Filthy Haanz

Filthy Haanz

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Filthy Haanz-named after the fifth member/ghostwriter- mix warped psychedelic riffage, woozy baggy beats and semi-conscious vocals, sending you to an outrageously extra-dimensional zany party.


Filthy Haanz is a very peculiar man. His extreme shyness always kept him from showing the world his incredible musical virtuosity. Living a hidden life of decadence in his garage (the "Atelier", as he calls it), the solution he found to communicate his songs was simple: humming them to the ones he loves.

Carlos Omari Phoenix, Chad Nicolas Doss, Alte Haanz Grotesk and his beloved younger brother/visual artist Greg Haanz were the lucky musicians he needed for the duty, doing their best to express Haanz's songs about octopus romance, groggy incantations, and shrimp/human tense meetups. They are the only ones allowed in the "Atelier", for obvious reasons.


Filthy Haanz - Filthy Haanz EP:

Other single tracks from Haanz's Atelier:

Set List

Psychic Guys with Plastic Bags
Veruca Spirals Down the Rubbish Chute
Compound (Odd Future)
Magic Octopussy
Queen of Love
Psychic Guys (Reprise)
Rowdy Jackson
Ken & Jenny
Planet of Shrimps