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San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF

San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF
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The best kept secret in music


"Interview with 'Fight Before Surrender'"

'Fight Before Surrender' is a four headed street punk band based in Texas/America. Abbreviated 'FBS' was formed out of failed projects and a need for solid, hardworking punk rock in early January of 2003. Lets have a talk with Josh (guitar/vocals).

(TMR) Hello to to you from 'the metal resource' Holland, how are things going there in Ohio ?

(FBS) thanks! well, actually your the first to "officially" know... we are not longer living in ohio. we moved to san antonio texas. we joined up with rise above. (www. myspace. com/riseaboveministries)

(TMR) Can you Introduce yourself and your band please ! (name and instrument)

(FBS) Iam josh/guitar-vocals. there is also kristen/guitar, nate/bass-vocals, andrew/drums.

(TMR) Is this your first band ? (for everyone personal)

(FBS) no. i've playing two other bands and a few side projects. same for the other members too.

(TMR) Can you tell us something about the origin of 'FBS' ?

(FBS) its origin is actually the remains of a few other bands coming together filling a need for some hardworking punkrock.

(TMR) Why the name'FBS'? Is there a story behind it ?

(FBS) there is actually a story, a really long story. short version, FBS was actually the abreviation for one of the other bands that me and another founding member was in. we changed it to FBS when the band lost some members and we continued and changed the style of music.

Everyone, for a long time, kept asking what it stood for. i came up with "fight before surrender", after we had a few line up changes and a few bad time hit us pretty hard. "fight before surrender", the name is just human nature. eveyone will try to fight for something they beleive in before they give in and surrender.

(TMR) Who writes the music/lyrics in 'FBS' ? .. how do you get in the mood for writing music ? And which bands/situations have influences you for writing music and lyrics ?

(FBS) me and my best friend and FBS' bassist (charlie jackson) on the first album wrote the first album together. i have done most of the lyrics and music for FBS' second album. the other members and charlie jumped in and helped alot too. im rreally always in always in the mood. i write everyday, its just not all very good. i listen to alot of old u.k. '82 punkrock and motorhead. recently i have been listening to metallica "kill 'em all". i think i've said enough....

(TMR) How do you describe the music of 'FBS' ?

(FBS) the music of FBS. hmmm....like a kid who has had too much candy and loud guitars.

(TMR) How does 'FBS' stands in life till events in the world, religion and politics and in which proportion stands that till your music and lyrics?

(FBS) we dont get involved into the world, religion and politics when i write. it gets too messy and you are thrown into one side or another. we write about situation that have effected us or someone we know personally. people can relate to what happens to other people, rather than politics.

(TMR) For a lot of bands the lyrics are just a accidental circumstance, but for some bands they use them to communicate ! ..can you tell us how that is for 'FBS' ?

(FBS) we have friends (if you are a fan of FBS, your a friend of FBS), that will tell us what they are dealing with in life. it might be an abusive situation,drug abuse, suicide and we write songs about them and how its played out. i do alot of writing about my brother and the mess that he is in and how he drags everyone down with him.

(TMR) What is the message you want to bring with 'FBS' ?

(FBS) we bring a message a message of hope and truth. FBS is a ministry. first and foremost. so we bring with every song that we write that there is hope. we are not preachy about about beliefs at all. just listen to our music.

(TMR) Tell us about the 'metal / punk' scene in your area please?

(FBS) we tour alot so we dont really know about what it is like in ohio where we were from. but,metal is really big everywhere here in the united states. punkrock is going back into the underground.

(TMR) Name some of your favorite bands to play with live (past & future) and tell us why ?

(FBS) OCD(www. myspace. com/ourcorpsedestroyed), flatfoot 56(www. myspace. com/flatfoot56), The Last Hope (www. myspace. com/ourcorpsedestroyed). they are all really good friends of ours. we try to help each other out every chance we get.

(TMR) Is there a highlight you will always remember, since the beginning of 'FBS' ? (for everyone personal)

(FBS) there are way to many to choose from. every single time we practicing,recording, play a local show, or even tourdates, something happens that we are all like," oh man, im never going to forget that!"

