fight of your life

fight of your life


The music you hear in the background as you beat the shit out of your ex's new boyfriend or girlfriend for looking @ you wrong!!!


Rising from the ashes, heartbreaks, fire and lava Fight of Your Life was born. After only forming in 2006 FOYL have toured or played shows with Papa Roach, Helmet, Seemless, The Sleeping, Warped tour, Blindside, and 10 years. They just completed 3 songs produced by scrap 60 (Bleeding Through, Jesse Malin, A life once lost) & FOYL. Mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, New Found Glory, Evanescence). With a Guest Vocal by good friend Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach on the soon to be hit "The Phoenix & the Fall", 2007 is the year of FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.


you can hear 'phoenix and the fall' on sirius octane!

Set List

church bells
phoenix and the fall
leave the light on
chasing yesterday
heartbreak in 3's

while on tour opening for national acts, setlist times varied averaging 45 minutes