Combining the raw energy of metal with vocal and instrumental hooks, Fierenz run the gambit between heavy and melodic with insane precision! Fierenz is the new face of alternative rock!


Taking the stage for the first time in May of 2006, Fierenz began as a highly experimental band. Maintaining a focus on diversity in the writing process, the style quickly progressed towards hard rock and metal. Percussionist Nick Whitehead folds a fusion of jazz and rock beats into heavy, pounding drum lines. This lays the foundation for bassist Evan Kehr to show his talent as an innovative and resourceful player; adding punk lead and metal rhythm tones to his grooving bass textures and raw emotion to his supporting vocals.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Nathan Kehr brings a flavor of old-school hard rock and new-school metal to the mix with his sincere voice and lyrical prowess coupled to refreshing chord progressions and flowing harmonies. Guitarist Cameron Yoder rounds out the Fierenz sound with brilliantly clean vocal harmonies and inspired, outlandish lead tones that compliment the music and drive the songs over the edge.

Heavy guitar riffs accented with melodic leads and memorable solos compliment intense, technical bass lines and frenzy-inducing drums. The songs are hard-hitting, high-energy explosions of sound and musical lunacy that aim to crush the weak and embolden those who create valid music in its purest forms.

The band has ultimately settled on a sound that brings together the most unique aspects of rock, progressive rock, metal, alternative and punk; creating an atmospherically staggering musical cocktail that emphasizes all aspects of the music and all members as individual musicians.

Fierenz are undeniably unique and indisputably motivated.

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May 2006: "May Demo"
June 2006: "Gunslinger" single released to radio
July 2006: "Asystole" L.P.
July 2006 "Only In Sleep" single released to radio
May 2007: "Welcome to retail..." E.P.
May 2007: "Blood Soda" single released to radio

Set List

A typical Fierenz set list ranges from 35-75 minutes depending on the wants and needs of the venue.

A "standard" Fierenz set consists of the following songs:

The Fallacy
Blood Soda
Selling Rainbows
King Tut