Baltimore, Maryland, USA
BandHip HopR&B

A magnificently well rounded sound enveloped from all facets of Hip-Hop with a brilliantly passionate and original style.


Since the age of 8, Finacy aka Finney, has been slinging rhymes to the beat of a lunch room table; old enough to be inspired by legends such as BDP, Get Fresh Crew, NWA and others; but young enough to be influenced by Nas, A.Z. Jay-Z and DMX; Finacy became a standout of epic proportion while galloping his way through Baltimore's underground hip hop scene with former crew mates "Top of the World!!. Finacy's cadence, passion and highly distinguishable voice helped him to standout in a sea of mediocrity, while his flair for realistic subject matter and touching storylines have only helped to define and magnify his signature style.

Finacy's grandiose image has him internationally known from the US to the Middle East and back again. Performing for locals in Turkey to Bahrain and back home to Baltimore's mega spot Hammerjacks, performing with Juvenile; down to the Dirty South's hottest hip hop club, Atlanta’s Poole Palace with Slick Pulla; hitting a host of venues throughout the East Coast; crossing waters into Jamaica. He has become unstoppable!

As a result, Finacy's popularity and fan base continues to grow with his latest release of original material in 2006 titled "Napoleon Complex" under Laced Entertainment, an Independent Label based out of Atlanta. Regarded by critics as, "a magnificently well rounded sound enveloped from all facets of Hip Hop, with a brilliantly passionate and original style". This is one of the reasons why he has ranked in the top 20 of Independent Album Release for 2006 writes Al Shipley of Music Monthly Magazine.


2007 Superiority Complex (Unreleased)
2006 Napoleon Complex (Solo Album)
2005 The Grand Opening (TOTW)
2004 The Wire (TOTW)

Set List

10 min. sets (each 2-3 songs)
Solo up to 1/2 hour
Additional requirements determined based on venue
Artist does not perform covers