(TMR) And the worst thing ever were ? (for everyone personal)

(FBS) 4 times....the only 4 times ever we have ever cancled shows.

(TMR) What can you tell us about your last album 'Fight Before Surrender' ?

(FBS) it was a blast to write it and recording it. we've toured about six months on supporting that album so far and its been really awesome for us. we've had a ton of great feed back from it.

(TMR) What more can we expect in the nearly future from 'FBS' ? (new album / european tour maybe ?)

(FBS) thats absolutly right!!! how did you know?
well, because we moved halfway across our country we are infact taking some time off. we have been working on some new stuff and we'll continue to do so. we're working on recording 4 new songs and releasing a 7' before april. also in april we will be going to the UK to do a few weeks of tour. we'd love to go to germany, italy and holland (hint,hint) and do a few dates there too.

(TMR) Guys thanx for your time and the interview !! we wish 'FBS' all the best !!......is there anything you wanna say at last ? (any final statement ?)

(FBS) no, thank you for wanting to do an interview! i had a blast doing the interview.
check out our friends that i mentioned. cheers! - mauce.nl - The Metal Resource

"FBS! Everything Is Bigger In Texas!"

I love Fight Before Surrender, no really, they are a great band and an even better group of honest, fun loving people. I was first introduced to FBS by Gorilla Warfare. I was moaning on the forum that I couldn’t find any good punk that had a good Christian message. So the guys in Gorilla Warfare smacked me upside the heads with their label mate (on Wounded Records) Fight Before Surrender. Ever since I have really enjoyed listening to their CDs and have had a great time interviewing them and finding out they are quite the comedians. So, the format of this interview looks a little different, each question is numbered, and sometimes I add in numbers (hence question 2.5, which they took great liberty in tearing into me over that), so to preserve the comedic value of the interview, I am leaving it as is. So read on and support you local punks……

……..Oh yeah, and they are Philadelphia Flyers fans, which is an added bonus (that is just for you Josh & Andrew)…..

Fight Before Surrender Band Photo

Band Name: Fight Before Surrender (FBS)
Music Style: Show Tunes/Easy Listening
Location (Home Base): San Antonio, Texas

1. Tell us how Fight Before Surrender got its start.

It really happened out of a failed project and a lot of member changes. two of us (Charlie, he played bass on the first album, and I) were ready to throw in the towel on a ska band we were doing because we kept having line up problems. We met Jay (drummer on both releases) when he booked us for a show. At the time we really needed a drummer whose head was in the game, and a band that he was in just broke up. Jay fit really well and was able to constantly play and tour. Yep, failed projects.

2. Where did the name Fight Before Surrender come from? What does it mean?

After a band makes a name for itself in its local scene, it’s suicide when they change their name. We went by FBS and everyone kept asking us what does it stand for. we weren’t going to tell them it stood for Five Bucks Short (the old ska band Charlie and I did), because we weren’t the same band but everyone knew us from that band. We just told people to make up something for FBS to stand for. We got a lot of names, some crazy, some stupid, some over the line.
e were going through some more line up changes,its the story of the band, and i was going through a hard time personally, When I was talking to a friend and I said to him,”I’ll fight before I surrender.” Then he said, “hey, there’s another FBS name you can use for FBS.” I liked it and it stuck.

2.5. What music or bands have influenced FBS?

2.5? What? Is that a half a question of 2 or is it a revised version of question 2? like an updated version?
Music, all kinds. We all listen to a bunch of different stuff. Bands, there’s a lot of bands that I grew up listenting to that I love and respect and I’m sure they have played their part somewhere. Until you answer my questions, I think that’s the best answer your gonna get. Deal?

3. What does everyone in the band do when they are not playing?Fight Before Surrender Live

On tour? We make fun of our roadie, whoever it might be at the time. Kristen sleeps a lot.
At home? Nothing really. We all have jobs that we do when we get off the road. We still focus al ot of time on FBS with practice and writing stuff, booking, and business stuff.

