Crafty, catchy songwriting with a strong sense of melody and a great pop sensibility, blending new and inventive electronic sounds with organic vocals and textures. Simultaniously dancable and thought provoking.


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Fighter/Lover (Previously Idiots) could be considered a statement or a question. Maybe the title is more of an assumption or guess. The reality is more likely that Fighter/Lover is a partnership… You know, a pair of mutually supportive components justifying the others existence. Duality. Fighter/Lover’s driving and melodic bass rhythms as well as clever lyrics and delivery are courtesy of Roey Shemesh. This is woven into a living wall of sound and texture via Howard Goldbach’s synthesizers, drum loops, and a treasure of secret live tricks…

At a table full of music aficionados, the style might be described as “many strands of simplicity holding up a puppet, seemingly with complex thoughts and emotions.” Or on the dance floor it might be series of barely audible proclamations such as “This is #@*%&! Great!” Such is Fighter/Lover.

Roey Shemesh has many musical inspirations, and when asked, may answer “Relationships and stories, Helmut Newton’s photography, or an outstanding piece of architecture… You know, Creative shit!” Well that seems apparent when you look the list of collaborations, shows and tours Roey has participated in. The Be Good Tanyas, Po'Girl, Veda Hille, Jesse Zubot, C.R. Avery, Kenton Loewen and Jeremy Page of Mother Mother. His style has included everything from Concert to Klezmer or Latin to Lullaby’s.

Howard Goldbach brings his skills to the table with a bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia. His scholarly approach fuels the experimental aspect and stability of the music, bringing warmth and depth to each arrangement. Howard’s interest in Jazz or Classical music plays a key role in his compositions. He has worked with many of Vancouver's finest improvising musicians.


At 11

Written By: Idiots!

I was in a race
Whipping st. bernards and barking
It has come to this
This is what it's come to after all
Like a .45
Pistol staring him in the eyes
Nose is to the ground
Ready at once to take his cover

Sharpening the knife
Close your eyes,
Pray for tomorrow
Stare into the sun
Never had to ask it one time
Open up a door
Walk into a house of mirrors
You just can't be sure
Who punctured all the wounds in his chest

Suck yourself so dry
I could hardly recognize you
Who am I to say
My compassion lives inside you
Shut the world outside
Tear into a wet paper bag
And when you return
Still just a little child in my eyes

I see your face
I see your changes
I see your face
I see your changes
Leaving but a trace
Spilling over ages
I see your face
I see your changes

Say goodbye
This won't be the last time
I don't know where it's come from
I can't imagine what you'll say

Send My Senses

Written By: Idiots!

Take this
Ready for a chemical face lift
Face it
Half of all the humans will hate this
Replace this
Fill it in with something escapist
Musical harmony
Beautiful archery

Grace this
Put a smile on everyone's faces
Face it
Nobody can ever erase it
Like a bullet out of the basement
Gonna wave the flag
Checkers in white and black

Don't waste it
It's an opportunity taste it
Embrace it
Put your arms around it and shake it
Make it
When you just don't think you can take it
If you feel it in your heart
Let the commotion start

Pretend this
Is your final night in the trenches
Get this
You and I and they are extensions
Lovers in another dimension
Beautiful harmony
Musical archery

Send my
Send my senses
Into a state of shock
I can't speak
Oh my
I'm defenceless
Live by the beat
Die by the beat

We won't be satisfied
With no ordinary life


Idiots! E.P.
Spring Is Here (Full Length L.P.)
Fighter/Lover E.P.

Set List

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Total time aprox 45-60 min. Set List as follows:
We can play for any length of time. We can fill an evening, or play a short,quick, rockin' set.

Example of Set list:

She's A Woman Now
At 11
Talking Out of Turn
Send My Senses
You Are Doing Crazy Things To Me
Time Fades Away (Neil Young)
Spring Is Here
You're Going Home With Us
The Visit

E: Telegram Blues

All songs by Idiots!, unless otherwise noted.