Final 5

Final 5


A sophisticated and fresh blend of alternative rock and modern jazz. Ranging from ambient to artsy to straight up rocking, Final 5 are bringing a new element to the modern rock scene that it has been desperately waiting for. Think At The Drive In meets Tori Amos meets the compositions of Pat Metheny


It all started in the City Of Torrance in 2003, When 4 friends, all happening to be musicians got together to make some music. 5 years later and 2 band names later, Final 5 are together making fresh and rockin' music that appeals to many demographics. Both lead singer Ashley Stansberry and guitarist Derek Bomback are music students. Stansberry from Long Beach State University studying Classical voice and Bomback at Berklee College Of Music in Boston MA studying Performance and Jazz Composition. There many influences mesh together into something new and fresh to the modern rock scene's ears. They are an element to be seen and heard.


First E.P. due out in Fall of 08'.

Set List

No Smiles in Hollywood, Apathy, Now What?, Lights to Be Seen, Scilon, Half and Half, On Your Own, Welcome Home, Best Kept and No Other Way.
Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
London Calling- The Clash