4. FBS currently has two albums out (that I can see at least), are you planning on releasing a new album any time soon?

Yes, we have two full lenghts and four demos leading up to them. New stuff? We have a few things in the works. We’re going out on a limb with the new stuff. Big suprises!!! And we’ll be looking for a label to release the new album. It’s in the works I promise. You’ll have a teaser around spring.

5. You guys have been around for quite a while (since 2003), what to attribute to the bands longevity?

Understanding and following your calling. A lot of sacrifice and commitment to what you do. It has been hard, but well worth every minute of it.

6. FBS has website (www. fightbeforesurrender. com), but it looks like it is under construction, wanna give us an idea of what kinds of goodies will be on the site?

HAAHAHAHAHA!!!! We had another webpage that was “under construction,” when actually the webmaster went crazy and it expired. The new webpage (fightbeforesurrender. com) is ligit, almost 2 ligit…2 ligit to quit. Uh….we’ll have a lot of the stuff that is on the myspace page, but more!!!! Like a webstore where you can buy merch safely, and other cool stuff like trivia. Yes, you can win prizes.

6. FBS is a Christian punk band, has the band ever had an adverse reaction to that over the 5+ years you have been playing?

What? you cant have 6 twice!!!
I hate that term, “Christian punk band,” it’s stupid! If our whole purpose of the band was about sex, would we be called a sex punk band? We are a PUNK BAND. We are Christians in a PUNK BAND. Our PUNK BAND is used as a tool for ministry. We don’t get pushy about our beliefs and try to shove them down your throat, but we are open about them. Have we had confrontations? Sure. Those are the people that end up talking to us for hours after the show and actually walk away with a respect for us.

Fight Before Surrender Cornerstone 087. Have kids/people come up to any members in the band after a show to discuss Christ?

Yes, every single time we play. Even when we go to shows and we are not playing.

8. Anyone ever hassled the band the about being Christian? If so how did you handle that?

Good question. Um, I don’t. I know that I haven’t.

9. Where in the bible does the band draw most of its influence? What keeps the band going?

Its in John chapter 6 verse 9-10.

Nah, I’m just playing. I think for each of us its different.
Keeps us going? There’s a lot that keeps us going. I guess the biggest thing is that God hasn’t told us to stop what we are doing. The doors keep opening. We have fun playing and touring.

10. You have a European tour coming up next year (or at least the makings of one), tell us about that, who will you be playing with?

Right now we have 8 dates booked in the UK. We were hoping that some of our Western European contacts will come through, but if not we’ll at least be doing some dates in the UK. Most of our dates are with a band called Sounds of Swami. I don’t know much about them, but we’re excited none the less.

11. Will the band be playing Cornerstone in 2009?

I dunno. We’ve been asked to play every year since 2005. They might be getting tired of us….if they ask, we’ll play. We always have a good time. It’s like a big family reunion.

12. What bands or music are the members of the band currently listening to? (in other words, what have you guys been listening to personally)

Isn’t this a rewording of question 2.5? I think it is.
Andrew has been listening to a lot of hardcore. Kristen is hooked on a band we played with a while back, Everybody Out. They are from Boston. I don’t know what Nate is playing, pro’ly The Clash. I’ve been spinning Metallica,”Kill’Em All”.

Fight Before Surrender Drums13. Tell us about some of the bands you have played with over the years, who has been the most memorable to play with? Who do you want to play?

We’ve played with a lot of bands that are, or were important in our scene.
Headnoise, The Deal, One 21, Officer Negative (it was more like Death Cmpaign), Revolution Radio. We’ve toured with The Havoc, The Last Hope, Flatfoot 56, Fight To Die, Our Corpse Destroyed (OCD).
Bands we want to tour or play with? We’re down with anyone. Whenever, wherever. Sounds like I’m calling them out doesn’t it?
…maybe, I am.

14. If you could give a messages to the punk scene what would it be?

You don’t have to be ignorant to be punk rock. Think for yourself and think before you react. Stop going to shows and getting into fights and getting your venues shut down and then go home crying to the bands because they never come to your town. How can they? You ruined your scene for everyone.

