Filip Marian

Filip Marian



"Filip Marian" is a brand new studio project from Chicago, Illinois. Every track features many different guests with different backgrounds. However, the group is rehearsing their live act right now-so expect live performances soon. The main influences are: Tom Waits, Massive Attack, Angelo Badalamenti, Bartok, Portishead, Carl Stalling and Marian Mitrovic.


No releases yet. Demo tracks are currently getting airplay on WMBR 88.1 public FM station (Boston) and numerous internet radio stations, podcasts, podshows, etc. "Switch" video is currently being played on Canadian national TV (cable-channel 323) and on couple of Internet TV stations.

Set List

1. Twisted
2. Switch
3. Hannibal
4. Sunbird
5. Have You Seen My Baby?
6. Crossfire
7. ThaBone
8. The Carrot
9. Carrot Negative
One set 45' long or 2 sets 22' each.