Fina Dupa

Fina Dupa

 Denver, Colorado, USA

At the intersection of your mind and your body lies Fina Dupa. Colorado's premier Acid Funk band lays out original groove music to exercise the brain and the behind. If you like Maroon 5, The Police, and Jamiroquai, you will dig Fina Dupa.


Fina Dupa sounds a little like Maroon 5 and The Police, but mostly like Fina Dupa. They expand the boundaries of groove music by adding strong vocals, copious audience participation, tight arrangements, and a fast-moving set.

The Fina Dupa recording, "Give It Back", includes 11 songs ranging from throw-down funk to head-bobbing R&B, to lay-back reggae, and several points in between - including songs in a few styles that are too innovative to be yet named.

Fina Dupa brings something a little different, and very interesting. The experience is upbeat, musically interesting, and always accessible to the audience.

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Give It Back (2007 Luxuryville)
The Great Taste of Fish - Live at Redfish (2006 Luxuryville)
The Booty EP (2005 Luxuryville)

Set List

Fina Dupa performs in set configurations ranging from a single feature set to three bar sets and anything in between.

The band's set structure is flexible to the preferences of the venue management, but generally consists of an even split between original music and cleverly chosen covers.

The original music sounds like a combination of groove-oriented funk-rock (such as Maroon 5 or Jamiroquai), rock-reggae (like early Police), with a musician-jam sensibility (like Garaj Mahal or Aquarium Rescue Unit).

Typical cover songs include:

- Driven To Tears (the Police)
- Get A Job (Karl Denson)
- Some Like It Hot (The Power Station)
- Josie (Steely Dan)
- Feelin' Alright (Traffic)
- Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller)
- High Times (Jamiroquai)
- Let's Dance (David Bowie)
- Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Living Colour)
- Need You Tonight (INXS)
- Check Out Your Mind (Curtis Mayfield)