Fifth Effect

Fifth Effect


Fifth Effect is a band that sounds in a way like a weird mash-up of Green Day / Muse / Silverstein. The sound is a lot different, but honestly, thats all we can compare it to. I guess, it's just different.


Fifth Effect is a Delaware - Pennsylvania bordered band that has heavy influences in both Green Day, Silverstein, and The Rolling Stones. As well as some other minor influences. Originally started by members Alex and Luke in Alex's basement, replacements and additions have been made and we have finally found our final crew. The band has yet to play at a real venue, but is taking their time and waiting to go towards it because of their younger, freshman, ages. Although, they have played at many parties, culdasacs, and, oddly enough, The Pond Ice Arena multiple times. They are gaining experience and have lost their stage-fright completely and have started writing songs recently. As sophomores, next year, Fifth Effect will be hopefully playing at venues all around our area. But, they would never turn down a 5 hour drive to play somewhere, of course.


We don't have any RELEASED songs, at the moment. However, we will be hitting the studio and recording 4 songs within the month and will update them when the time comes.

They're called:

Inside Out
Send Me Love
Going to Pasalcqua (Green Day cover)
The fourth song we are pending for the name...

(We also know how to play at least 30 other cover songs)