Los Angeles, California, USA

We're a band called FIM and we're from Los Angeles. Our sound can be described as dancey, punk, and fun. We just released an ep called "Alien Beach Party" on 12" vinyl and digitally. Check it out here.


FIM is a band from Los Angeles that plays dancey, punk, and fun music. In July, 2013 FIM released an ep called "Alien Beach Party" on 12" Vinyl and digitally. They have been featured on blogs such as,, and In August, 2013 FIM won 1st place in's Crucial Cut of the Month.

FIM has played with bands such as White Arrows, Haim, Beach Party, and PAPA.

Check out Alien Beach Party here:


Alien Beach Party ep
1. Fast Cars
2. Shit God Dam
3. Believe
4. Love Die
5. Nice Day
6. Cup-a-Gadaffi
7. Likey

Bumper to Bumper ep
1. Road Trip
2. Chicken and Stars
3. Pull Over
4. Too Much Pipe
5. Uh Uh Uh Huh
6. Sally
7. Open Road
8. I'm So Sad
9. That's That

Set List

1. Fast Cars
2. Space Ship
3. Love Die
4. Shit God Dam
5. Mining On The Moon
6. Believe
7. I'm So Sad