Fifth Story

Fifth Story

 Duncan, Oklahoma, USA

Fifth Story has been together for about 5 years(ever since 6th grade) and has completed and released one album which is self-titled. Fifth Story considers themselves funk/rock with the slap-pop bass lines, matching drum beats, and funky guitar licks.


The members of Fifth Story were all born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma and started playing together in 2004. The name Fifth Story came into play five minutes before their first show. FS felt like their story started in the fifth grade when they first got the idea to start a band. After that performance, Fifth Story stuck and it has been the name ever since. FS is very interested in writing and performing their own original music. Fifth Story has played across Oklahoma including Norman, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Duncan, Marlow, Chickasha, Ardmore and Mid-West City. Fifth Story's influences range from Rock and Funk to Blues and Progressive. They are looking to record more music this summer 2010.


Fifth Story has released a self-titled album in 2008. The album is on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon MP3, Lala, Myspace Music, and Tunecore. Currently, a song off of this album, Schwank, is being played on Jango.

Set List

Fifth Story's typical set list is about an hour long. The set usually consists of: 1. Open Your Eyes 2. Schwank 3. Eye Contact 4. Blurred Edges 5. Slow Song 6. G Harm 7. Morning 8. Hat's Off To Charlie 9. Patent Pending 10. Salsa Song. But this set can change according to different situations and new songs which are added.