fifty foot roman

fifty foot roman


We're five musicians from Toronto and all we wanna do is share our music with as many people who wanna listen.


Based primarily out of the suburbs of Toronto, fifty foot roman has been clawing through the indie rock scene since 2003. Within the last three years fifty foot roman has produced numerous self recorded demos backed up by live performances throughout various Toronto music venues like The Horseshoe Tavern, The Reverb and Rancho Relaxo. Radio play included a spot on The Indie Hour hosted by on-air personality Dave Bookman of CFNY 102.1FM. This resulted in subsequent performances at Nu Music Nite and the Steamwhistle Indie Club in the 102.1 storefront studios. The latter hosted by Barry Taylor, also of CFNY.

Fifty foot roman consists of drummer Michael Woodgate, singer Jaime Zentil, guitarist Gianluca Falvo, guitarist Mike Rutledge, and bassist Louis Gabriele. Formed initially from the ashes of the now defunct Electric Company, Lioness provides a brand of rock full of energetic drumming, noisy melodic guitar work, and vocals that translate to an array of different moods anywhere from triumph to anguish to nostalgia to sorrow. Though their influences are not quite so clear cut, one can hear moments reminiscent of The Constantines, Marla Zinger, and early Radiohead.



Written By: fifty foot roman

ceilingless sky
bottomless pit
you’ve denied
my existence
through faithless eyes
you’ve given me
a whole new world
of objectivity
your holy words
won’t mean a thing
when I return
hell I will bring

go on take, now take it
go on take, take it all

forests burn
the heavens weep
angels all
on gallows will swing

go on take, now take it
go on take, take it all.

(…these faithless eyes
you’ve given me…)

from the front seat

Written By: fifty foot roman

the phone rings
i guess who it is
another long day
i been thinking

of your long blonde hair
flying in
my eyes from the front seat
you’re in the front with the top down

(who are we kidding)
for something innocent
(it was all so innocent)

now the walls shake
above my bed
as cars roll by on the freeway
the d train is rattling
this old apartment
where we lay

and all we saved
s’ already spent
i guess we
wait for this bridge to break
wait for this bridge to break

(oh, who are we kidding)
for something innocent

the phone rings
i know who it is
there’s no one there on the other end
no ‘rave on’
no ‘teenage wasteland’
such a shame
if its all been in your head

the pin

Written By: fifty foot roman

you want it warm beneath
honest or so it seems to be
is it so hard coming back
it’s so hard I need

to breathe something good enough to keep
maybe you’ve found enough
maybe you’ve had enough
maybe you’ve got

a habit of coming down on me
a habit of a love of this disease
it’s so hard when all you want
is habit it’s so hard it’s hard

to keep something good enough to break
haven’t you found in us
haven’t you found enough
haven’t you found it all

why don’t you come in sit down live a little
let the world roll off your skin please don’t kick and don’t flail
then it starts sinking in and I miss the pin
if you can’t wait for me just fucking leave

haven’t you found in us
haven’t you found it all
don’t leave something good enough to keep
maybe you’ve found enough
maybe you’ve had enough
maybe you’ve got it all


Over the past three years, fifty foot roman has released a series of EP's that can be heard to on our website.

Set List

we usually play 30 to 40 minute sets of all original material which include songs like:

from the front seat
this is the end
the pin
sing another song
right before my eyes
in reverse
give it some time