Fighting For Alaska

Fighting For Alaska


You want high flying, high energy, and edgy pop punk? Then Fighting For Alaska! is your band. We bring fun and energy along with powerful music to back it up. We are five best friends who bring out the best music we can. You can see the heart felt music come out of us and into your ears!


Fighting For Alaska!, or FFA was first thought of by Skot and Shane in July of 2008, In the fall of '08 FFA put fliers out in music shops looking for a singer, drummer, and a second guitarist. Within a short period we had our line up. With the band now complete, we had practices 3 to 4 times a week to write. On January 23, 2009, we had our first show at Club19 in York, PA. The first thing we heard when we were done playing was, "You guys changed my musical taste!", from a fan. Eddie, the club promoter told us, "You guys are one of the best bands that have played here". With those statements, we went to our second show January 24 2009, we shared the stage with DIVE from New Jersey, and Headliner Ryan Cabrera. Tom Taylor the club promoter at Croc Rock in Allentown (the 24th show) said "You guys have what it takes, you had the crowd the whole time." In February, we were asked to be added to 315 Artist Management's artist development program where we met Ryan Alden, our now mentor and developer. We became stronger as a band with the new direction, and we had to let go of our former guitarist Bryce. After that we recorded a 2 song demo at Third Time Lucky Rekords. We have also played at Championship Records, Club19, Croc Rock, Millersville University, and at multiple Hot Topic acoustic shows.


Beer Bong

Written By: Fighting For Alaska

[v1]this is the end of my rope
and i'm minimalizing the casualities
and casually making mistakes
under my breath
and i've got 12 short rounds to end this
but with my weary eyes
i'm lost of friend or foe
so lets let it rip and see who matches who

[c]your hands, my eyes
they signal our demise
my love sick heart
can't take much more
my love, your lies
are creeping up all sides
and all you have to do is
tell the truth

[v2]i'm choking the life from this party
and there's an elephant here
giving me firey eyes and tiring lies
but with a Jim in my hand
i'm solving my problems with demand
and you'll supply the powder for the keg
and shh it'll be all over soon.

It Could Be Better

Written By: Fighting For Alaska

And now I see
What you wanted me to be
And yet I acted
So differently
I tried to fight it
I tried to avoid this
But in the end
I was left with the mess

I know your happy
I know you love not seeing me
But you don't need
To make me feel so damn guilty

Tied up in lies
Under the sheets
Now she cries
As their lips meet
I know you regret
The words you said
To late now cause its the end

You tell your friends
You did nothing wrong
All we did was fight
For so long
"I could be better"
Is what you said
Well I hope your right
When your lying in his bed..

[b]i could be better.
i could be better.

[o] i could be better
it could be better in the end
life could be better in the end

Prologue To The Epilogue

Written By: Fighting For Alaska

[v]with my finger on your lips
you took your shot from the hip
and bled my heart away
so it's time to write you out
there's nothing you could ever do
i'm setting this book ablaze
just to get this party started

[c]this is the epilogue
to a stupid song about you
i'm bringing down the house
to prove to you
i'll make it through without you
end of story, end game,
end of all you meant to me
and with my hands upon your hips
here's a tip:

[v]the hero always gets the girl
in the end
and we can't keep the fans in suspense
this must end
and with the close we just pretend
the hero gets the girl
in the end


''Eskimoes do it best" (EP) (Jan. 2009) self recorded. ''your name here''(EP) (March '09) Third Time Lucky Rekords. both records on the myspace
Our "your name here" record is being played by college radio stations in PA ( Millersville, Kutztown, Messiah, Elizabethtown, Temple, Penn State).

Set List

Our set list changes, but the songs include. The Lites On The Strip, Beer Bong, College Years, Prologue to the Epilogue, It Could Be Better, Bullet holes the size of MotzaBalls. Our set is normally 35 minutes. But we are always writing, so theres always more songs.