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The best kept secret in music


Next up are synth-punk/pop newcomers Fight Like Apes. Seeing as it is their first appearance in Cork, the crowd seem unsure what to expect but from the moment lead vocalist MayKay opens her mouth we knew we were in for quite a ride. Fight Like Apes smack you so hard in the kidneys that your jaw drops to the floor and eyes bulge in amazement. Tonight they put on a performance that reinforces the faith in live music; its energy, passion and dance-your-ass-off quality tunes of the highest order. On stage you can see the possibilities glinting in MayKay's eyes.

With songs like Digifucker and Battlestations, the Apes dazzle and show a promise bigger than anything we've witnessed on these shores in a long long time. MayKay (Vocals/Synths/Recorder… and heartbeat I might add) is backed by Pockets (Synths/Samples/Vocals), Tom (Bass) and Adrian (Drums), as she writhes around barefoot on the stage like a manic Karen-O on ketemine with bigger balls than most of the male dominated Irish music scene. Leaning heavily on the electronic/synth/punk stylings, tracks like Jake Somers and Lend Me Your Face are blisteringly good and have the crowd gleefully showing their appreciation. Fight Like Apes leave the crowd baying for more but promise to return to play for us again in April so mark it in your diary people, don't miss out. - (eZine)

Giving us a quirky new-wave punk with equal cut of humour and aggression, Fight Like Apes are emerging with tempestuouly bolstered songs built on synth and digitised fuzz over driving bass lines and tight punk beats, and are easily one of the most promising punk bands to come out of Dublin for quite some time.

Leading off with the line 'I wanna cut you with glass...' early flagship song 'lend me your face' is a piece of punk brilliance. Led by the semi-psychotic female vocals of May Kay, which flit from a sweetness in anger and effortless tease to sheer loutish angst, they've got abundance of adrenalin.

Although defiantly new-wave punk, the majority of their influences seem to lie in the indie-rock and shoegaze genres, with the likes of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine and Chapterhouse listed off in their mainstay of influences. I hear everything from Patti Smith to Sonic Youth in Fight Like Apes, but they're not a band I would comfortably nail with any such 'sounds like' tag - and that in itself is surely a sign of a band doing something special. - Frequency Ireland


"Jake Summers/Battlestations" UK Single Release - Sep 17th on Cool For Cats rec

Lend Me Your Face - Promotional Radio Only
'How Am I Supposed To Kill You If You Have All The Guns?' EP - May 18 Release


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fight Like Apes

What happens when four highly motivated couch potatoes trawl through the b-movie underworld in search of the purest of gold?... They Fight Like Apes! Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and weighing in at over 6 hundred pounds Fight Like Apes combine the Synth with the Sword in this heroic tale of anger, jealousy, greed and... goblins. With an emphasis on loutish vocals, brutish bass and digital distortion Fight Like Apes are highly trained, armed and considered extremely dangerous.

Beginning towards the end of 2006 the band set out on a path of destruction across the venues of Ireland. Not really aiming for anything more than just having fun while playing music. In the months since they have exploded onto the Irish music scene. Turning heads both on and off stage everywhere they go.

The roots of the band lie firmly in the world of quirky alternative music, superheroes like Pavement, Mclusky, Yo La Tengo and My Bloody Valentine are their idols. This of course doesn't always come across in their home brew distorted Keyboard madness. The band's lyrics can sometimes be lost, almost in translation, but much in the way Pavement, songs are written for the songwriter, and anyone who gets the idea behind them is already a fan.

Already with a loyal and continually growing base of stalkers, Fight Like Apes release their debut EP 'How Am I Supposed To Kill You If You Have All The Guns?' through FIFA Records on May 18. Until then they will continue to cause havoc across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.