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The best kept secret in music


"Fifty on Their Heels @ Beauty Bar (San Diego)"

Fifty on Their Heels @ Beauty Bar
Junior Metro is the sh**. Seriously. Singing, playing guitar, dancing, wearing cool shoes, romping through the crowd so far as his amp chord would let him, slipping on said chord, bleeding on the mic, and then rocking s'more. All for a Thursday! Way to give'er, as the Canadians say.

The crowd at the Beauty Bar was decent, and unfortunately loosened up more AFTER the Fifty on Their Heels set as the DJ Paparazzi substitute (I couldn't hear his name over the Joy Division. Sorry, dude, way to step up) worked remixes of new Bloc Party to a drunk-and-getting-drunker crowd of east of Menlo Ave. partiers looking to start the weekend off early. Fifty is a tight band, playing spasmodic and frenetic punk racket that an elderly neighbor would probably bang on the walls to "shut that crap off" but an elderly neighbor's granddaughter would be jumping on her bed and dancing to "Occupation." I'd like to see what Fifty can do in a more crowded venue, because I get the feeling that Junior can really light it up, but last night at the Beauty Bar was nevertheless solid and fun. Lucky for you S.D., the band is playing the Che Cafe (fundraiser, be there) in March, and if ever a venue pandered to band/audience interaction, it's the Che. See: any ¡Society! gig.

- The San Diego Union Tribune

"Show Review: The Anti Monday League @ the Casbah - Snowden(ATL), Malajube(MONTREAL), Fifty on Their Heels, The Fascination"

I think, for most people, the name of the Casbah is evocative of the Clash song, "Rock the Casbah". For me, the Casbah refers not to that famous late Clash hit single, but rather to an aspect of middle eastern architecture. Those of you familiar with the architectural design in the middle and near east know that the typical family compound (or Casbah, if you will) has high walls surrounding an enclosed, interior courtyard that is invisible to passers by on the street. Remind you of any San Diego venues?

It is the interior courtyard that is the defining characteristic of the Casbah- simultaneously the best and worst feature of that place. It's funny to think how closely the climates of San Diego and the Middle East are related. Much of the produce that was unique to the Middle East in the old world grows readily down here, and Middle Eastern design features that would be ludicrous in the rest of the United States are easily adaptable to the climate here.

When I think about the Casbah, I think about the hearings that Congress had during World War II on the subject of price controls for steel. An executive from United States steel famously testified that "What is good for the US Steel is good for the US ." That statement now stands for a kind of statist corporatism that good lefties despise, but at the time- it was a true statement of fact, and I feel the same thing could be said about the Casbah and San Diego : "What is good for the Casbah is good for San Diego ."

Even though there are plenty of things to criticize about the Casbah: indifferent crowd, high prices- did I mention indifferent crowd? Such criticism is pointless, the Casbah is the locus for independent rock music in San Diego , and so it shall ever be.

The expansion of the partnership between Tim Mays and Tim Pyles is probably the most important thing that happened in local music this year- The Anti-Monday League is the first product of that partnership, and last night was a stellar example of that partnership come to fruition.

The line up last night combined two touring bands (Malajube and Snowden) with two local bands (Fifty on Their Heels and The Fascination). In an effort to reduce the time commitment required to read this article- I will offer capsule summaries, followed by a more extended discussion of several of the bands

THE FASCINATION- Most! British! Singer! Ever! Three piece.

FIFTY ON THEIR HEELS- "2007 San Diego Music Awards BEST PUNK BAND?"

MALAJUBE- Indie rock band from Montreal ! Keyboards! Very, very loud!

SNOWDEN- Synthy/gothy Interpol-e sounding alt rock from the A.T.L.- the next big thing!

I didn't like Malajube- not because they aren't good- they have a shambolic, dancey, jammy rock ensemble sound that at different points reminded me of !!!, Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene. They sing in French, didn't watch the opening bands, were super loud. Basically, I'm like "whatever" about Malajube.

