Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland rockers Filmstrip have just recorded their second full-length LP at Echo Mountain Recordings in Asheville, N.C. Brothers Dave Taha (guitar, vocals) and Matt Taha (bass, vocals) have been making music with Nick Riley (drums) the last seventeen years, forming Filmstrip in 2009.


Comprised of brothers Dave Taha (guitar / vocals) and Matt Taha (bass / backing vocals), and childhood friend Nick Riley (drums), Cleveland’s Filmstrip is a band has grown together both literally and figuratively.  Interpersonal intimacy coupled with years of incessant self-booked touring, and you have a recipe for an album that sounds at the same time both completely new, but yet comfortable and easy:  like a favorite record that’s been on your shelf for years.


Though heavily rooted in DIY culture, Filmstrip is a band whose sound has evolved well past their simple punk rock origins.  Imagine if the Meat Puppets (another brother band) circa 1985 teamed up with the indie-psych-folk stylings of Pink Mountaintops, and was informed by an upbringing heavily steeped in the Maximumrocknrollethos.  Do this and you can begin to approximate the beautifully fractured take on the American Songbook presented here on Moments of Matter.


Singer Dave Taha’s voice bathes Filmstrip’s sound in a world-weary / seen-many-a-recent-sunrise, aura that compliments the narratives of each song so perfectly.  From the heart-broken delivery on “Wild Abandon,” to the sun-drenched, wonderfully off-kilter delivery of “MMS1970s,” the songs always let you know that the experiences were lived first person.  At times, the mastery and interplay between slow and loud songs / dynamics can be reminiscent of Control-era Pedro the Lion.


Recorded at Asheville’s storied Echo Mountain Studio (Band of Horses, Co.) Filmstrip’s Moments of Matter is 11 songs worth of heartbreak, hope, good times, and comfort....your new favorite record.


Featured Tracks:


Waiting On A Train -


Stuck on Explode - Perhaps the most delicate and haunting track contained on the album.  This song would have been very comfortable on Built to Spill’s classicThere’s Nothing Wrong With Love.