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"SIMGE's Top 18 EPs of 2011"

The battle Fight Or Flight is entrenched in is one the Middletown, NJ-based Rap-Rock outfit may not have realized it entered upon the release of its 2011 debut EP Too High To Come Down. Despite all the noble work done by the Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, Body Count, The Beasties, and Run DMC, it was seemingly undone in an instance by the image presented by Fred Durst, and not so much his music. However, records such as the aforementioned can save this all too appealing genre of music. The napalm drenched rhymes of Tim Guerin are accented by the more subdued delivery of Thomas Pioszyk on numbers such as “Stereo Satellite” and “Breaking Through,” while the charred guitar work of Rich Imparato, accompanied by the thunderous beats brought forth by a rhythm section consisting of stick wielder Jay Maranzino and bass plucker Russell Eia on the title-track show where the musicians true allegiance’s lye.
- Speak Into My Good Eye

"Fight Or Flight Release New Music Video For “No Luggage”"

The Middletown, NJ-based Rap-Rock collective, Fight Or Flight, recently dropped the Chris Zdyrski-directed music video for its latest single “No Luggage,” a fiery manifesto that fronts the outfit’s second EP of 2011, The Green Door, the follow up to Too High To Come Down, the band’s debut release and one of SIMGE’s favorites of the year.

Grab the group’s records here and check out the video below. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Fight Or Flight and Dave Roberts at The Wonder Bar"

I was very impressed with Fight Or Flight. It’s hard to perform within this genre effectively and this group pulled it off. And although referred to as Rap-Rock, the guitar maestro’s (Rich Imparato) Ramones T-Shirt accurately depicts where this band’s allegiances lie. Even the MCs thrashed around as if they were in a mosh.

It’s not quite Rage Against The Machine nor is it Linkin Park, in fact, do you remember when Eminem said, “I don’t make black music/I don’t make white music/I make fight music for high school kids.” That’s an accurate description of the rage-toons produced by Fight Or Flight. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Fight Or Flight Drops First Single From New EP"

The Monmouth County Rap-Rock collective Fight Or Flight has introduced its forthcoming debut EP, Too High To Come Down with a fiery single named “Stereo Satellite,” a track led by the high pitched licks of Rich Imparato’s axe and heavy beats fleshed out upon Jay Maranzino’s kit, the climax punctuated when Middletown, NJ fire breather Tim Guerin demands the listener “Get ill.”
Too High To Come Down is set for a mid-June release…look for it. - Speak Into My Good Eye


Too High To Come Down
The Green Door



Fight or Flight is an epic, explosive alternative rap group from Monmouth County, New Jersey. They allow the intense fusion of various genres that collide through their rock based music. Their songs blend many different sounds that constantly produce an aura of energy, uniqueness, and beauty. The boys of Fight or Flight pride themselves on full commitment and execution of every level of their band: Complete sound quality and uniqueness; Execution of new ideas; Energetic, quality live shows; Unique, thought-inducing, honest, relatable lyrics... And the notion to constantly progress in every aspect of their abilities as a band.