Chaos & B-Dubb

Chaos & B-Dubb

BandHip Hop

We are as Krunk Az It Gets!!!


Since they stepped in the booth at Jak-Sha Recording studios in 1996. Chaos and B-Dubb have created a musical bond that has yet to be broken. Working with each other at a factory in town, the two became friends instantly and learned about each others love for music. Chaos was then featured on a track entitled "The Pay Off Game" by a group B-Dubb was already in called "Sinister & Bass." In the early days 50 & Dubb were new to recording and performing.

As time went on their friendship grew. They had a lot in common outside of music. Both of them share the same astrological sign and are only 1 year and 8 days apart. Through exchanging information they found out a marriage took place in their families. That made them tighter and Chaos took it upon himself to call Dubb his cousin first. From there the bond was tightened.

With time the group B-Dubb was in had split and gone their seperate ways due to miscommunication. Therefore leaving him to become a solo artist. A few years later he went on to record a maxi-single entitled Feel The Bass. At times 50 & Dubb lost contact due to school and job obligations. Dubb went on even further with his music to record his 3rd project entitled Thinking Out Loud. Barely a few tracks into his album Dubb and Chaos run into one another. B-Dubb caught him up to date with his projects and encouraged him to keep writing. Therefore shortly after re-uniting. Chaos was back in effect going to the studio to record his first full project as a solo artist as well. The two of them were both featured on 3 tracks a piece on each others album. The two projects were successful in the hands of listeners every where.

What else can be said about the two except for their drive, dedication, and determination led them to once again raise the bar another level. Since those early days in the 90's 50 & Dubb have performed on many different stages at different venues. From Juneteenth Day, To Afro Fest, and clubs through out the midwest. The two haven't yet let discouragement stand in the way of their dreams. Ladies and Gentlemen I now introduce to you Chaos a.k.a. 4-50 & B-Dubb a.k.a. B. A. Double. S!!!


Chaos has released 1 full album entitled Trapped Between Worlds. B-Dubb has released 1 cassette single, 1 maxi-single, and 1 whole album also.