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Fifth Lucky Dragon

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Pop Alternative




""quintessential sort of sad boy anthem""

Fifth Lucky Dragon – “I Keep Seeing People I Don’t Want To See (In My Dreams)”: The newest track from Indy alt trio Fifth Lucky Dragon is an upbeat lament with electronics galore and this driving percussiveness. With lines like “I feel betrayed when my psyche reminds me of people I thought I forgot about,” it strikes me as this quintessential sort of sad boy anthem, perhaps best enjoyed while out on a late night drive. - Tuned Up

"Fifth Lucky Dragon Releases a Mighty Groove With, "Timeline""

Alternative-pop and electronic group Fifth Lucky Dragon releases their soulful electro hit "Timeline." With constant hopes of creating music that resonates beyond themselves, Fifth Lucky Dragon blends the bright atmospheres of pop music with intoxicating and soulful rhythm, alongside celestial electronic instrumentals. With their recent single "Timeline," we're taken on a 3-minute ride of bliss. Through powerful lead vocals and a thumping kick, we can't help but feel lifted after taking a listen. Genuinely one of the more dynamic pieces of music we've heard this year, Fifth Lucky Dragon hits the vibes on the nose with this track.

"Timeline" opens as bright as day with vibrant synths that shift into a gripping uptempo beat. Once the vocals kick in, we hear incredibly poetic lyricism regarding a troubled relationship. Yet instead of moping around, Fifth Lucky Dragon turns these emotions into a groovy hi-fi electro-pop tune with boundless energy. Around the hook, lively and natural instrumentals grace the listener's ears and soar with power. The production and mixing aspects of this single were done with such talent that isn't easy to imitate. This dynamic piece has to be one of the most authentic, unique, and exhilarating tracks we've heard to date. Fifth Lucky Dragon took the vibes out of this world with "Timeline." It would be an understatement to say that we're excited about their next release. - Buzz Music


Alt-Pop with cinematic sauce on the side is the style here from Fifth Lucky Dragon on their new song ‘Timeline‘.

In a climate of ruthless competition for our attention, the stakes for each of us individually to create have never been higher. It is infinitely easier to passively consume than it is to actively create. Observation, reflection, and the generation of new thoughts are inherently wrapped in the creative process which faces troubling erosion among current and future generations. The music of Fifth Lucky Dragon is informed by these realities. Through lyrical integrity and sonic innovation, Fifth Lucky Dragon hopes to deliver music that resonates beyond the songs themselves.

The beat shines through a door that has been locked up for many years. I haven’t heard music like this before. ‘Timeline‘ is an intriguing song from the dance-pop 3 piece group that are certainly very creative with their beats. I do feel like dancing here and get the feeling that this song is about relationships. You were in one but feel like the person is better off without you. The feeling of being alone is too real right now.

Fifth Lucky Dragon from ‘Timeline‘ is a fun ride and we are lucky to listen to this. This is a wild ride into the new school. - A&R Factory


Fifth Lucky Dragon is a band from Bloomington, IN that recently released Asymmetric. The songwriter Louis Imperiale explains the term asymmetric is used to describe the condition of struggling to find equilibrium between the way one feels and the way one expresses how they feel.

​The songs to my ears felt largely electronic from the drums to the airy synth. Perhaps even more important however is that most of the songs seemed to have a very club oriented feel. The lead synths that are implemented, the auto-tune, etc. I’d go as far as to say that some of the songs even had a distinct European club feel to them. On that note sometimes Miami came into my mind as well.

Take for instance the opening track “Decaying Halo.” The song could easily be playing in a dance club where the music is intensely loud, drinks are overpriced and the patrons are all good looking.

​Up next is “Time & Time Again” which is another dance worthy song. Imperiale is on the verge of rapping here but not quite. At any rate it worked with the song. There was a part I wasn’t expecting where the song breaks down with haunting cello.

“Panoramic Paranoia” is perfect for the club but also contains plenty of inventive production elements. The bass is very low in the mix and reminded me of Drake. There are some songs which are not club oriented such as “Sam You Old Boy” which is a fairly straightforward pop song with piano. The smooth and ethereal “Closest I Can Get” is an atmospheric closer that ends on a high note.

Asymmetric is a good album. I thought the songs had notable hooks and memorable melodies. Recommended. - Divide and Conquer


Truth Be Sold (EP) [July 2021]
1) I Keep Seeing People I Don't Want To See (In My Dreams)
2) Tell Me Something 'Bout Your Problems
3) Escape to the Moon
4) Slow Motion

Timeline (EP) [December 2020]
1) Timeline
2) Idle on the Outside
3) Gleaner (2020)

Asymmetric (Album) [May 2019]
1) Decaying Halo
2) Time & Time Again
3) Scooter Boy
4) Best of Me
5) Panoramic Paranoia
6) Disengage
7) Sam You Old Boy
8) Insinuate
9) Closest I Can Get



Fifth Lucky Dragon is the project of Louis Imperiale (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer). Drawing comparisons to Twenty One Pilots, Glass Animals, and Dominic Fike, Fifth Lucky Dragon blends cutting edge alternative-pop production with lyrical exploration of how fantasies interact with real life and how predominantly digital life affects human psychology.

While the songs are recorded and produced by Louis Imperiale alone, the Fifth Lucky Dragon live show is a 3 piece band (vocals, bass, drums) that integrates live instruments with backing tracks. 

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