Final Dissent

Final Dissent


Original Rock music, with Classic Rock, Country, Americana, and Blues influences.


All longtime friends, the members of Final Dissent have hung out, joked, and jammed together for years. The latest incarnation of the band began in November 2004, and has been slowly but steadily gathering steam ever since.

The group's primary songwriter, Forrest Sallee, draws influence from the Classic Rock artists of yore. Hints of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and others of that ilk can be felt in Forrest's lyrical content, melodies, and chord progressions.

Gregory Lawrence, the band's lone guitarist, draws influence from such diverse sources as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Smashing Pumpkins. His innovative approaches to both lead and rhythm guitar contribute, in large part, to Final Dissent's unique sound.

Roger Yamashita (pronounced RAW-jur), the group's bassist, is a professional Jazz musician whose talent on the bass guitar frequently leaves his bandmates in awe.

Matt Laninga, the group's drummer, brings a level-headed sensibility to the group, along with an affinity for rock acts such as Weezer, Seeley Dan, and the Allman Brothers.

Together, Final Dissent weave elements of Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Blues, and Americana, interspearsed with disciplined yet fun-loving lyricism, to create their own unique sound.


Go For Broke

Written By: Forrest Sallee and Gregory Lawrence

Verse 1
Finally I can go for broke
Finally I can live
Put forward every ounce of strength
That I can give
Run the risk losing dignity,
And life, and limb
Take this old and empty cup,
And fill it to the brim.

I can go for broke

Verse 2
There’s a lot of decent reasons
To never have a go
I got some evil secrets
I don’t want anyone to know
Sometimes it seems I’m just a gasp
Away from passin’ on
But I know too much love these days
To ever be that gone.


Verse 3
I got a secret weapon
I got my own reserve,
I got everything I need
To help me keep my nerve
I got strength in places that I
I never had before
I ain’t lookin’ for a fight,
But I’m ready for a war.


© Sallee, 2004

One Ring Too Many

Written By: Forrest Sallee

Verse 1
Well, I’ll be damned,
It’s been so long, my friend,
Is that really who I think it is
On the other end?
I guess I never thought I’d see the day
That we’d speak again.

Verse 2
It’s nice to hear your voice,
Too nice to be okay,
And I’m dancin’ through days gone by,
Wishin’ I could stay
But if attempted such a thing
Every part of this would melt away, cause if I…

Haul up all this pain that I been through
If I let you back in like I swore I’d never do
I might fall in love again, and look for hope in you
If I open up again, these wounds will open, too

Verse 3
I’d forgotten how it feels,
You and me and this
But it only works when it
Doesn’t exist
If only bringing up the memory of the last time we laughed
Was as easy as remembering the first time we kissed, cause if I


It’s not alright, it’s not gonna work,
I can’t take your pain away, I know how much that hurts
It’s not that I don’t want to help, I’m scared I might try
I just can’t go back to the days of you and I


© Sallee, 2004

Breaking Even

Written By: Forrest Sallee

Verse 1

Thanks for what you gave me, the lessons that I’ve kept
Don’t know why I’m still waiting, don’t know how long I’ve slept
I’m looking out at a world I don’t fully know
And there’s several million places I have yet to go.

I won’t find tomorrow anytime today
I’m breaking even and I’m breaking away.
Who knows what I might find out there in the frey
I’m breaking even, and I’m breaking away.

Verse 2
Don’t mean I won’t return, don’t mean I won’t write
I’ll burn this hope till none remains to stay inside the light
Please don’t think me selfish, let me carry out this dream
And bank on these intentions that have yet to be redeemed.


© Sallee 2004


Final Dissent - Demo

Set List

We have enough originals and covers for two full one hour sets. We are happy to pair them down to whatever length time slot we need to fill.

One typical hour long set would look something like this.

1. And We're Gone by Final Dissent

2. Pigeon Holed by Final Dissent

3. The Kids Are Alright by The Who

4. Quicksand by Final Dissent

5. Burlington Northern by Final Dissent

6. Cajun Moon by JJ Cale

7. Go For Broke by Final Dissent

8. Johnny 99 by Bruce Springsteen

9. Breaking Even by Final Dissent

10. Little Wing by Jimmy Hendrix

11. Fighting Chance by Final Dissent

The second set would be comprised of a similar number of originals as well as a few covers by artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Buddy Guy.