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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band R&B Soul


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"1.7.11 | Chi-Town Get Down (Fifth World, Sam Sinclair Trio, Raoul Duke, Herbert Wiser Band)"

1.7.11 | Chi-Town Get Down (Fifth World, Sam Sinclair Trio, Raoul Duke, Herbert Wiser Band)
Words & Photos by Annette Szymczak

After a long break from Chicago and the Kinetic Playground, it was long overdue for me to visit my old stomping grounds and get down Chicago style. Walking into the Kinetic was very welcoming and it was worth braving the cold for an evening. Following my entry, the crowd was full of smiling dancing faces. Even at the beginning of the show, Kinetic was bumpin' and had a huge crowd of kids waiting to get down. The atmosphere was a very chill friendly environment and as more and more kids were piling into the show, they were greeted by the lovely workers for On the Rocks in Andersonville, Chicago. Crystals, gems, wire wrap art, and hairpieces were being sported and sold.

I came into the show around 10:30 and it had already begun. The Weezer show across the street had just gotten out so walking around outside of the Kinetic was a bit of a struggle. There was much traffic and chaos around the Aragon. Walking into the Kinetic was a totally different environment and it was relieving to just be chilling out, kicking back, and listening to music.

The vibe of the show was full of a lot of saxophone and musical fusion. I felt like I was intertwined in an old school jazz club that exploded in a 90’s warehouse.

The Kinetic is a great place to be able to promote the local artists and musicians our lovely city has to offer.

The Herbert Wiser Band was the only band I was remotely familiar with. I have seen Bill Smith in the past, which included keyboardist Ryan Chamlin. This band got the Kinetic jumping. With the fast paced tunes, I felt like the resembled Medeski, Martin and Wood. A band I am completely appreciative for. I love the jazz scene, and I love how recently I have been introduced to new bands that incorporate the freedom of jazz and jam bands and fuse them into one. This is what I felt was most noticeable during this performance. Not to mention how fun it looked like the band was having on stage. Drummer Kyle Davis caught my attention with his gnarly rhythms and high paced energy. South side natives should defiantly be proud to be able to claim this rager as their own.

Electro-funk fusion. These are the words I felt best-described Raoul Duke. By this point in the show everyone had started raging and dancing. The whole venue was slamming and everyone was all smiles and happiness. I wasn’t able to stay until the complete end of the show, but around 4am this band took the stage and kept everyone’s attention. The stage set up was again a little distracting, but the Kinetic always has something random about their shows that throw the crowd a little off. This band got down and funky as more and more people were feeling more loose and zoning into their lovely guitar players tearing it up and turning people on. This was a great first experience for the Raoul Duke band. I plan on seeing them more often.

The Sam Sinclair Trio went on after a long set break. It was difficult to tell at first whether the band was still setting up or if they were ready to perform. After much stage movement, the band started getting down with a jazzy fusion of relaxing and groovy music. The whole crowd was enjoying themselves, along with the lights Kinetic had to offer. This was my first time seeing this band and I enjoyed their energy and beats. The Michael Jackson cover was definitely a crowd-pleaser. "Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough" made the entire venue get funky. The lights were exceptional, especially for the Kinetic. They were super neon and large and I felt like I had jumped into a 90’s dance party and everything was glowing. Hula-hoopers and painters were moving to the beats of the Sam Sinclair Trio drums. While listening to this band, I was able to get down with the crowd and keep mellow. The saxophone was the most memorable part of this getup. He defiantly kept the crowd hot and sweaty, and from the looks on everyone’s faces, we were all able to appreciate the flow this band brought to the Kinetic.

Fifth World was a great transition. Carla Starla’s incredible voice was very soothing and powerful. I danced most during their set. The jazzy saxophone kept the tunes flowing and the combination of the electronica and singing were outstanding. Carla Starla’s voice caught my attention and I loved listening to her sing. She looked like she was having so much fun. She had the biggest smile and I saw her walking around the crowd completely enjoying herself when she wasn’t on stage. This is defiantly a group I plan on catching in the future. There were a lot of different music sounds and instruments that I appreciated. It was a combination between electronica; soulful singing, acoustics, and regular get down jamming. Great show.

