the set, I'd say I enjoyed them much. Plus: their cover of Neil Young's Tonight's the Night earned them a spot in my heart.

The Fierce Creatures: There is something about a large group of people thrashing around on stage banging on Home Depot paint buckets that's kind of endearing. Whatever you think of the band musically, there is no denying The Fierce Creatures create a sense of festivity that is contagious. You want to dance and bob along because they're having so much fun dancing and bobbing along. And they're all just so cute about it. - Fresno Famous

"The View Looks Good From Here Fresno: Episode 48"

episode 48
We're back to expose Fresno, California as it. This episode features the hot new Fresno band, Fierce Creatures. Nathaniel & Mike jump right in and we discuss:
-how the band started and how many are in the band
-world domination, slave suits & songwriting
-touring, shows
-good charlotte loves fierce creatures
-south by southwest - we get bands on!
-more yapping about shows
-21 & over vs all age shows
-breaking fuse fest 2010 news
-where do they want to play?
-fresno ambassadors?
-malcolm sosa has a question for the band
-peter gabriel as god's representation & upcoming stuff
-bear vs shark
-brute & the beast

enjoy, and remember that there are "swear words." - The View Looks Good From Here Fresno


Here's your first chance to see a 2010 F.u.S.E. band post-festival. The Fierce Creatures are playing the Pit at Fresno State at Noon today. If you're a music major, this should count as much as going to class because you will definately learn how to use your talents to put on a good show. - The Fresnan



Local radio personality, Jefferson Beavers, (one of Fresno's best music nerds), is part of this really awesome show on KFSR 90.7 FM called Evening Eclectic. But you probably already knew that. Well tonight should be especially good as Jefferson brings in hot Fresno band, Fierce Creatures.

The show goes from 6-9 and Fierce Creatures will be on around 7. Jefferson does a stellar job interviewing bands so listen in, appointment radio for sure. - The Fresnan



Last week we posted some video from a Sunday night show at Audie's with hot Fresno band, Fierce Creatures. Now we have some bootlegged live audio to share from the show. It's a song called ... well, we don't know. Just have a listen cause it's nice - The Fresnan



Last night Fresno indie rock band, Fierce Creatures, impressed a surprisingly nice sized Sunday crowd at Audie's Olympic:

Fierce is currently working on an EP and will be on "Great Day" or "The Kopi Show!" this Friday. - The Fresnan

"Music roundup: Fierce Creatures rock Audie's Olympic"

If you haven't yet caught Fierce Creatures, Fresno's indie rockers du jour, you can change that this weekend.

Or, if you're already a card-carrying member of the Fierce Creatures fan club, you can see them again ... and again.

In the past six months, this seven-member indie rock band has vaulted to local fame -- playing gigs all over town, including a crowd-wowing performance at last month's Fresno Urban Sound Experience music festival.

This week, the Creatures are in the middle of a busy run of shows with on-the-rise San Diego rock band The Silent Comedy.

The two bands played Thursday in San Diego and they're in Fresno tonight at Audie's Olympic, 1426 N Van Ness Ave., then in Sacramento on Sunday.

Fierce Creatures play today at Audie's Olympic and Saturday at The Cellar Door in Visalia.
The Silent Comedy, Fierce Creatures and Achievement House, 9 p.m. Friday at Audie's Olympic, 1426 N. Van Ness Ave. Tickets: $5. Details: (559) 233-3733.

Tennis and Fierce Creatures, 9:30 p.m. Saturday at The Cellar Door, 101 W. Main St., Visalia. Tickets: $5. Details: (559) 636-9463.

On Saturday, Fierce Creatures take a day off from touring with The Silent Comedy and open for another buzzy indie band, Tennis, at The Cellar Door, 101 S. Main St., Visalia. - Mike Oz : The Fresno Beehive

"To-Do Tonight: Release the Creatures"

If you've been hearing a bunch about this local band Fierce Creatures -- and it would be hard to miss all the hype -- then tonight is your chance to see the grand unveiling of their new EP, as Fresno's hippest band of the moment headlines Frank's Place.

Fierce Creatures made my list of "bands you need to know," has gotten strong praise from The Fresnan and got interviewed by Fresno Famous.

If you want to get a taste of the Fierce Creatures sound, we have a free mp3 you can download, or you can hit up KFSR to hear them play unplugged.

Tonight's show is at 8 and open to all ages. Achievement House and Albatross the Musical open. Cover is $5. The band's EP, "I Mostri Feroci," will be available for $5 too. - Mike OZ : The Fresno Beehive

"Sounds of the City: Fierce Creatures"

Sounds of the City is back with a fresh-from-the-studio track from upstart local band Fierce Creatures. If you've never heard of these guys, it's OK. You probably will soon.

The band has only played a couple shows so far, but its members are well-seasoned local musicians. They've also got a bunch of shows coming up, most notably: April 12 at Veni Vidi Vici, May 7 at The Cellar Door in Visalia with Rafter, May 14 at Kuppajoe with Picture Atlantic and PK and June 26 at Starline with Head Like A Kite.

Fierce as they might be, these Creatures were generous enough to offer up a track from their upcoming EP for free download. It's called "Satan is a Vampire," it gives a sampling of their catchy indie/folk sound and -- most importantly -- it's really good. - The Fresno Beehive

"Listen Up! New music from Talib Kweli, Nicki Minaj & Shy FX" - Culture Bully


I Mostri Feroci - 5 Song EP
Available through all major digital music distributors and available for streaming through



Fierce Creatures started in the fall of 2009, as a four piece and a writing project for friends, Mathr, Nathaniel, Jon and Tomas. The group found there footing with the addition of Joel Melton, Amanda Valdez and Mike Adame and wrote through the winter and recorded their debut EP I Mostri Feroci in February and March of 2010.

After a successful radio campaign with The Syndicate February of 2011, Fierce Creatures went on a two week long tour that took them to SXSW where they were invited to play The Purevolume House and the Eventbrite / Wild Honey Pie showcase.

The bands success has allowed them to share the stage with such artists as:

Avi Buffalo, Tennis, Royal Bangs, The Sounds, Grouplove, The Lonely Forest, We Barbarians, !!! (chk chk chk), Sleepy Sun, Braids, Brother, The Silent Comedy, Rafter, He's My Brother She's My Sister, The Mumlers, Mucca Pazza, Matt and Kim, Little Hurricane and The Soft Pack

Fierce Creatures is currently in the studio recording their first full length album set to be released spring of 2012. The band is also self releasing a series of singles with b-sides that will ultimately be pressed to limited edition vinyl. They are touring throughout the year.