Fighter Down!

Fighter Down!


You love the heavy riffs and huge sound of metal, but you're sick of all those stupid cookie monster bands that all sound the same. You love the intensity and energy of punk, but you're sick that whiney sissy emo crap that all sounds the same. You just want good, honest music. This is it!


Keith, Marty, and George started getting together and working on new music around September/October of '04. Frustrated with the lack of progression of their previous bands, they were wanting to try something different. Their mixed bag of influences fused together and resulted in metal/punk melange that's reminiscent of early 90's thrash, but they made a conscious decision not to be pinned down to one generic "genre". The main thing that was important was that the songs had to be fun to play and fun to listen to.

After adding Phil on vocals and TJ on bass in the late winter of '05, they had a full lineup together, and by the summer of that year they started playing shows. Since then, they've tried to play as regularly as possible.

They've done just about every local gig there is in the general area, and they know it's time to move on and start looking to get more regional and national bookings. They are currently writing and recording material for a full length album: "The 21st Century Luddite Movement"


Fighter Down! - Demo/Ep
The Core Must Be Destroyed! - EP

Set List

Sets are typically 45 minutes, mostly with material from "The Core Must Be Destroyed!", maybe a couple songs from the first EP, and any new songs that are ready. They can play for as long as over an hour or as little as a half hour if needed.

Fighter Down! doesn't normally play any covers, but one may crop up from time to time for fun or if special arrangements are made ahead of time. The last cover song they played was "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones.