Fighting Redemption

Fighting Redemption

 Princeton, New Jersey, USA

We are Fighting Redemption, a recently formed band who simply love Jesus and want to share His love through music. Our hope is to combine the music we love with the Lord that we love to help reach the world for Christ.

[Colossians 3:23] Play hard, Pray harder


We are a group that came together with one idea in mind - Jesus and metal! We've played together since September 2010 and are constantly learning from eachother and our King Jesus Christ. We strive not to be the good in the world's eyes, but in God's eyes because we believe that is the only thing worth working for. We hope to capture your attention with our music and ask that you would think about what our Lord and savior Jesus has to offer YOU. Prayer is one of the best things that God has gifted us with, because we know that He will hear our prayers and answer them.


Not Dead But Sleeping

Written By: Fighting Redemption

Lay your healing hand God That I might not just exist but have life and life more abundantly You reveal to me what is fake and what is real In this empty world I crave your presence Because rejection and pain Is all that I feel

Can my Faith move mountains? All i need is touch of your cloak and all my wounds are healed The sound of your voice hits my ears and I find That i was not dead, but sleeping.

You've awakened and renewed me Now take what I have and use it Before sin crawls into my heart and abuses it Whether poor or rich strong or weak we will all Bow at your feet.

Mark 5:41 "..Talitha Cumi.."arise for you are not dead, but sleeping" (The actual verse is {ESV} "..Talitha Cumi, which means,"Little girl I say to you, arise.")

7 Ugly Cows

Written By: Fighting Redemption

In my dream 7 ugly cows ate 7 sexy cows

7 ugly cows ate 7 sexy cows
moo moo bree bree moo moo bree bree [x2]

In my dream I was standing on the bank of the nile
7 fat cows came up and grazed on the reeds
7 cows followed to do them bad deeds
These cows were ugly scrawny and lean

They ate all the fat cows but looked just as mean
Then i awoke knowing not what it had meant
Without delay I quickly sent
For a man to interpret, his name was Joseph
He could not do it, but said his God can

7 good years for the seven good cows
7 years full of crops and sows
7 bad years to destroy the riches
So much famine we shall dig our own ditches

7 ugly cows ate 7 sexy cows
moo moo bree bree moo moo bree bree [x2]