My music is a soulful fusion of rock, pop, alternative, world music. I sound like a mix between Blue October, Peeping Tom, Sting, and Bob Sinclair.


"I can't remember the days when I wasn't writing music or performing... I'm pretty sure I was playing guitar in my mother's womb," jokes Zachary Fiik, Los Angeles's newest sensation.

"But seriously, this is what life is all about: being happy and making others happy. The only difference is I'm trying to do that through my songs. There's too much negativity in music today, and I'm trying to change it by presenting a counter-culture of sorts."

Zachary (stage name: "FIIK"), a 22-year-old native of Fairfield, South Carolina grew up being surrounded music: his father is a respected folk singer, with a significant local draw, and his mother, a classically trained pianist, gave him lessons at an early age.

"I remember going to my father's performances and thinking, 'Hey, that could be me!'"

FIIK's EP, appropriately titled "Feel Good Nation" draws from rock, pop, and alternative musical influences. His music can best be described as a mesh between Blue October, Peeping Tom, and Bob Sinclair.

"My music (especially my lyrical content) is purposefully uplifting and lively. I'm a jovial person who enjoys life, so it wouldn't be convincing if I tried to write a mellow song, and music is all about being honest and touching. You can't inspire others if you're insincere."

FIIK is working with dontcallmeagod, inc., his management agency to try and snag a deal with Truth Be Told Records. He's already working on new material for a future album.

Feel Good Nation, however, is the retelling of a young man's quest for internal satisfaction in a world whose values clash so violently with his own. FIIK employs symbols and powerful motifs to manifest a deep, soul-stirring experience.

"I grew up in a small town in South Carolina. There wasn't much to do there, but I didn't mind. I was perfectly content sitting on the porch with my dog and playing my guitar until the sun went down."

FIIK's feel-good vibes seem to be having an effect on the music industry... At least at a local level:

"I played this one gig last September... It fell on the same day that Staind was playing in a nearby venue. I figured I was done for - who was going to choose to see ME perform over STAIND? Just as I was about to cancel my show, my manager called me and alerted me to the fact that my show was sold out. I couldn't believe it! I found out afterwards that Staind had a very low turn-out... Imagine that!"

As FIIK continues on the road to stardom, he asks one thing of his listeners:

"Think of my EP as a road map - there are many roads in life, and though not all of them are going to be paved with gold, there are many roads to happiness. Everyone is searching for felicity, and although there are a lot of roadblocks, you have to keep on truckin'. If you get anything out of this album, it's that you should make the most out of every moment in life, always. Embrace it."


Praise from the Press:

"It's damn-near unbelievable that someone so young could possess so much talent - he's destined for success!" - Philip Bailey of the Washington Post

"FIIK is this generation's Bob Dylan." - The Rolling Stone

"FIIK has the power to make me happy, even when I don't want to be." - Music Supervisor Carrie Lohengrin

"He was made for the music business." - New York Times Columnist Joseph Bollard

"I listen to [FIIK]'s music every day. It helps get my day started on a good note, no pun intended." - Los Angeles Times Columnist Stacy Twickler

"I never get sick of 'If I Could.' It's the song I wish I wrote..." - Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer of Blue October

"I hope he considers touring with us this next fall!" - Mike Patton, lead singer of Peeping Tom


"If I Could"

Written By: FIIK

(It's the one time - go).
I had a dream last night -
I thought I was in Hell.
The vials running through my eyes:
you quench my wishing well.
In the dark and moving light,
the summer evenings burn;
you can hold your breathe and jump,
or might just lose your turn.
If I could...

I hear you calling me.
Whispered secrets fall from the trees.
I hear you calling me.
The less I hear, you are...
If I could.

You're the damned with me.
My coy and sharpened smile...
I only see that little space -
we're damned to stay a while.
The sky, with its crusted eyes,
grows still with watching me:
until your shadow falls on mine,
we'll surely have to see.
If I could... If I could...
(It's the one time - go).


What you've got is the one time - go.
What you need is the one time - go.

All the empty plates, all the distant cries -
there we stood, that day.
If I could...

(Chorus x2)

If I could, I would.

"Days And Nights"

Written By: FIIK

Everyday, I walk alone -
my house is up the street.
And everything was perfect,
'til the dog mouth start to speak.
Patiently, I'm learning now what's from wrong to right -
could we make it out alive by walking to the light?

So many days and nights, we climb the hillside high.
Thirty days and nights, we see the fires burn,
and many days and nights, we see the seashore line.
Just listen to the wind.
One voice, I carried in my heart.
One web brings us close to so far apart.
Learn from broken Bibles,
picture-perfect idols,
until my love, it falls like rain.

I'm alone now, in my room -
need some company.
Black and white, so colorblind -
not on my t.v.
Imagination's got my mind across a burning field -
time, it never ends, you see: it's like a spinning wheel.


Hear or do the things you said.



EP: "Feel Good Nation" - 2008
Singles: "If I Could" and "Days And Nights"

Set List

Typically, I play a lot of covers (Sublime, Blue October, Bob Dylan), and throw in some new tunes every now and again ("If I Could, Days And Nights"). I typically perform 45 minutes sets, consisting of 8 songs or so.