Finding Agnus

Finding Agnus


Here comes trouble. We're troubled just like everyone else, searching but not always finding the answers we want. Our music is unrestrained and unrelenting, both lyrics and riffs exploring issues with the same provocative gestures. Every last person on earth is searching – we’re Finding Agnus.


It's hard to describe something that you care a lot about and have been so close to for so long. You tend to lose any objectivity that you have. It could be easy to say that Finding Agnus is an awesome band or that their live show is captivating and full of energy...but that's been said again and again about many other bands already.
The thing that sets Finding Agnus apart from the others is the honesty in the music. Honesty to the point where you may see or hear more than you expected ... or ever wanted to. Music that uplifts - lyrics that challenge and promote positivity. It's a tight package that has taken years to put together. The early days punk roots became mixed with a multitude of other influences and the line up was transformed by the addition of Mike Crofts and loss of Rob Spagnolo. Now, more than ever, the members seek to pour as much of their souls' creativity into their music as possible.



Written By: Finding Agnus

Confidence is clear
Rise to meet the crowd I shout out
But I don’t boast to mirrors
Or in the chords or tones that stand out

Don’t be misled by the width of my arms
The power we stand on, we trust in, is strong
As of a moment 2000 years done
It’s been decided, we belong

Fate can’t be heard
and destiny can’t speak
Wait for the dawn
Where shadows speak for me

Humility is clear
Get down on my knees and shout out
Give up all my fears
To the one who brings me through and then out

Don’t bow your head to the easy response,
the ones who took that road are already gone
Dead to the life in the choice of the strong
Can you now say it?
We belong

the Epic

Written By: Finding Agnus

The insignificant angel knew of bitter things
after sadder things
She sprouted wings and
flew into a rage and got what she wanted …
Misery hates her playmates now
Two’s company, one’s a crowd

We’ve all been lied to you see
They’ve pulled the wool on our eyes
We’ve all been lied to you see

Poor sap stood in the gap and got blasted
Scholastic adventures misled him to a place where
he knew he had no wings or other things that don’t matter
but served the purpose; to make him sadder
And he was
Still … he could have lasted much longer but silent he was
And is and still

The only control that we’ll see
Is our response to their lies
Quiet conspiracy

Sweet Melody

Written By: Finding Agnus

Are you beautiful, like they say?
Does my heart burst melody when I look your way?
Should I hold my tongue in silent gravity
or should I sing to you a sweet melody?

I’m a good man. That’s what I say.
I wrote a melody my way.
I’m not rejecting you, that’s what I’ll tell myself.
But I am restless while your offer’s on the shelf.

Yes, you’re beautiful, like they say.
A song breaks from my lips when I look your way.
I offered you myself, a scattered symphony,
And you made my life a sweet melody.


2004 "Death To Life" EP

Set List

Our set list usually ranges from 35-45 minutes. We play about 10-12 songs and rarely play any covers.

Set List:

The Epic
Show Through
As Your Mind Slowly Dims
Don't believe in Luck
Blinding Mediation
Sweet Melody
No Bullet Battlefield
Real Men Don't Wear Lipstick
God Please Help Us
Stoopid People