Snowden, on the other hand, was pretty good. This was their first show in San Diego . They are a four piece- singing guitarist, second guitarist, female bassist(darling!) and drummer. The songs have a filled out, alt rock vibe that incorporates the same kind of influences that you hear on an Interpol record. To my ear- I also heard a Dischord Records influence (filtered through a poppy sensibility). Snowden is on Jade Tree, which is an awesome indie label straight outta Wilmington Delaware . Most of the stuff I've heard from Jade Tree was hard core (or post hard core), so I think it is cool to hear this cool but poppy band touring the west coast even though they aren't signed to Matador or Capitol Records.

Snowden provided a high energy, dynamic stage show- that bassist really brings a nice touch to the show. Overall I was thinking- "I wouldn't be surprised to hear Snowden on the radio"- specifically Black Eyes, track five from their new record "Anti Anti." I went ahead and bought the record- it's really good- I guess that's a subject for another time.

Fifty on Their Heels is on Cat Dirt Records- my record label. They sounded great last night. They are focused on writing new songs right now. Everyone needs to understand that Fifty has a ton of influences that you haven't heard in their song writing yet. I suspect they'll end up sounding like a cross between Roxy Music and Orange Juice. I can assure you that they are growing as a group - this growth has been enabled by their kind reception among regular people and music professionals in the San Diego area.

That's what you need to look for from local bands- are they writing? Recording? Releasing? If they aren't, you don't have to support them. Local bands need to grow, write, improve. If they are just going to show up and play the same shit year after year, who is going to give a fuck?

Turn out was decent last night, people were enthusiastic about Malajube and Snowden. It was a good night for the Casbah.
- Blog San Diego

"Fifty on Their Heels: glam locals bite off more (admirable) bigtime punk-eatrics than they can chew"

By Charles Nguyen
Senior Staff Writer

May 17, 2007 — Glam rock should be something electrically grand - and that’s the flavor of Fifty on Their Heels’ heated guitar entrance to leadoff single "Money, Glamour, Suicide" on the San Diegan threesome’s debut. From there, the song decides to thrash around in some rusted, dusky punk before another switchup to cowbell taps backed by creamy dance bass.

Calling the band’s flavor a rock composite might be too elegant. Consider it a hodgepodge pastiche of Brit-esque whines, nimble strings and a simple, Sun God-worthy rock-the-fuck-out attitude. The local up-and-comers - who won "Best Punk Album" at this year’s San Diego Music Awards - can get kind of messy with all that inexperienced genre mashup, and lead singer Junior Metro’s high-strung crooning becomes annoyingly drab after a few shrill choruses. They’re still a long way from the operatic greatness of the Darkness, but a barefaced, offbeat edge saves them from the lower rungs of bland, cookie-cutter radio repeats like Yellowcard and Fallout Boy.

Metro’s lyricism never falls back on teeny-emo wishwash, instead striking life’s chords with a more obvious cynicism we collegiates can appreciate: "Well it’s just a job you see/ It don’t mean a thing to me/ An occupation to ruin your life with no time to spend on me," he sings on "Occupation," a steely, bumping pout about the ho-hum of that looming nine-to-five all students fear. "Panic" blares with more of that naked rock ("There’s only one thing left to do/And that is dance the night away") - the unnervingly messy blend of instrumentals bumping, popping and running amok with a hot, sweaty fever.

Boss ditties: "Panic," "A Good Friend"
- University of California San Diego Guardian (daily)

"assorted items"

The Golden Hill Street Fair will be held on 21st Street between B and C streets on Oct. 29. The free all-ages event will kick out the jams starting at 5 p.m. with Fifty On Their Heels, Jezebel and L.A. band, The Adored. 10/26/05

91X deejay Al Guerra will announce the nominations for this year’s San Diego Music Awards beginning at 6 p.m. on July 30 during a live remote broadcast from Viejas casino. If you miss it, Tim Pyles will also make the announcements on 94.9-FM between 8 and 10 p.m. He’ll broadcast live from The Casbah during a free show featuring Manual Scan, Fifty on their Heels, The Power Chords, Atoms, The Sess and Vinyl Radio. Performers for the Sept. 18 awards show, taking place this year at Viejas Concerts in the Park, will be announced on both broadcasts. Tickets for the show go on sale Aug. 11.