The entire night had a great vibe. To top of the great evening, by not only seeing Chicago friends and family I had been away from for so long, a mystery pizza man showed up at about 3:30am. 8-dollar pizzas for ragers with munchies. Couldn’t have gotten any better. All they needed was the tamale man for more variety and we would have been set. So without further ado, funky fusion full of magical lighting and eventually pizza is what I can say about the Chi Town Get Down. I will be getting down with them at their next show. Cheers lovers! <3 - Chicago Jam Scene


There is a size and splendor to the music of Fifth World on many levels.It seems designed and driven by the ultimate goal of having an impact. What is impressive is that somewhere in the concept it realizes that the greater the surface area area of the target, the greater the overall impact will be. So their approach seems geared to being at first an expansive experience for the listener and then kicking your ass. It's like a massage for your brain with a happy ending. - FLABBY HOFFMAN (Flabby Hoffman Show)

"Fifth World"

Fifth World - “The Sensei of Soul” kicked in their set with some sounds that psychedelically challenge your brain with a funked out chill. They combine electronic instruments and computers that deliver a unique sound and distinct flavor. Asif Wilson was a treat on the ears during his solo on the keyboard. Keep your eyes and ears out for this up and coming bright minded group. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from these cats. Check out their site “Before the Fifth World” at -




Fifth World is a dance band fusing elements of funk, soul, jazz, & hip-hop

The band has shared the stage with Thievery Corporation, STS9, Bassnectar, Lotus, Common, Fatboy Slim, Big Gigantic, Lettuce, David Guetta, Whiz Khalifa, Of Montreal, Auto Body, the Hood Internet, Ekoostik Hookah, Boombox, Future Rock, JFJO (numerous times), Family Groove Company, Dextourous Roy (Kris Meyers from Umphrey's Mcgee and Elroy from Liquid Soul), the Coop, Roster McCabe, the Twin Cats, Umelt, the Werks (numerous times), Papadosio, Gramatik, Paper Diamond, Liquid Soul, Biodiesel (Johnny Raab and Clay Parnell from Brother's Past), Strange Arrangement (numerous times), Steez (numerous times),Chicago Afro Beat Project, Chris Berry and Panjea, Frank Catalano Band, 1000 Vertical Ft., the Hue, Brain Child, This Must be the Band, Zmick, Jesse De Le Pena, Raoul Duke, Herbert Wiser Band, Sam Sinclair Trio, IndigoSun, the New Fuse, Ifdakar, Wookie Foot, and many others.

Fifth World has played many of the Midwests most notable clubs as well. House of Blues Chicago Il., Double Door Chicago Il., The Kinetic Playground Chicago Il. ,Reggie's Rock Club Chicago Il, The Canopy Club Urbana Il., Mac's Uptowner Charleston Il., Liquid Blues Woodstock Il., Rock Island Brewery Rock Island Il., Illinois Brewing Company Bloomington Il., the Up and Under Milwaukee Wi., Cranky Pat's Neenah Wi, Bell's Eccentric Cafe Kalamazoo Mi., Papa Pete's Kalamazoo Mi., Peaches Bar and Grill Yellow Springs OH., and Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie IN.

Once a month they perform at the Chi-Town Get Down in Chicago at the Kinetic Playground in 2011 and the Abbey pub in 2012.

Fifth World is scheduled to perform at these fests in 2012:

Jammin’ on the Wolf 2012 Langlade Wi

Putnam County Music and Art Festival Hennepin, Il.

Shoe Fest 2012, Il.

The band has performed at the following Festivals:

Spacestock Music and Arts Festival 2012 Martinton Il.

Winter Warmer 2012 in Oconomowoc WI.

North Coast Music Fest 2011 in Chicago Il

Spacestock Music and Arts Festival 2011 in Martinton Il.

Robstock 2011 in Forest Park Il.

Jammin' on the Wolf 2011 in Langlade WI

Ifdakamp 2011, Keil WI

Taste of Randolph 2011, Chicago Il.

Funk You Festival 2011 Mclean Il.

Duck Fest 2010 Martinton, Il.

Jammin' on the Wolf 2010 Langlade, Wi.