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"Interviewed by The Metal Show"

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There's always something that makes The Metal Show fun and that's especially when the viewers become involved. I mean, why the hell do it if you don't take part, right? And in this way I also get to hear new bands I may not have otherwise known about and, well, ask them to let us know what they're made of so we can all get the chance to check them out. And if anyone was wondering, that's exactly why we don't review...we want you to make up your own mind and let us know!

Review or not I keep my comments honest and when asked to invite Fifty Habit my initial thought was Crap...not another Seattle Nirvana knock off (you can send hatemail to me, it's ok) but the more I listened to them the more I really did like what they were doing. I think it all started when vocalist/guitarist Avery's delivery on 'Diesel' that grabbed me from almost nowhere...I wasn't expecting it. It was one of those rare tracks that made me feel like Iron Maiden's 'Running Free' from the 80's that still reminds me of sitting in a jail cell drunk, bloody from fighting, and as determined as ever swearing I'll do it again! Yes, something that energized. Accompanied by Jimmy's drums and JD's audible and powerful bass Fifty Habit quickly converted me. I wanted to know more and with my conviction backed by the request of a viewer I requested them to be our guests. Avery took a moment to tell us what is up with Fifty Habit...

TMS: Thanks for coming to The Metal Show to give us some insight on Fifty Habit and where the band is taking itself. We've heard a lot raves about Fifty Habit and vocalist Avery Lazarus. Quite alot, actually, for a three member band. Can you tell us a little bit about how Fifty Habit came together?

FH: Jimmy was playing in a Nirvana-like punkish band that desperately needed a singer. They had an ad posted in a local music store for so long that they forgot about it. One day Avery’s girlfriend had him out furniture shopping and he bitched about it so much that she took a side trip to this music store to bribe him into more shopping. He saw the ad, came down for a jam, hated the punk band, loved Jimmy’s style, and the rest is history.

TMS: We've discovered that the band is taking place in the Ernie Ball Musicman Battle of the Bands. How has Fifty Habit's presence been received by voters and is there a way fans can support you as you compete?

FH: We’ve only been in the contest for a couple of weeks and we’ve already got almost 900 votes. We’ve gotten positive responses from all over the country. Our fans can support us by voting as many times as they can. VOTE!!!!!

TMS: April 17th you will be performing at Tuesday Night Rocks on free internet streaming video and internet radio station iRadio LA has been circulating the track 'Diesel' from your Two Year Flu CD on the other side of the United States. How does Fifty Habit feel about this growing influence? We've listened to your tracks and I'm thinking the band is confident in its ability and not full of surprise as you see yourselves expanding beyond the borders of an already 'larger than life' New York. (continued...)

FH: We’re utilizing the web to our advantage. There’s a lot of opportunity out there as long as you’re aggressive in getting placements and requests. We do seem to be gaining some influence but it’s just the beginning for us and there’s still a lot of hard work to be done.

TMS: How have your fans reacted to you as you've performed throughout New York? We've seen some of the raves from Hottest voice in rock today and one of the best drummers on the rock scene today.

FH: Fan response has been AWESOME!! We’re overwhelmed by the positive response that we get from fans that come to see our live shows. At a recent show with Powerman 5000 over 400 people came out. Many had not seen us before and the crowd was extremely vocal in their support. Between huge applause and our merch sales we could feel the enthusiasm.

TMS: We noticed that Fifty Habit doesn't talk a lot about the band itself but, rather, where you are going. I'm finding it refreshing to see a band of this quality not to be content their past accomplishments but I would like to ask about the names of some bands you have staged with...(continued...)

FH: We’ve shared the stage with some talented musicians but the most noteworthy so far would be Powerman 5000.

TMS: Who and what are some of Fifty Habit's influences?

FH: Alice in Chains, Tool, King’s X, Pearl Jam

TMS: Back to the Two Year Flu CD, please tell us about its direction. Did Fifty Habit have any statements to be made in your approach and delivery?

FH: We wanted to make the statement that rock-n-roll is not dead and you don’t have to wear nut-hugger jeans and wax your eyebrows to be on MTV.

TMS: I'd like to ask you about Borrowed Time Records. Is this something the band has made? I'm asking because the sound quality is very good if it is.

FH: Borrowed Time Records is a na -


Two Year Flu (EP) can be found on iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody. It can also be found at local Barnes and Noble, Borders, and online at FYE. Music can also be heard streaming on iRadioLA and


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fifty Habit is a creation born from love of music and need for release.

The Major separation between Fifty Habit and other upcoming groups is HEART. When you listen to the lyrics you will realize that this is not pre-pubescent whining about high school heartache or parents who just don't understand. What you will hear is an emotional read on real issues like war, drug addiction, religion and poverty.

Avery possesses a unique mind-grabbing tone in his voice, with a stong sense of purpose and urgency. Jimmy uses his drums as more of a weapon than an instrument and beats you in the head with ground-pounding fills accentuating every word and every note with a beat that begs to be
felt. JD, a veteran of the rock scene and music business, completes the equation by rounding out the band's sound with articulate, punchy, and
driving bass lines making Fifty Habit the three-piece powerhouse they are.

Avery, 23, draws on his past while writing music. He chose the dark path of addiction and self deprecation, spiraling him into a world of jails and rehabs lingering on depression and angst. He has been sober now for two years and he uses music as a way to bury the past and come to terms with life. His influences include Tool, Alice in Chains, a Perfect Circle, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Seether and Chevelle, among others.

Jimmy's drumming has defined the sound of Fifty Habit much the same way a hit single would...people remember it. Jimmy's drums command feet to tap and heads to bop. Jimmy, 17, has been playing the drums for many years and
has set the bar for up and coming rock drummers. His influences include Neil Peart, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carrey, and
many more.

JD is a veteran of the rock world who stepped in when Fifty Habit lost it's original bassist. JD is on loan to Fifty Habit right now from their good friends, Less The Wiser. He produced the band's first CD, Two Year Flu, and is handling production duties on their next CD, due out in late Spring 2007.