Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"Fighter/Lover has an “it” quality about them – a je ne sais quoi, if you will – that puts them above the rest."-Quiet Colour

“Fighter/Lover’s bread and butter is dance-inducing, trippy sonic experiments, over wailing digital feedback, nasty at times, with sublime guitar licks.” -Jersey Beat


Fighter/Lover bagan as a recording project between two members, Howard Goldbach (synths, electronics) and Roey Shemesh (guitar, vocals). Lifelong collaborators and bros, lab rats in a low-key basement studio.

After travelling back home to Toronto from Vancouver, B.C., F/L have a new found sound aesthetic, thanks to the addition of North Carolinian drummer Jeff Butterfield, and a new focus on guitars as opposed to electronic beats and sounds.

Rats emerge from the basement and take to the streets, singing songs about black magic, and volatile chemical reactions recalling Suicide, Wire and Sonic Youth.


Fighter/Lover EP

Set List

Our Set lists can range from anywhere between 25-45min. We usually play between 8-12 songs, all of which are original. We've done some cover songs in the past, namely Neil Young's Time Fades Away and Sedan Delivery.