fight the bear

fight the bear

 Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Think Queens of the Stone Age having dinner with Foo Fighters while Cheap Trick grabs the dessert and Tool sits on the couch munching on the appetizers. Clutch is waiting in the 1960 limo to take everyone to their final destination. That is fight the bear!


fight the bear is a rock band out of Falls Church VA/Washington DC. It's strange in this day and age to refer to a band as just " rock", but fight the bear is bucking that trend. Sure, many sub-genres, including metal, have had an obvious influence, but make no mistake - fight the bear is just rock music that's done right. The band started out in early 2005 when founding members Kurt Snyder (drums), Jude Plessas (bass) and Jason Hoese (lead guitar) first started laying down the instrumentation. The configuration of the band was set in March of 2007 when Bill Hughes joined to take on vocal duties, adding rhythm guitar to boot. From the Police to the Smiths, Queens of The Stone Age to Tool, Cheap Trick to Clutch, their influences are extremely wide ranging, letting each member bring something unique to the table to help shape their sound. Whether it's a straight-up rocker with groove, something melodic and soft, or whacked out indulgence, fight the bear does it a unique way with style and energy. Come see the band live for a dose of something genuine.

Venues Played:
Jammin Java
American University
Rock & Roll Hotel
Club Asylum
The Red & The Black
Velvet Lounge
National Zoo (Brew at the Zoo)
The Wonderland Ballroom
Firehouse Grill
Fat Tuesdays
The Light Horse

We can draw between 50-80 on weekend nights or early all-ages shows.


Single - Trainwreckism
EP - Trainwreckism

Set List

we play between one and two sets (electric and acoustic) usually ranging from 40 to 60 minutes. We do covers of bands as diverse as Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Ben Harper, Green Day and Kelly Clarkson.

Pest Control
Don't Eat The Soup
Night Stick Appeal
Great Divide
I Said Too Much
Rue The Day
Merchant of Light
Keep It Free
Murderous Seas
Self Inflicted