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"Final Dissent - Demo"

I tunes thinks this disc is a karaoke single called North by a Japanese hip-hop group called Kobayashi Asahi. I disagree. It's actually the first offering/live disc from Final Dissent. It's not overdone, undercooked, pretentious, or insincere. Like that third bowl of porridge it's juuuust right.

At four tracks, this 13-minute foray is definitely not not not the opposite of too damn long (translate that itunes, you bastard). The set/recording session was originally 12 songs, but the demo has been paired down to three original songs, each strategically placed to show a different aspect of the band, and a cover of John Lennon's "What You Got" that, dare I say it, actually sounds better than the original.

With lyrics like "it's nice to hear your voice / too nice to be okay," and "if only bringing up the memory of the last time we laughed / was as easy as remembering the first time we kissed" from the shall-not-risk-another-broken-hearted, honky-tonky "One Ring Too Many," Forrest Sallee shows (without showing off) his heartfelt songwriting talent.

Gregory Lawrence on guitar, Roger Yamashita on bass, and Matt Laninga on drums round out the group. Each play their part; and as a whole, they show their range while letting the music show their influences. "Go For Broke" reminds of Neil Young and Pearl Jam, and "Breaking Even" is a ballad that builds well, but doesn't rely on expensive pyrotechnics at the end for its punch.

-Joseph Westover - What's Up Magazine


Final Dissent - Demo



All longtime friends, the members of Final Dissent have hung out, joked, and jammed together for years. The latest incarnation of the band began in November 2004, and has been slowly but steadily gathering steam ever since.

The group's primary songwriter, Forrest Sallee, draws influence from the Classic Rock artists of yore. Hints of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and others of that ilk can be felt in Forrest's lyrical content, melodies, and chord progressions.

Gregory Lawrence, the band's lone guitarist, draws influence from such diverse sources as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Smashing Pumpkins. His innovative approaches to both lead and rhythm guitar contribute, in large part, to Final Dissent's unique sound.

Roger Yamashita (pronounced RAW-jur), the group's bassist, is a professional Jazz musician whose talent on the bass guitar frequently leaves his bandmates in awe.

Matt Laninga, the group's drummer, brings a level-headed sensibility to the group, along with an affinity for rock acts such as Weezer, Seeley Dan, and the Allman Brothers.

Together, Final Dissent weave elements of Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Blues, and Americana, interspearsed with disciplined yet fun-loving lyricism, to create their own unique sound.