Final Round

Final Round

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Final Round is a rock/punk band out of Chicago, IL that specializes in high-energy, fast-paced rock music rich with driving guitar leads and vocal harmonies. The two lead singers Matt and Dan blend seamlessly on stage, most notably in their single "That Right One" off of their debut album in 2006.


Final Round is a Rock/Punk/Pop band from Chicago formed in 2003. Members include Dan Lowes, Matt Hampson, Andy Lowes, and Joe Rogalski. Their full length album "None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy" was recorded in 2006 by Dan Precision at the Bombshelter Recording Studio in Chicago, IL. They play mostly in the Midwest around Chicago, but have gone as far as playing Warped Tour in Detroit (2006).
They are currently in the process of recording demos for their next album, which should be released by late 2011.


Smiles and Glances EP (2004)
None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy (2006)

Set List

1. I'll Take My Only One
2. Let Her Go
3. Said Enough
4. Nottingham
5. That Right One
6. Spark
7. Incomplete
8. Should Have Kissed
9. I Have a Bike