FiL Straughan

FiL Straughan

 London, England, GBR

Luther Vandross? Marvin Gaye? Soul and heaps of class -- exactly why FiL is constantly compared to them. 'You are bringing back real soul - thank you!' - Calvin Francis, Choice FM


FiL Straughan has been singing and writing music for many years. His distinctive blend of the energy of Marvin Gaye and the passion of Luther Vandross can be heard on all of the many recordings to his credit. It is a sound rooted in the classics, with the modernity and personality of FiL -- a personality that can be heard in the inspiration, experience and passion within each and every song. Definitely a creative force, FiL also enjoys collaborating with others -- whether he has co-written the song or is simply adding his rich voice to the mix.

FiL released his first UK album in 2008 to fantastic acclaim, and is set to release another in the not too distant future. FiL’s voice is in constant demand, and as a result he is shuttled from one recording studio to another, either writing with or for other artists, or laying down vocals for them.

In the past FiL has worked with Ray Lewis’ Drifters, Hot Chocolate, and many others. It is a testament to his versatility and skill that such a variety of producers, DJs and musicians have requested his smooth voice and energetic presence on collaborative ventures. From Jazz to House, and everything in between, FiL Straughan knows music, and it shines through in his accomplished and unique vocal skill.


My Music, Pt. 1 (2008 Album)
FiL the SouL (2011 Album)
On My Knees (2011 Single)