15. Feel free to give some shout outs or anything else you want to share.

Fo rizzle? ah,snap!
Thank you for the interview, it was a blast.
Everyone should go over to OCD’s myspace (www. myspace. com/ourcorpsedestroyed) and send them emails telling them to play more shows.
And, from the bottom of Andrew’s and my heart, GO REDWINGS!!!

You can check out Fight Before Surrender on their myspace page. You can purchase their albums there as well. Make sure to support your local scene. God bless! - hxcchristian.com

"Fight Before Surrender "Fight Before Surrender""

The Texas based punk band Fight Before Surrender embodies punk in the truest sense of the word. Unrefined, gritty and anthemic with big Mohawks to boot, these guys are serious about their music and it shows. Musically, the disc is a succession of well-crafted hard-hitting punk tunes with influences ranging from the GBH and the Exploited to Motorhead and the Misfits. Fight Before Surrender have effectively melded all of these influences into a sound all their own. The tracks are fast yet tremendously hook laden and appealing and in no time at all you will find yourself singing along to tunes such as “Fight Before Surrender,” “Brainwashed” and “Nothing’s Changed.”
Thematically however Fight Before Surrender offer up a bit of a twist as they are a decidedly Christian Band. This is evident in the song “You Can’t Hide” in which the vocalist belts out the following lyrics, “You’re a coward avoiding the truth/Failure, what is the use/ When will you realize you can’t do this all alone/He keeps on knocking but no one is home.”

I particularly liked the tune “Broken Dreams, Broken Bones,” which is a high-speed ton of fun tune that in a live setting more than likely gets the crowd fired up and banging into each other from the very first note.

The last tune on the disc is quite good as well. It is an acoustic number that is a bit more sedate than the rest of the disc and I feel it highlights the songwriting and musicianship of the band.
If you are a fan of true punk, do not let the lyrical content put you off of these guys. This is a good disc and I believe you will dig it - Thrash Magazine

"Classic British street punk from Texas"

FBS sound like The Exploited meets Motorhead

The first gig that I ever attended was Anti-Nowhere League and The Damned. I was into classic metal at the time, but you rarely saw any of those bands on the east coast of England. Listening to FBS reminds me of those happy times hanging out with punks.

It makes a change having an American band sounding like authentic British street punks and with the attitude to match. FBS cite their influences as Motorhead, GBH, The Exploited, and Cock Sparrer. The sound is rooted in the late seventies and early eighties punk movement with blitzkrieg bass and blistering lead guitar work.

The line-up for this release was Josh (guitar and lead vocals), Kristen (guitar), Nate (bass and vocals) and Jay (drums). Starting out with some feedback they launch into “Every day’s a battle/a never ending war/sides have been drawn/and no-ones keeping score/just when it’s over/its only just begun/life’s when it starts/death’s when its done/fight before surrender”.

Full of spit and fury they juggernaut through the songs which challenge you to think about the gritty realities of a rock lifestyle. None more so, than the final acoustic track “Hope for the Rejected”.

Fight Before Surrender
You Can’t Hide
Faster Than Before
Out Of Control
Last Man Standing
Nothing’s Changed
Never Saw It Coming
Broken Dreams, Broken Bones
Guilty As Charged
Hope For The Rejected - mauce.nl - The Metal Resource


"FBS / The Revenge" Split EP - 2003
"Live at Sharks" EP - 2004
"No Fists, Brougham" EP - 2004
"They Hate You" LP - 2005
"Fight Before Surrender" LP - 2007
"Live Grenade" 7inch EP - 2009



Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes, Fight Before Surrender was formed out of failed projects and a need for solid, hardworking punk rock in early January of 2003. Since then, they have defined the term "hardworking," by nonstop touring across America, touching 42 of the continental 48 states and playing almost 400 shows. While bringing more energy and excitement than a two-year-old hopped up on candy, FBS destroys eardrums with hard-hitting punk rock through the influences of Motorhead, GBH, and The Exploited. Even with member changes and personal heartache threatening to infect the band with a short life, nothing seems to slow this band down. Their name, Fight Before Surrender, is the best description for this band.