Figure 8

Figure 8


Figure 8 rock so hard you'd better grab on to something solid. Solid melodies, soaring harmonies, and head-banging ROCK is what the band's all about, so if you appreciate the good things in life, put "SEEING FIGURE 8" on top of the "To Do" list. Then make sure you do it. Preferably several times.


Figure 8's goal is to make big sounding melodic rock 'n' pop with substance; something that can be enjoyed by everyone, but still retaining originality and soul. Think the raw power and stage presence of Foo Fighters, mixed in with the colossal atmosphere and overall grandeur of Coldplay, and you'll have a general idea of the heights Figure 8 are taking their sound to. With the right line-up and a mutual vision of where they want to take their sound, they are determined to get their music heard around the world.

Since late 2005, they have been recording their songs in the studios, and are well on their way to completing a whole album's worth of stadium pumping anthems. The genius here is that there are no filler songs to be heard anywhere. Every song makes as powerful a statement as the other, and is just as important to listen to.

More people are going to hear Figure 8's music, which will only get bigger and better, as this is only the beginning of the Figure 8 story.

Set List

1. Ice Age
2. N/A
3. Painting By Numbers
4. The Comfort Song
5. Wish For
6. Someday
7. The Game
8. Red As In
9. Restless
10. Here's My Song To You
11. I Am Not

We are an originals band. No Covers.