PLAN A: Lee “Scratch” Perry @ 4th & B. Dude’s been ripped off by more famous people than you’ll ever meet. PLAN B: Fifty On Their Heels w/ The Glossines @ San Diego Sports Club. I’m getting tired of trying to convince people about Fifty On Their Heels—it’s punk done right. The Glossines are an all-girl garage-rock group in San Diego who might’ve peaked when John Peel played their song “Cornbread” on his radio show before he died—but still, a solid band.

PLAN A: ¡Society!, Fifty on Their Heels, Qu’est Que C’est @ The Casbah. Best chance this week to see some of San Diego’s top prospects. ¡Society! is a white-boy take on Afrobeat, Fifty on Their Heels won “Best Punk” at this year’s San Diego Music Awards and Qu’est Que C’est is an electro-rock project featuring the former guitarist-vocalist of The After Party. ity,,

Best Punk Album 2006 San Diego Music Awards
Fifty on Their Heels,-Fifty on Their Heels
The Glossines-The Glossines
GoGoGo Airheart-Rats, Sing! Sing!
The Stranger’s Six-A Date with Daylight
Some Girls-Heaven’s Pregnant Teens
Scotch Greens-Professional

PLAN C: Fifty On Their Heels, The Muslims, The Sundelles, The New Motherfuckers @ Che Café. Three of San Diego's top bands—throwback punks Fifty On Their Heels, VU-esque rockers The Muslims and reverb '60s outfit The Sundelles—join with impressive L.A. punks The New Motherfuckers. MS/fiftyontheir heels, MS/themuslims, MS/the sundellesmusic, MS/newmother fuckers 5/2/7

- San Diego City Beat

"Fifty on Their Heels"

Time for some nice and grimey rock ‘n roll. It’s nice to take a break from the bass beats and dirty synths to detox myself with Fifty on Their Heels. These three guys from San Diego have recently released a six-song EP on their label, Cat Dirt Records. I wish every album came with your own personal live show b/c these guys get C-RAZY! Junior Metro’s ‘Johnny Rotten-esque’ vocals layered over his ‘Sid Vicious’ stage antics practically grab you by your stonewashed denim jacket and force you to dance with him. If you close your eyes, you can feel that same energy while listening to their album. You can catch whiffs of Gang of Four and hints of The Slits or The Buzzcocks peppered throughout. Its a breath of pungent punk when everyone is breathing electro like its oxygen.

If you live in SoCal, try to catch one of their shows. They’ll bring the CBGB to you…

This track is a Bigstereo exclusive that was recorded by Alan Sanderson, who also worked on Weezer’s green album and Fiona Apple’s tidal album.

- Big Stereo


They receive regular speciality play on San Diego radio. They are releasing a vinyl 7" on June 2nd, 2007 with a full length to follow in the fall, all on Cat Dirt Records.

Their self titled cd-ep was released in May 2006 on Cat Dirt Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fifty on Their Heels arose out of the downtown San Diego scene in 2006. Their first record, released in May of 2006, won the San Diego Music Award for "best punk album" beating nominees from Epitaph(Some Girls) and GSL(Go Go Go Airheart).

They have opened for bands like Ratatat(Las Vegas), Pop Levi(Los Angeles) & Snowden/Malajube(San Diego).

Their stage performance has received acclaim:
- "[singer] Junior Metro is the shit. Seriously."
San Diego Union Tribune

- "Maybe the best punk band in San Diego."
San Diego City Beat
- "I wish every album came with your own personal live show b/c these guys get CRAZY."
Big Stereo Blog