Finch Williams

Finch Williams


Great sounding, Kicking,crowd moving country music, Well written original songs, preformed by the writer himself. If your into Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, etc. This is the act to obtain for your event!


It was just six short years ago that Finch Williams, starting out new, found himself

faced with some new challenges in life. The first challenge was the plans he had

made for a new place and they backfired. He was living in a van, working a day job

and playing music nightly at local road-side pubs and honky tonks. Taking showers

at a friend's place to keep up appearance. "It was tough, but I knew the only way to go

from that point was up," Finch remembers.

Well the gigs kept coming, and the following grew. He then found himself playing music

in better places, (private resorts, and high-class clubs with outdoor stages). Like magic,

doors just opened up. Then, offers for upscale outdoor events started rolling in. Finch

jumped on them with no fear. There were times when he played music for somewhere

between 7 to 10 thousand people armed with no more than his six string flattop.

Fate again was with Finch and through a friend of a friend of a friend, Finch was

introduced to multi-talented hit producer Johnny Mulhair ( producer of

Leann Rimes, Blue and Unchained Melody albums )

Johnny and Finch clicked right off the bat. The result is now at Your fingertips...


Forever Gone is playing now at stations threw out AZ and NM, also streaming on the internet.

Set List

45 min to an hour show, can be trimmed if need be