Finding Denver

Finding Denver

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Our band is dedicated to meaningful lyrics and a unique pop-rock sound. We hope to achieve a sound and lyrical composure that will appeal to many different demographics.


Finding Denver consists of three young musicians from Oklahoma City, who together create a fresh sound consisting of pop, a classic rock edge, and new age synthetics. Sean’s style of songwriting and powerhouse pop-like vocals, and Zack’s knowledge of guitar and rock and roll create a solid pop/rock sound. Add to the mix Amy, Finding Denver’s’ extremely versatile drummer, and Henry, the bands live programmer and producer, and a broad and well rounded style of music is born.

Finding Denver has been called a mix between ‘Muse,’ ‘One Republic,’ ‘Queen,’ and ‘Styx.’

Together only 6 months, Finding Denver has digitally released original songs ‘Wait and See’ and ‘Missed in Me.”

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